Coffee break with a nice porcelain mug by Krasilnikoff


Coffee break with a nice porcelain mug by Krasilnikoff

As soon as the weather gets nice out, there is nothing better than a short coffee break in the sun, right? At least I can hardly wait for that. And meanwhile, I like sipping a delicious tea from my new Krasilnikoff ceramic mug.

Yep, you heard right. Krasilnikoff are delighting us with numerous new designs. And among these there are some really cool porcelain mugs that I will show you in just a second.

Porcelain mug by Krasilnikoff with statement HAPPY.
Porcelain mug with statement HAPPY.

Like all other Krasilnikoff mugs, the new porcelain mugs of the Happy Mugs collection are made of high-quality porcelain. They have a height of 10cm and are both dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

And with their new designs, Krasilnikoff are totally in line with the current trends. In other words that means for example: Stripes. Stripes are just so hip this summer. And the Krasilnikoff team incorporated this trend right away and created adorable striped porcelain mugs. Here you can choose from soft colors such as light pink, red, grey, taupe or charcoal.

Porcelain mug by Krasilnikoff. Hearts diagonal in grey.
Krasilnikoff ceramic mug with diagonals and hearts.

Another trend in 2017, which is a true classic indeed, is hearts. Krasilnikoff also took hearts in consideration in their new designs. You can find the hearts diagonal design on the Happy Mugs in the colors pink and grey. There is also one Happy Mug in light pink with a classic red hearts print. So cute!

And since all good things come in threes, there is another new design. And that is the diagonal print. That one also does look really cool. Especially in combination with the beautiful colors taupe, grey and charcoal.

Porcelain mug by Krasilnikoff. Red stripes.
Happy Mug by Krasilnikoff – red stripes.

In addition to the graphic patterns there are also new Happy Mugs with fun statements. And there’s a great selection of sayings and words you can choose from. So finally the “Heldin des Alltags”, the “queen of everything” and the “Super Sohn” can get together and have a nice cup of chocolate milk together. Great!

No matter what, these mugs are a real eye-catcher and they are also a great gift for your loved ones. Just pack a few teabags and some cookies into the mug and the little gift for a good friend is ready!

Krasilnikoff happy mug charcoal diagonals.
Ceramic mug by Krasilnikoff. Diagonals charcoal.

The cheerful Krasilnikoff porcelain mugs will make you smile and they sure have the potential to become your favorite mugs. And in combination with the warm spring sun, your coffee break with a Happy Mug by Krasilnikoff will be perfect. Just have a look at all the new designs in our online shop!

By the way, come and visit our SALE category, too! You will find some really great Krasilnikoff bargains!

Ceramic mug pink with red hearts.
Happy Mug pink with red hearts.

And as usual, all Krasilnikoff products are perfect for mixing and matching. So just combine the products the way you like it and create your own collection of tableware!’s favorite motive of the day: the pineapple!’s favorite motive of the day: the pineapple!

This cheeky fruit has already been really trendy last summer, but now that it’s getting warmer outside, I’m totally in the mood for a pineapple. This fruit not only is delicious, it’s also perfect for the approaching summer. Plus it gives you that nice holiday feeling. And we all love holidays, right? will help you bring this holiday feeling into your home. With lots of cute home accessoires and decoration items in a cool pineapple look. But beware, it’ gonna get tropical!

Pineapple LED lamps by RICE.
Cute LED lamps by RICE DK.

Besides our own team, our friends at RICE DK are also huge pineapple fans. You can tell by checking out their new Tutti Frutti collection that is available in our online shop. Here you’ll find the juicy fruit very often in combination with other tropical fruit.

However today is just about the pineapple. But RICE will help us out here, too. Even right at your door you can confess to the pineapple with the cool RICE doormat made of coir.

Coir doormat by RICE DK with pineapples.
Coir doormat by RICE.

Moving to the living room, the pineapple shouldn’t be missing either. So take a look at the sweet LED string lights and the matching LED lamps (green, mint, pink). These pineapple lamps will make you smile right away!

For all romantics, we recommend the beautiful pineapple shaped candles (yellow, mint, pink) or the cool candle holder (jade green, gold). That way you’ll be able to spend a quiet evening with candlelight. This also includes a couple of treats which can be stored in the fancy pineapple ceramic jar (pink, yellow). So practical and a real eye-catcher, too!

Pineapple tableware by RICE.
Melamine tableware of the Tutti Frutti collection by RICE.

The kitchen is another place our favorite motive should be a part of. Thus find adorable melamine dishes (rectangular plate, bowl, cup) as well as a cool tea infuser and a cute kitchen timer. All of that will make you feel like traveling the South Seas.

In addition, there are other cool Tutti Frutti products by RICE such as a pineapple garland and party picks, wrapping paper, a soup ladle and food boxes and so on. Tutti frutti terrific!

Other brands in our shop also have recognized the pineapple trend.

Pineapple iron-on patch by Krima & Isa.
The cute iron-on patches by Krima & Isa are a lot of fun!

So therefore e.g. you can find fun Meri Meri tattoos and a cute pineapple pouch. Krima & Isa on the other hand have a cool iron-on patch and pretty pineapple napkins in stock. For fun music events you’ll find cool maracas (rattles) by Plantoys and once it gets dark, the sweet night light by A Little Lovely Company will help you out. And all the above mentioned products are available in a trendy pineapple design. Well, isn’t that just great?!

Anyway, as you can see we’re not the only ones loving pineapples. What about you? Have you fallen in love with the cheeky pineapple yet?

Party supplies and cute decoration items by Meri Meri!


Party supplies and beautiful decoration items by Meri Meri!

Since we got the new Meri Meri party supplies by in our shop, I feel like throwing a party and decorating the apartment all nicely! These party supplies are just so unique and they put you in a good mood. And it’s like that since the mid 80s.

For Meri Meri was founded back in 1985. Back then Meredithe, who’s nickname used to be Meri Meri, was sitting at her kitchen table with pens, a pair of scissors and a pot of glitter. That way the first Meri Meri cards were made. It was like magic!

Colorful party supplies by Meri Meri.
Colorful party supplies by Meri Meri will make everyone smile!

Lots of time has passed since then and one pot of glitter is not enough anymore. The company grew from a small network of moms working from Meredithe’s designs and direction. Their products are sold all over the world. But scissors, pens and glitter are still needed regularly.

cupcake-set by Meri Meri
Cute Meri Meri cupcake-set “I believe in unicorns”.

At first, Meri Meri only made cards and invitation cards. But now they also offer great Meri Meri party supplies and decoration items. Also you can find bakeware, little gifts and wrappings, confetti and lots of other products that make life more beautiful.

And just like Meri Meri, we’re also all about throwing a party now. Thus I’d like to give you an overview of the cool Meri Meri party supplies now.

Party supplies by Meri Meri - paper plates and napkins.
Fancy paper plates and cute napkins by Meri Meri.

For one there would be everything you need for a beautifully set table. Paper plates for instance and paper cups with great prints like stars, unicorns and hearts. Also you’ll find cool straws with colorful foils and cute napkins in a cloud shape or in a rainbow print. That way your table will be set in a minute and the party can get going. Also you’ll find the coolest cake flags and cupcake sets (knights, princess, unicorn) so your guests won’t go hungry!

Pineapple pouch by Meri Meri.
Super cute pineapple pouch by Meri Meri.

But the other Meri Meri party supplies also shouldn’t be missing when organizing a cool party. Whether it’s party hats with pom poms, confetti crackers, party confetti in many colors or a garland (unicorn, letters, happy birthday), you’ll turn your apartment into a great party location with all the pretty Meri Meri products.

Meri Meri tattoos for kids. Different designs.
The cute Meri Meri tattoos are lots of fun!

In addition to the cool party supplies, you can also find small Meri Meri gifts for the little ones at There are sweet mini pouches (rainbow, pineapple, bunny…), fun kids’ tattoos (mermaids, emojis, pineapples…) and cool party surprise balls. All these small gifts make great give-aways. Just pack them in one of the Meri Meri gift bags and make the little ones smile.

So, I guess you should also feel like celebrating by now. Am I right? Have a look around in our shop and compile your personal Meri Meri party supplies. It’s going to be the greatest party! Yeeehaaa!

The new collection Happy Home ’17 by Done by Deer is here!


The new collection Happy Home ’17 by Done by Deer is here!

Now with every new Done by Deer collection I think that it just can’t get any cuter. But then there’s another new collection and guess what it can get cuter. And that also applies to the new Happy Home ’17 collection that I’d like to introduce to you today.

Happy Home ’17 is supposed to help to create a cozy home for the little ones and for the grown ups. Therefore you’ll find products in the new Done by Deer collection that make life more beautiful and perfectly complement every style of living. All pieces are unique and have a clear reference to the Scandinavian style of life.

Happy Home '17 collection by Done by Deer.
Adorable home accessories of the new happy home ’17 collection by Done by Deer.

In terms of color, the Happy Home ’17 collection offers a palette of soft pastel tones, blue, plum and a splash of gold. The pretty designs however are inspired by former designs such as the Happy Dots. The beloved balloon print and the joyful Safari friends of the contour collection are also a part. In short: the new Done by Deer collection is just wonderful!

So nice furniture and home accessories are definitely part of a cozy home. Thus the Happy Home ’17 collection offers many great products that’ll complement your house a lot. Whether it’s a beautiful rug with dots, a great play table with matching stools, a chic metal lamp or the gracile wall shelf “Wire”, Done by Deer guarantees a chic interior in your kids room! In addition, there are various storage baskets and boxes in the new designs available to keep your home organized.

Happy Home '17 placemat Elphee
Cute placemat Elphee by Done by Deer.

There are also the most adorable products in the new designs for the very youngest. These include cute changing pads with balloon prints, bed bumpers, various burp cloths, bibs and sleeved bibs.

Speaking of bibs … let’s get in the kitchen. Happy Home ’17 also offers various accessories that will come in use here. These include mugs with a handle for the very little ones, melamine tableware, acrylic drinking cups and the enchanting placemat “Elphee”. That way eating will be a lot more fun!

Activity playmat of the new Happy Home '17 collection by Done by Deer.
Awesome activity playmat with lots of cute details.

Another highlight of the new Happy Home ’17 collection sure is the practical Done by Deer activity play mat for babies. It’s so awesome, the Done by Deer team even received a design prize for it. And I would’ve given them a prize, too! Because first of all the play mat is a definitive eye-catcher. And second it also supports your child’s development with all of its little details.

In addition to the activity play mat, you will also find other great Done by Deer toys for your little tots. The most important aspect of the well designed toys is to promote the kids’ motor skills and dexterity. Also, all their senses are stimulated. You can choose from an activity gym, rattle toys, fun activity friends, musical balloons, the soft book “Deer Friends”, a doll’s bed + linens and many more.

Happy Home '17 collection storage baskets.
Storage baskets Done by Deer.

In a nutshell, no matter what room you are in, Done by Deer and their new Happy Home ’17 collection will bring you countless eye-catchers that will make you smile. Have fun with it!

Stylish placemats by We might be tiny – now available at

Stylish placemats by We might be tiny – now available at

Although Emil seems to be a big boy, when watching him eat I sometimes wonder what his real age is. He’s making a huge mess and I really have to worry about the dining table. So clearly, a placemat is what he needs! Fortunately the great new placemats by We might be tiny  have just arrived.

Placemat by We might be tiny.
Less mess at the dining table with the cute We might be tiny placemats bear and bunny.

By the way, We might be tiny is a new brand at our shop and I am very happy about that! The designer Eleanor Cullen founded We might be tiny in Melbourne, Australia. The idea behind the brand was to create practical everyday items that would delight everybody with their minimalistic beauty. A great inspiration for Eleanor certainly was her son Fredrik, who also tests all products on their functionality. I bet Emil would be a great testing person, too.

Placemat bear in blue by We might be tiny.
Placemat bear in blue by We might be tiny.

Anyway soon the great placemat in a cute bear and bunny design was designed. And this mentioned placemat is a real eye-catcher on every dining table!

Placemat grey bunny by We might be tiny.
Placemat bunny grey by We might be tiny.

The high-quality placemat is made from a toxic-free, food grade silicone. Also it’s non-slip and dishwasher safe. With a size of 48x38cm, the We might be tiny placemat is the perfect protection cover for your dining table! (Of course, the placemat can also be used as protection when crafting.)

Placemats by We might be tiny.
The pretty placies by We might be tiny are a real eye-catcher!

Just as noteworthy as the placemat’s functionality, is its stylish design. Here you can choose between a sweet bear with sleepy eyes and a cheeky bunny with „+“-eyes. Also, there’s a great selection of soft pastel tones such as mint, pink and blue. But black, white and grey can also be found in the assortment. Thus, the We might be tiny placemat is definitely a practical and joyful accessory for all little munchkins.

Anyway Emil can now make a mess at dinner and I won’t care. Meanwhile I might just have a little chat with the We might be tiny bear and bunny.

Adorable new stationery by Krima & Isa

Adorable new stationery by Krima & Isa

So I guess it’s no news that I really like all kinds of stationery and paper craft. However Emil is becoming a real paper lover, too, since he’d started going to school. He loves his notebooks, folders and binders. And I have myself a little fella when it comes to the cool paper craft by Krima & Isa. Because indeed we both enjoy Krima & Isa stationery a lot! And that’s why I’d like to show you some new products by Krima & Isa today. Because our friends always come up with new designs expanding their colorful assortment.

Paper craft by Krima & Isa: notebooks with dabs.
Krima & Isa paper craft: notebooks with dabs.

Krima & Isa products have been around for a while in our store. Besides great stationery such as notebooks, folders and binders, they also offer other paper craft. These include wrapping paper & gift bags, postcards, envelopes, paper napkins, and more. In addition, there’s cool yarn, great iron-on patches, window stickers etc. And everything comes in nice colors and a clear, bright design. It’s often playful, but mostly simple and yet expressive. In short: Krima & Isa create beautiful paper craft that’ll put you in a good mood!

Invitation cards by Krima & Isa.
Krima & Isa invitation cards school.

That also applies to all new product designs I will show you now. On the one hand, there’d be the colorful notebooks in varied colors and designs. Whether with dabs or dots, striped, with stars, animals or other colorful motifs, every DIN A5 notebook is just a real eye-catcher! In addition its 64 graph paper pages offer plenty of space for important notes and thoughts.

Paper craft by Krima & Isa: paper plates animal parade.
Krima & Isa paper plates animal parade.

Krima & Isa also offer new motifs for their pretty invitation cards. So now you can send out invitations with unicorns, owls, mice or fun ballet rats motifs. Also you can invite friends over for your first day of school party. In addition there’s cheerful animal parade paper plates and cups available or printed with cute dabs and dots. Everyone will definitely be happy to join the party and celebrate.

Wrapping paper pony by Krima & Isa.
Wrapping paper pony by Krima & Isa.

And if the guests plan on bringing a small gift, no problem! For this purpose you’ll find cool wrapping paper with a pony or unicorn print and awesome gift bags in a stylish hexagon design in grey and pink.

Paper craft by Krima & Isa: gift bags Hexagon grey.
Cool gift bags by Krima & Isa Hexagon grey.

In addition to the above mentioned products and designs, you will also find other great Krima & Isa stationery of the new and the older collections at the online shop. Now I’d say you will take a look around and discover the colorful world of Krima & Isa yourself. I’m sure you’ll soon be a big fan of their stationery. Just like Emil and I.

Where there’s one basket by Handed By there’s many…

Where there’s one basket by Handed By there are many…

At least at our apartment. Because you can find at least one Handed By basket in each room. These baskets are just so useful. Also, each Handed By basket is a great organisational aid that is ideal for storing all kinds of things. In addition, the great baskets are real eye-catchers!

Handed By basket with star design.
Cute Handed By basket with star design.

By the way, this also applies to the cool new Handed By baskets with a fancy star pattern! And I would love to show these cool baskets to you guys now.

Handed By basket with star design.
Handed By basket with star design in dark grey/pale grey.

So the sturdy baskets Gemma and Alya by Handed By are now available in three different models. Due to the special way of braiding, the pretty star pattern is created in all three variants. Also you can choose from different color combinations such as white/gold, grayish green/gold, gray/white and dark gray/pale gray. Thus the baskets by Handed By are the perfect organisational aid at home, whether in the bathroom or at your desk. Also the awesome wicker baskets make a great cachepot for your houseplants. So cool!

Handed By basket
Cute Handed By basket with stars design.

In addition to the new baskets with a star pattern you will also find many Handed By classics in the trend color grayish green. Shades of gray and green are very popular right now and you can find them everywhere. These nuances are easy to combine with other colors and they match all kinds of interior designs. In our online store you can now find tissue boxes, laundry baskets, round and squared baskets and ones with or without a lid, all in the new color grayish green. We’re sure everyone will find the right basket for their home.

Handed By basket with stars design.
Ascoli basket by Handed By in greyish green.

However, apart from the new pattern and the new trendy color Handed By remains Handed By. That means: Awesome wicker baskets for everyday use that’ll help you to get organised. Also we’re talking high-quality and robust eye-catchers. In addition Handed By ensure fair labour conditions and an environmentally friendly production. So, go for it and get a basket, too!

Every kid needs a cool backpack by A Little Lovely Company…


Every child needs a cool A Little Lovely Company backpack…

…at least that’s Emil’s opinion. But I can definitely confirm that. Because every A Little Lovely Company backpack of the new collection is just great. Emil wears his all the time and won’t take it off. Anyway, I guess it’s about time to show you all the cool A Little Lovely Company backpacks, too.

Backpack clouds by A Little Lovely Company.
Cute A Little Lovely Company backpack clouds.

We’ve been offering A Little Lovely Company in our online shop for a while now. And what’s striking again and again is their cheerful and child-friendly designs. And that also applies to the cute backpacks. For all backpacks are embellished with a cheeky motive which turns them into a real eye-catcher!

Backpack for kids "ghost".
Sweet backpack for kids with ghost motive.

But more about the design later. First, the hard facts: each backpack is made of robust material (100% acrylic), is lined with nylon and has padded, adjustable shoulder straps. Thus, the backpack is a sturdy yet comfortable companion. While the main compartment offers space for a lunch box and a drinking bottle, there’s another compartment for other belongings in the front. Thus the A Little Lovely Company backpack is perfect to take to kindergarten or on small trips!

Backpack for kids "Miss Sunshine".
Cute A Little Lovely Company backpack “Miss Sunshine”.

But the A Little Lovely Company backpack not only is very handy but also looks cute. You can lots of adorable designs in our assortment. Also you can choose from three different sizes. Depending on the size you can choose from designs like bat, mermaid, clouds (blue), watermelon, cloud (black), miss sunshine or a ghost. Certainly there’s the right offer for everybody!

Yellow backpack for kids with watermelon.
Cute A Little Lovely Company backpack, yellow with watermelon print.

A backpack needs to be practical and cool to make kids happy. Oh, and I’m seeing Emil nodding along in the background right now. So it must be true. So then, have fun with our great A Little Lovely Company children’s backpacks!

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