Extraordinary Arty Toys by Djeco

Extraordinary Arty Toys by Djeco

Now I get to see lots of toys every day. New products are presented or new brands are appearing all the time. Over the years one becomes particularly fond of the very unique pieces. Because often the classic doll is just not enough. Now and then it just has to be a fancy toy. Just like the cool new Arty Toys by Djeco for example.

Arty Toys - Elisa with harp.
Princess Elisa with her harp.

The Djeco Arty Toys were all designed by artists and illustrators. And you can recognize this right away by their individual designs. One can tell that there’s a certain idea and a great love for detail in every doll.

Prinzessin Barbara mit Schwan
princess Barbara with swan.

You will now find numerous great Djeco Arty Toys princesses that’ll invite the kids to play a creative game. In addition, they’ll inspire the kids’ imagination. Also all princesses (and the prince, too, of course) can move their arms and head and they come with a characteristic accessory. That way the children’s fine motor skills can be trained while playing. Great stuff!

Princess Colomba with a birdhouse.
Princess Colomba with a colorful birdhouse.

The Djeco Princesses selection is pretty large. Among them is princess Barbara with her swan. Her mask makes her mysterious, yet graceful. princess Elisa is enchanting, too, playing nice melodies on her harp. All Djeco princesses come with an characteristic accessory. Thus, e.g. Luna comes with a dog, Colomba brings a birdhouse, princess Alycia a carriage and princess Andora her magic wand. Even the brave prince Philippe is there and brings a sword and his little frog friend.

Prinz Philippe mit Schwert und Frosch.
Prince Philippe with a sword and his little frog friend.

By the way, you’ll also find the great princess tree house in our online shop which perfectly completes the Arty Toys collection. The princess tree house offers lots of space to experience great princess adventures. Also, the tree house is a great way to store all princesses when done playing.

Princess tree house by Djeco.
Arty toys princess tree house.

All in all, one can say the Arty Toys by Djeco are definitely a special kind of toy. But playing with the dolls is not the only option. Because of their extraordinary design the cool toys also make a great collectible and are thus a great gift for friends. Feel free to have a look at our TakaTomo.de online shop. You’ll definitely find the right Arty Toy for you and your kids.

New cute crochet toys for babies by Sindibaba

New cute crochet toys for babies by Sindibaba

Crochet toys have been popular since I was a child. At least back then I wouldn’t have given up my crochet bunny Hoppel for anything in the world. But even today crochet toys still enjoy great popularity. Especially when they’re made by cool companies like Sindibaba. Because Sindibaba definitely stands for great handcraft with an eye for detail. Therefore I am really happy to be able to show you some nice new crochet toys by Sindibaba today.

The new crochet toys are available at TakaTomo.de in different types and designs and they’re suitable for babies and toddlers.

Crochet rattle toy - monkey.
Cute rattle toy monkey by Sindibaba.

For one, you’ll find the sweet crochet rattle animals. There’s the monkey (in red or brown), the sheep, the fox, the hedgehog, the lion or the bunny (in pink or blue) – each stuffed animal is hand crocheted and cuddly soft. Also the toys provide acoustic stimuli and they encourage the kids to shake them and to listen to the sound. In addition to the stuffed animals, you will also find Lisa the crochet doll with her cute baby. Lisa also has a rattle inside.

Sindibaba rattle toy - sheep.
Cute cuddly toy with rattle by Sindibaba.

We also offer the adorable Sindibaba rattle rings at TakaTomo.de. In addition to the acoustic stimulus, they are also great for little hands to hold so they train the little ones’ motor skills. Also they make a great teething toy. The little ones will enjoy the panda, the bear, the sheep and all their friends.

panda rattle ring by Sindibaba.
Cute panda rattle ring by Sindibaba.

The tumbler animals by Sindibaba are also great fun for the very youngest. Bibi and Bobby the cute bunnies, the fox and the grey monkey have chime bells inside and make a wonderful sound. And when nudged, they always move back to the center. The little ones will be delighted!

Sindibaba tumbler fox.
Cute crochet tumbler fox by Sindibaba.

By the way the great crochet toys by Sindibaba are also a great companion when on the road. For the cute pram clip and the stroller chain offer kids the opportunity to keep themselves busy. The kids can hold on to and shake the little figures such as sheep dolly, bears, lions and others. They can enjoy the bright colors and listen to the rattle sound. Both pram clip and stroller chain have small wooden clips. This makes it easy to attach the crochet toys to the baby carriage, the stroller or the cradle.

Sindibaba stroller chain with lions.
Cheerful Sindibaba stroller chain with lions.

Whether at home or on the road, the crochet toys by Sindibaba are always great fun for the little ones. And at the same time the toys stimulate all of the kids’ senses. Also the handmade crochet toys are just adorable. That way they are also a great birth gift or a gift for a baptism or a birthday.

Crochet pram clip bunny.
Sindibaba pram clip – Bobby the bunny.

Come visit us at our online shop and discover the colorful world of Sindibaba. Besides the mentioned items you’ll also find many other beautiful products. For example colorful crochet baby blankets, a mobile, shelves, crochet carpets and musical soft-toys.

New shopping bags in delicate pastel colors by Overbeck & Friends

New shopping bags in delicate pastel colors by Overbeck & Friends

As soon as it gets warmer outside, my mood’s really improving. But that’s no surprise because that means that spring is on its way. And to me that also means that I feel like spending time outside more. By the way, this also applies to my grocery shopping. I mean, buying fresh fruit and veggies at the market is just so much nicer, when the weather is nice. But another thing that shouldn’t be missing on a little shopping spree during spring is a cool shopping bag. Here I’ve been a huge fan of the great Overbeck & Friends shopping bags for a long time. And these are now available at TakaTomo.de in brand new springlike pastel colors.

Shopping bag by Overbeck & Friends in pastel mint.
Cute shopping bag by Overbeck & Friends in a bright pastel mint.

More precisely the Overbeck & Friends shopping bags are available in a beautiful pastel pink, a bright pastel turquoise and in a soft pastel mint. All three colors are so adorable and they perfectly go together with the approaching spring.

Furthermore you can choose from two different sizes (43x23x28cm and 39x15x28cm). That way you will own the perfect tote bag for smaller and larger purchases. In addition you can choose from oval or squared market bags. The upper edge of the squared bag is reinforced with metal to ensure extra stability.

Shopping bag by Overbeck & Friends
Shopping bag by Overbeck & Friends in pastell pink. Oval.

But the shopping bags by Overbeck & Friends are all robust and spacious. That makes them the perfect shopping companion. Like almost all Overbeck & Friends shopping bags, the pastel shopping bags are made of solid synthetic weave and they have two solid handles. Since the tote bags are handmade, irregularities in the tracery are possible. However, these are normal and won’t influence stability nor durability of the shopping baskets. Therefore, this doesn’t offer a reason for complaint!

Shopping bag by Overbeck & Friends in pastel turquoise.
Cute Overbeck & Friends shopping bag in springlike pastel turquoise.

In addition to the new shopping bags, you’ll also find many other new Overbeck & Friends products in our online shop. E.g. different kinds of woven baskets and colorful melamine dishes. Also you will find great items from the older collections. Overbeck & Friends products are a real classic and a bestseller at TakaTomo.de. So, a visit at our online-shop is definitely worth it. We’re looking forward to see you there!

ABC melamine plates by byGraziela now available at TakaTomo.de

ABC melamine plates by byGraziela now available at TakaTomo.de

Recently Emil was invited to a friend’s birthday party. And of course he had to have the coolest gift ever. But hey, TakaTomo.de is there for a reason, right? So it was rather easy to find a nice gift for Emil’s friend. After all we decided on the cool ABC melamine plate by byGraziela. For the new byGraziela ABC collection is now available in our online shop. And believe me it’s awesome!

So the cool ABC melamine plates by byGraziela are available in the classic byGraziela design. And this retro-style design by Graziela has been very popular since the 1970s and it’s essential in most households. But also now, as a new edition with the name byGraziela, the colorful products will put you in a good mood in your home!

ABC melamine plates by byGraziela
Colorful ABC melamine plates with retro motives by byGraziela

And each ABC melamine plate by byGraziela is a very individual piece. For each plate is attributed to a letter of the alphabet. Further each letter is accompanied with matching motives in the typical byGraziela look. For example, there’s Apples on the A plate and wild Zebras on the Z plate. That way all letters have their own unique design. Therefore everyone will find a personal plate that’s all his own. Anyway the ABC melamine plates are a real eye-catcher on every table. Great stuff!

ABC melamine plate by byGraziela.
ABC melamine plate by byGraziela. A as in apple…

And here’s some hard facts about the ABC collection by byGraziela. All melamine plates have a diameter of 20cm. They are dishwasher safe and both TÜV and SGS tested and certified. But please keep in mind that the melamine tableware by byGraziela is not microwave safe!

ABC melamine plate by byGraziela
ABC melamine plate by byGraziela. Z as in zebra…

Also to ensure a long lasting joy of the ABC melamine plates, you should avoid using hard sponges or abrasive products when rinsing the plates by hand. This could damage the plates’ beautiful surface. But if you follow the directions, the melamine plates will remain shiny and cute for a long time.

Summing up, the ABC collection by byGraziela is just great. And your kids will absolutely love the cute design! Give the colorful ABC melamine plates away as a birthday or a baptism gift, or simply as a nice souvenir. Because every child will be happy to have a plate with it’s own personal initial letter!

Trendy unicorn design at TakaTomo.de

Trendy unicorn design at TakaTomo.de

Whether one is fond of carnival or not, one thing is for sure: Cologne is getting ready for the fifth season. And that means the best costume ideas can be found everywhere. And one of these costumes really caught my attention this time. I’m talking about the unicorn costume. A unicorn – this beautiful, glittery fabulous creature.

But somehow the unicorn seems to show up everywhere right now, doesn’t it? And that’s not even surprising to me. I love the cheerful mythical creature. Because it is colorful, somewhat mysterious, it’s glittery and it’s just the coolest thing. That’s probably why it’s so trendy right now. Whether as print on clothing, as a home accessory, or as a cool carnival costume.

Unicorn accessories
Cute unicorn-accessories at TakaTomo.de

We also offer lots of trendy unicorn products at our TakaTomo.de online shop. And we’d love to present them to you today. Also these great products are perfect to get a great unicorn party in the magical forest started right away. So are you ready?

To make sure all of your kid’s friends will be invited, you’ll of course need the coolest unicorn invitation cards. These and various other postcards in a cute unicorn design by Krima & Isa can be found in our shop. But you can also find wrapping paper and postcards with envelopes for gratuities. Awesome!

And to make the party a real hit, the proper unicorn decoration shouldn’t be missing. That means: the cute garland by A Little Lovely Company and the great paper plates and cups with a unicorn or rainbow print by Meri Meri. And as an additional table decoration item on the table, there’s the sweet wooden unicorn by Le Toy Van. By the way, this sweet figurine is also a great souvenir or a talisman.

Wooden unicorn by Le Toy Van.
Wooden unicorn by Le Toy Van.

Once everything is all set, the party can get started. At least almost! First of all, all the little guests have to become real unicorns themselves. And this is best done with the colorful unicorn alice band with ears. In addition, you will find cheeky unicorn horns and a matching sparkly magic wand by Meri Meri in our shop. And these enchanting accessories will get the kids ready for the party in the magical forest where they can go on great adventures!

Alice band.
Cute unicorn alice band with ears.

For example this includes activity games since unicorns love running wild. Also crafting and drawing together with glitter markers would be a great idea. And of course, you could also bake some cupcakes with the “I believe in unicorns” cupcake set and eat them together. I mean, those who are full and happy will glitter more beautifully.

cupcake set.
Cute cupcake set “I believe in unicorns”.

And after a great day, when the party is over, everything will be cleaned up quickly, too. Because all toys can be stored quickly in the practical unicorn storage box by 3 Sprouts. The magical forest will be clean in no time.

Unicorn storage box.
Storage box unicorn by 3Sprouts.

Wow, what a great trend. But not only the little ones love unicorns. Therefore we also have something for the older unicorn fans … And that is the golden jewelry box and the wall decoration by RICE. These extravagant accessories are a real eyecatcher. And that way the adults can join in in the unicorn trend as well. Great stuff!

In summary, one can say that unicorns are simply hip and trendy. And no matter in what way. So dearest unicorn fans, come visit us in the TakaTomo.de magical forest. Ready, steady, glitterrrrrr!

New products by A Little Lovely Company

New products by A Little Lovely Company

So, have you become stargazers yet? I’m asking because of the cute A Little Lovely Company starry sky projector I’ve shown you recently. Because that thing will definitely help you bring the starry sky home. But believe me, all the other A Little Lovely Company products are worth a post, too. And that post will be coming up now. Because today I will introduce you to the many great home accessories by A Little Lovely Company.

Great A Little Lovely Company products
Pretty home accessories by A Little Lovely Company


In fact A Little Lovely Company is a rather new brand in our online-shop. And yet the colorful accessories clearly belong to our favorites. For the Dutch company offers products that are real eye-catchers in the children’s room and that’ll make you smile. In short the products are cute and affordable which makes them home accessories with a real “OMG!” effect.

Now we have already shown you the cool nightlights (available as cloud, star, moon, apple, ghost, pineapple and an ice cream cone). And all of them are super sweet and an eye-catcher on the nightstand. Furthermore you should be familiar with the cool lightbox made for individual, creative messages in the children’s room.

But besides these A Little Lovely Company “classics” we’ll show you a few new highlights now.

Minis by A Little Lovely Company.
Cute miniature figurines by A Little Lovely Company.

For example, there’re the cheerful Minis now available at our shop. And those colorful figurines can be a toy or a decoration piece at the same time. Decoration or toy, your kids can decide … as long as they are older than 3 years (caution: small parts, choking hazard!). And the minis are available in sets of 3 and you can choose from stars, pears, apples or the sun-moon-rainbow set.

Furthermore you will find the sweet rainbow savings box by A Little Lovely Company in our store. That way saving will be a lot of fun. And what was that saying? At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold?! Rather it goes like this: there’s pocket money jingling inside the rainbow…

Cute poster by A Little Lovely Company.
Poster “ghost” by A Little Lovely Company.

But let’s continue with other great decoration items by A Little Lovely Company. And these include wallstickers (stars, moon or Miss Sunshine) and colorful garlands (clouds & stars, unicorns & rainbows). That way you can embellish the children’s room easily.

And in the child’s sleeping area the pretty cloud mobile in pink or blue shouldn’t be missing. While the cloud is smiling, there are five sweet rain drops dancing in the wind. That way is the only way rain is fun. And the little ones will be able to fall asleep in a comfy environment.

Decoration items by A Little Lovely Company.
Cute home accessories by A Little Lovely Company.

But a nice environment can also be created with the sweet string lights by A Little Lovely Company. So here you have 10 little stars, ghosts, rainbows or popsicles lighting up every room beautifully. And these string lights can be hung on the wall, by the bed or even in the window.

Additionally, you will find great wall hooks in our shop. And those decorative wall hooks come in different motifs such as clouds, melons, leaves, mountains and popsicles. At the same time the motifs can be mixed and matched. That way the hooks also make a cute wall decoration.

And another great wall decoration would be great posters. Thus, the posters come with cute motifs such as a raccoon, a mermaid or a ghost and they’re just adorable. So whether they’re framed or attached to the wall with a tape, the A Little Lovely Company posters are definitely a must-have in the kid’s room.

A Little Lovely Company products.
Adorable products by A Little Lovely Company.

But even on the road, A Little Lovely Company are all set with their sweet backpacks. So the cute backpack is available with a melon print or a cloud print. Hence the backpack is a great companion for short trips or the kindergarten. That way all snacks, beverages and other bits and pieces will be stowed away easily.

In short, all A Little Lovely Company products are great. Also, every item is a real eyecatcher! Just take a look at our online shop you will surely find the right accessory for you!

Practical toy links by Done by Deer

Practical toy links by Done by Deer

So, I guess we all agree that a beautiful design is wonderful. But once you have kids, you start to appreciate things that are also functional, don’t you? Anyway, I love to discover small nondescript things, which turn out to be real all-rounders. And that is definitely true for the cool toy links by Done by Deer, which are now available at our online shop.

Befestigungsringe von Done by Deer.

Young parents had to wait for these stylish helpers for a long time. But now it’s time. First, you might wonder what those small plastic rings made of 100% PP are all about. But then you’ll gradually find out how very convenient they are. Since the toy links are so versatile, one doesn’t even know where to start.

Praktische Befestigungsringe von Done by Deer.

Anyway, the toy links definitely are handy when you’re on the road with the stroller. Here the toy links prove to be a real blessing. For example, they can be used to attach a burp cloth to the stroller to convert it into a sun shield. Or you can protect the sleeping child from any distractions. That way the little nap will be really comfortable.

Befestigungsringe von Done by Deer.

Likewise, you can use the Done by Deer toy links to clip other items to the stroller or the baby seat. That way the stuffed animal will have its place and the favorite pacifier won’t get lost. But you can also attach your purse or keys to the stroller’s handle bar. The soft and smooth material of the toy links will ensure that the stroller won’t get damaged. And since everything is stored properly you’ll have both hands free to wave at your little one or to play finger games. 10 little friends to play with meee…

And 10 little toy links in three colors (purple / gold / gray or blue / gray / gold) make one set. That way you’ll have plenty of toy links for any kinds of things. By the way, the multifunctional rings can also be linked together and used as a stroller chain or a toy. So if there are no toys around, your kid can play with the toy links and train the motor skills.

Praktische Befestigungsringe von Done by Deer.

As you can see, the Done by Deer toy links are truely versatile. In addition to the stroller and the baby seat, the plastic rings can also be used at home. E.g. you can clip burp cloths and stuffed animals to the kid’s crib or attach a pacifier to a security blanket.

There are virtually no limits how to use the toy links, just be creative. And see for yourself! The toy links are now available in sets of 10 at our TakaTomo.de online shop. The Done by Deer toy links’ size is 6cm and they’re washable at 40°C. Enjoy your little helpers!

Cute starry sky projector by A Little Lovely Company

Cute starry sky projector light by A Little Lovely Company

Well, we absolutely love star gazing. And sometimes when Emil is off school, we stay up longer and observe the stars. But since it’s so cold outside right now, that’s just not an option. So what we can do, is to bring the sky full of stars into our home. And that’s the easiest thing with the magical starry sky projector by A Little Lovely Company.

Sternenhimmel-Projektor von A Little Lovely Company.

And this starry sky projector is truely exceptional! For it projects a sparkling, colorful starry sky and a moon right onto the ceiling of the baby’s or children’s room. And that’s sooooo beautiful! That way the little tots can gently fall asleep and lie in the arms of Morpheus.

Sternenhimmel-Projektor von A Little Lovely Company

But the A Little Lovely Company starry sky projector is capable of more. On the one hand you can adjust the projector so that the stars sparkle in a certain color. But there is also the option to make the color of the stars change continuously every few seconds. In addition, the sweet rainbow night lamp also plays music. And here you can choose from five different melodies! The nice background music soothes the child and helps him to fall asleep.

Sternenhimmel-Projektor von A Little Lovely Company.

Furthermore, the starry sky projector by A Little Lovely Company is also quite practical. So in addition to the other functions, the projector light also has a timer. And when the timer is set, the night light turns off automatically after 15 minutes. This saves battery power and you can fully exploit the battery life of approximately 50-60 hours.

Sternenhimmel-Projektor von A Little Lovely Company.

The starry-sky projector is a battery-powered LED light made from BPA- and phthalate-free PVC that should be found in every kid’s room. And with its size of 17.2 x 9 x 8.7cm, as well as its adorable rainbow design, the projector is also a decorative eye-catcher! However the 3 AAA 1.5V batteries are not included. But those are usually available in every supermarket.

So then, have fun star gazing in the children’s room! By the way, star gazing is also a great opportunity to spend a little time together before bed is calling. We wish all of you a good night and sweet dreams!

Trendy cloud print at Takatomo.de

Trendy cloud print at TakaTomo.de

Since I showed you the great cloud print bedding by Färg & Form in the last post, I’ve noticed something. And that is clouds. Because somehow clouds are becoming really trendy, aren’t they? I mean, you can find them almost everywhere, whether as print, as decoration in shops or on menu boards in restaurants.

And in our online shop we also have many products in the trendy cloud design. And to make sure, your search for seventh heaven is finally over, I’d like to show you those products now. In short, clouds are just a real eye-catcher and stuff in a cloud-design or in a cloud shape always looks great. Also, it’s a nice thing to daydream a little while looking at a gentle cloud landscape.

Wolken-Nachtlicht von A Little Lovely Company.

So here we go with our great cloud products at TakaTomo.de. Besides the sweet hand-felted cloud mobile by Sebra and the cloud garland by A Little Lovely Company you will also find great cloud-shaped night lights. The night lights come in various sizes, shapes and colors by the brand A Little Lovely Company. And the lamps are a real eye-catcher in every kid’s room! Also, they will definitely help your kids to fall asleep quickly and peacefully.

Wolken und Sterne Girlande von A Little Lovely Company.

By the way, sleeping will also be the nicest thing in the cloud print bed linens by Färg & Form and Kids Concept. That way sweet dreams are guaranteed. And this also applies to all products of the Sebra collection “In the Sky”. Because Sebra offers bed linens, bed bumpers and bed nests, bibs, nursing pillows and changing mats. All these cute products are available in a dreamy cloud design.

Zimmer im Wolken-Design mit Accessoires von Kids Concept.

The cool cloud design is also great in the kids’ room. And at TakaTomo.de you will definitely find the right accessorie for you. Because we also offer nice cloud print home accessories. And that includes, for example, the soft playmat by Kids Concept in blue or pink. The easy-care carpet made of polyester fits into every child’s room. And with it’s size of 100x130cm it offers lots of space for playing. But if your kids prefer to sit at a table while playing, you might want to get the cool cloud shaped table by Smallstuff. And this fancy table is just a real eye-catcher. Also make sure to get the matching cloud stool to make a comfortable „lounge“ for the little ones perfect.

Cooler Wolkentisch und Wolkenhocker von Smallstuff.

And even if it gets dark out, your kids will be able to keep playing. By dint of the trendy lamps by Kids Concept, the led wall lamp, the hanging lamp and the table lamp will illuminate the kids’ room in no time. However, the kids should take a break from time to time. And that’s best done inside the cool playtent by Kids Concept. Here the pretty cloud design also offers a pleasant surrounding for a nice break.

And after playing the little ones will certainly be hungry and thirsty. Thus hurry in the kitchen, where more cloud products are waiting for you. There’s the stylish cloud melamine cup and bowl by RICE DK. That way every snack will be twice as delicious. And if you have lots of thirsty friends over, just take the convenient 4l cooler tank by RICE. Great!

Wolken-Schwämme von RICE DK.

The cute cloud design shouldn’t be left out in the bathroom either. So here you’ll find the sweet RICE cloud sponges, that’ll turn everything into a foam party. Taking a shower will be so much more fun.

So as you see, clouds seem to be everywhere right now. We like this idea and we’re happy to contribute to this trend at TakaTomo.de. Just take a look around our shop and find the right item for you. By the way, many of the cloud products make great gifts. That way you can bring a piece of heaven to your dear friends.

New! Cuddly bed linen by Färg & Form


New! Cuddly bed linen by Färg & Form

Well, we get new brands and products in our online store all the time. However, I have to say that there are some things that I grow fond of faster. And that’s the way it went with the soft bed linen by Färg & Form.

By the way, Färg & Form is a new brand in our online shop. The Swedish company has been delighting their customers since 1996 with great home accessories and baby clothes in a typical Swedish style. In short, this means: simple, clear design, subtle colors and authentic materials.

A very special Färg & Form design element is “Moln”. For “moln” means “cloud” in German and is a real classic in the Swedish world of design. The great cloud design was designed by the Swedish designer Gunila Axén back in 1966. And it has been embellishing countless products since then. That also includes the super-soft Färg & Form bed linen that you can now find in our shop.

And believe me, the Färg & Form bedding is really great! So now you’ll find the cuddly bed linen in two different “Moln” designs in our shop.

Hübsche Wolken-Bettwäsche von Färg & Form.

On the one hand there’s the classic „Moln“ design bed linen. That means: a soft bed linen made from 100% cotton in the colors gray, blue or pink, with the great cloud imprint. Depending on the color, the bed linen is available in two different sizes.

Organic Wolken-Bettwäsche von Färg & Form.

Further you will find the Färg & Form ORGANIC bed linen of 100% organic cotton. This Färg & Form bedding not only is cuddly soft, but it’s also embellished with the discreet “Moln” design. And here you can also choose from different colors like blue, beige-gray, light green and light pink. Depending on the color, there are also two different sizes to choose from.

All of the Färg & Form bed linens are very comfortable and they’re a real piece of heaven in bed. Whether as baby bedding or regular size, Färg & Form makes sleeping heavenly good!

Schäfchen-Bettwäsche von Färg & Form.

And for those who don’t like clouds, there is of course an alternative by Färg & Form. With the cute sheep pattern bedding you’ll fall asleep quickly, that’s for sure! So then, good Niiiight!


Great wooden toys by Small Foot Design

Great wooden toys by Small Foot Design

Small Foot Design is the store brand of Legler from Delmenhost. And for many years the company has been specializing in wooden toys for kids of all ages. Small Foot Design acts according to their motto “children are most valuable to in the world”. Therefore, they make sure to offer kids’ toys that are appealing to the little ones. Further the toys should also be fun and train the kids’ motor skills. In addition, creativity, imagination, concentration etc. should also be promoted. Besides that the company pays great attention to sustainable production. Thus the child itself, but also environmental protection, are of paramount importance.

Our TakaTomo.de team is a huge fan of Small Foot Design! Therefore, we are happy to present you their new products in our shop. So be prepared for charming and educational wooden toys for your little darlings:

At first there’s the sweet rabbit hutch that easily teaches your kids to take on responsibility. As in real life the little ones can take care of the sweet bunny. They can brush it, feed it and supply it with water. Different cool wooden accessories will offer lots of options.

Holzspielzeug "Hasenstall" von Small Foot Design.

The cool Red Indian play set should also be a part of every children’s room. All the awesome wooden figures are perfect for cool Indian adventures. A stake, a teepee, a horse, there’s everything needed for a creative play in the prairie.

Holzspielzeug "Indianerspielwelt" von Small Foot Design.

With the sweeties box your mouth will begin to water. And the box contains everything that is needed for a nice tea party. The sweets can be cut into pieces with a wooden knife by dint of hook and loop fasteners. Also, there are magnets that make the fruit stick together. All of this increases the playing fun even more. 

Holzspielzeug "Süßigkeitenkiste" von Small Foot Design.

Also you can find a wooden building blocks zoo in our shop. The 50 building blocks are very easy to hold with small hands. That way the little ones can create their own zoo landscape. An elephant, a giraffe and a panda, all zoo animals are there. And they all are looking forward to spend a nice day at the zoo with the little ones.

Holzspielzeug "Zoo" von Small Foot Design.

Another new Small Foot Design product is the workbench deluxe. Here the little craftsmen can train their motor skills and dexterity. In other words they can drill, screw, hammer and saw. The wooden tools are easy to handle and can be used in different ways. In short it’s a great fun for all queens and kings of home improvement.

Holzspielzeug "Werkbank Deluxe" von Small Foot Design.

The colorful wooden toys by Small Foot Design are highly recommendable. On the one hand, they promote the child’s development. On the other hand they are designed in a great way and produced sustainably. That’s the perfect combination for great children’s toys.

In addition to the new products, you will also find other Small Foot Design items of the older collections. For example there are mobiles and swinging animals for the little ones. Also we offer cheerful pull-along toys, nostalgic doll’s prams and many other toys. And your little ones will definitely be delighted. In short, playing and learning is just twice as fun with Small Foot Design.


New kids’ flatware by Rex International

New kids’ flatware by Rex International

Just now I was talking about great melamine tableware and this post is about cute flatware for kids.

As Emil was having lunch today I watched him eat for a while. He safely used his fork and knife to put the veggies in his mouth. My dear, independent child, I thought, it’s unbelievable how fast he has grown. And I had to think of the times when I was still feeding him with a spoon. But also of the times he made a mess trying to eat all by himself. And now he’s sitting here, just like that, eating as if it’s the easiest thing in the world. So awesome and!

But before I get emotional, I’d better show you the sweet new sets of childrens’ flatware by Rex International that are now available at TakaTomo.de. There’s the flatware matching the Rusty the Fox series, in a nice blue color, and the one matching the series Colorful Creatures in a bright green. Moreover the flatware is polka-dotted and looks very cute.

Kinderbesteck Set von Rexinter

The Rex International childrens’ flatware sets consist of a fork, a spoon and a knife. And the handles are very handy and therefore fit comfortably in the child’s hand. That way the kids can cut their food easily and safely. Moreover, the Rexinter flatware fits perfectly in little hands because they’re only 16cm long. In short, a very practical and cute set of children’s flatware that is also dishwasher-safe.

Rexinter Kinderbesteck Set

The bright colors and subtle designs of the flatware sets offer the opportunity to combine them with various tableware. Whether you combine them with the matching Rexinter tableware or with other dishes, is up to you. Anyway, our online store offers children’s tableware of brands like RICE DK and others. Thus you can just be creative and find the right dishes for you and your kids.

Anyhow you as a parent should take some time to just be astonished for a while. Take a look at your kids being all grown up, eating without any help. Time flies!

Rexinter Melaminlöffel "Elefant"

By the way, in addition to the children’s flatware sets you’ll also find the practical Rexinter melamine spoons for the very little ones in our store. The elephant, the kangaroo, the crocodile and many others will help the little ones to practice how to eat their pap by themselves. And practice makes perfect, every little child knows that.

Cute melamine tableware for kids by Die Spiegelburg


Cute melamine tableware for Kids by Die Spiegelburg

Is there still somebody among our blog readers who doesn’t know that I love melamine tableware? Anyway, it is true. I really love melamine dishes. And it’s not just me. Because my whole family loves melamine!

For one there’s Marcus, who’s a little clumsy at times, he likes melamine because it is break-proof. And Emil loves the bright colors and cool designs that are still in mint condition even after many rinses. And me? I like everything about melamine, it’s convenient and lightweight, break-proof and easy-care. And all of those wonderful designs … Adorable! Whether it’s floral patterns or monochrome, I can’t even decide which design I like best. But therefore I can call a large collection of melamine tableware my own by now. And I am very proud of that!

Die Spiegelburg Melaminbecher

Anyhow, kids’ usually like melamine dishes because they’re so colorful. And especially for smaller kids, I would always recommend extraordinary and colorful melamine dishes. That way meals become more fun and there’s also a lot to discover besides food. And that’s probably the reason why cute motifs, such as cartoons or animals, are very popular.

Melaminteller "Hund" von die Spiegelburg

The team of Die Spiegelburg has now done a great job in creating the cutest melamine tableware especially for kids. Therefore you’ll now find the new colorful melamine dishes with adorable animals up front in our online shop. The children’s tableware consists of a drinking cup and a small plate. And you can choose from four cute animals with a big smile. In detail that’s a fun monkey, a cheeky cat, a sweet lion and a cute puppy. By the way, the motto of the Die Spiegelburg tableware series is “small plates for big hunger”. And that’s exactly right. For the sweet melamine dishes by Die Spiegelburg make great dishes at the breakfast table, but also whenever the kids feel hungry and need a snack.

In addition to the cute and cheerful designs, the kids’ dishes also have everything that’s great about melamine. The Die Spiegelburg melamine tableware is break-proof, lightweight and dishwasher-safe. Also, it’s of course food-safe and BPA-free. However the colorful melamine tableware is not suitable for the microwave, so please keep that in mind!

Now I bet you have already fallen in love with the cute melamine tableware just like me. But seriously, just take a look at the Die Spiegelburg melamine dishes in our online shop. I’m sure the dishes will sweep you off your feet right away.

Cute kids’ suitcase by Kids Boetiek


Sweet kids’ suitcase by Kids Boetiek

So, I’m going on a trip and I’m taking: the cute kids’ suitcase by our great new brand Kids Boetiek.

Kids Boetiek is a young Dutch company offering fun kids’ home accessories. And they all create a nice living environment. In the first place owner Lucie was looking for a way to combine a career and motherhood. And as she had loved to play „store“ since she’d been a little girl, she found an answer pretty quickly. She was desiring her own shop! And this dream turned into Kids Boetiek with all its kids’ home accessories.

Kinderkoffer von Kids Boetiek "Wassermelone".

Thus TakaTomo.de wanted to incorporate a bit of Kids Boetiek in our online shop. And that’s why we’re presenting you the sweet new kids’ suitcases in our assortment. And the idea behind the suitcase is Lucie wanting to offer her own specially developed product.

On the one hand the kids’ suitcase is handmade from solid recycled cardboard. And with its sturdy seams and a handle, it’s a perfect companion for our little ones. Also you can choose from many cute designs. And these include colorful rainbows, a monochrome rainbow, a sweet watermelon and a juicy lemon. Besides that the suitcases are all printed with ecological ink on a water basis. Thus, a pretty design and environmental friendliness are combined. We really love that!

Further, the little suitcase by Kids Boetiek is versatile. For example, you can use it as a decorative item and a storage option at the same time. And with its size of 24x16x9 cm it offers plenty of space for our kids’ little treasures. Also, you can use it as a toy suitcase, or as a bag when visiting friends. That way all important things can be stowed away safely. Above all the kids’ suitcase is also a real eye-catcher. Everybody will be stunned!

By the way, the cute kids’ suitcases by Kids Boetiek are also a great gift and even a cool gift wrap. So that’ll make every gift really special. And unwrapping will be twice as fun.

Kinderkoffer "Regenbogen" von Kids Boetiek.

Anyway, we’re crazy about the new Kids Boetiek kids’ suitcases in our online shop. And we’re sure the suitcases will also make you smile right away!

Colorful and fun magnetic letters and magnetic numbers.

Colorful magnetic letters and magnetic numbers

Emil loves going to school. Well, he certainly didn’t inherit that from me. But I am glad he enjoys going to school and learning new stuff. And since he has learned how to write and read all these words, he’s also crazy about the colorful magnetic letters that are stuck to our fridge. He spells out a word almost every day and is all proud when he spelled it correctly.

Anyway, magnetic letters are a great way to playfully practice how to read and write. And the magnetic numbers will give kids the opportunity to solve easy math assignments. Thus advanced children can practice counting or spelling their names, words and even entire sentences.

Magnetbuchstaben von Djeco.
Bunte Magnetbuchstaben von Djeco zum Spielen und Lernen.

Also there are many ways for smaller kids to use magnetic letters and magnetic numbers, too. For example the letters and numbers can be sorted into groups. Thus, differences between letters and numbers become obvious and the kids can memorize them. And the same can be done with uppercase and lowercase letters. Here the kids can find the respective pairs. Another practice could be to arrange the letters according to the alphabet and to put the numbers in order.

Anyway, playing with magnetic letters and numbers is a lot of fun! And meanwhile the children won’t even notice that they are practicing and learning new stuff.

However, magnetic letters and magnetic numbers are definitely big fun for the older ones, too. For example, I often spell out shopping lists with the magnets or leave Marcus a note on the refrigerator. One can spend hours playing with the colorful letters and numbers. But you should definitely see for yourself.

Sebra Magnetzahlen Set.

Therefore you will find many great magnetic letter and magnetic number sets in our TakaTomo.de online-store. The cute magnet sets are available by our popular brands Sebra and Djeco. And here you can choose from different designs, from sets with upper-case letters as well as lower-case letters. That way you can compile enough letters and numbers in order to be able to promote your little ones ideally.

By the way, you will also find the convenient magnetic board „Tablo“ by Djeco in our shop. And that board is great when your refrigerator isn’t suitable for magnets for example. Also your kids can draw and write on it with the included water-soluble pens.

Magnetic board Tablo by Djeco.

We wish you and your children a lot of fun! And I’ll go and look what magnetic message Emil has left for us today. I bet it’s “chocolate” as a little hint to buy him some.

The Rex International monsters are on the loose!

The cheeky monsters by Rex International are on the loose!

Sometimes Emil is in such a bad mood … oh my! One wouldn’t believe it, looking at that little curly head. But when something doesn’t go his way, he can become quite grumpy. On days like that I always fondly call him my “little, cheeky monster”. And then we usually both have a laugh. But there’s not only monsters at our home, but also at TakaTomo.de. Yes, you heard right. But don’t worry, they’re no mean monsters, but rather cute monsters.

The series “Monsters of the World” is by Rex International. And we can get ready for lots of colorful products in a monster’s design.

For example there’s the cool monster tattoos for the little rascals. The adhesive tattoos are available in eight designs. And these cute tattoos can be easily applied to the skin. However, removing them shouldn’t be a problem either. Let me tell you, the tattoos are definitely a big thing for Emil and his friends!

Turnbeutel Monster von Rex International

The smart and practical drawstring gym bag that can be worn like a backpack is also very popular. And it offers plenty of room for sports equipment and other stuff. That way you have all of the important things you need on trips and visits at friends right there. And the imprinted monsters will enjoy taking care of your belongings. However that’ll also make them really hungry. And before the beasts get in a bad mood, you should provide them with a couple of snacks.

Rex International Brotdose

Thus we offer the nice Rex Inter monsters lunch box and bento box. That way all snacks can be stored safely and are handy when you get hungry. And if there’s a snack that needs to be cooled – no problem! There’s also a practical, insulated lunch bag in the Rex International monsters series. Thus all of your snacks will stay fresh and delicious. And you on the other hand will stay engergized even on long trips.

Monster Kühltasche von Rex International

Energized and healthy is good especially for kids. But now and then something happens. That means something like a skinned knee from romping around or other small accidents. But here, too, all you have to do is call the colorful monsters by Rex International. And there they’ll come to your aid as 30 latex-free band aids in a beautiful metal box. These cheerful patches will turn every small accident into something from the past.

However if a piece of clothing is accidentally torn due to the little misfortune, mom and dad hopefully packed some spare clothes. And you can easily store these in the Jumbo storage bag. The bag is a great companion on the road. But it also offers lots of storage space at home for example for bedding or laundry. Thus it’s a decorative Jumbo bag in a cool monster’s design and it looks good in every household.

Whether at home or on the road, we wish you a lot of fun with the cheerful monsters by Rex International.

The perfect stuffed animal by Done by Deer


The perfect stuffed animal for every kid by Done by Deer

Do you remember Elphee the fluffy stuffed animal and Raffi her friend by Done by Deer? So Elphee is a cuddly elephant and Raffi a super soft giraffe. And each one of them is a real friend and the most amazing stuffed animal you can imagine. For example, Elphee is a truly faithful companion who can keep all secrets. That way when it comes to Elphee, every secret is in good hands. And Raffi? Raffi is just so affectionate. And his motto is: long neck means long hugs. So, that one thing is for sure, Elphee and Raffi sure are really great stuffed animals.

But beware there’s four new Done by Deer competitors just around the corner. And that is the cheerful Ozzo, Nozo, Croco and Antee, who are new to the Done by Deer family. These four are definitely great fun just as Elphee and Raffi – each one with an own personality.

Kuscheltier Elphee und seine Freunde

Ozzo, for example, is the clumsy hippo. He is pink and loves to dance as soon as music sounds. In addition, Ozzo has a big, warm heart and is a dear friend. On the other hand there’s Nozo, a tough guy who is always there and helps everyone in need. By the way, Nozo is a sweet blue rhino and he is very cuddly. The grey anteater Antee is also part of the family and he is a great protector. Antee is fearless and he is really curious, too. Lastly there’s Croco, the green crocodile, who’s also a faithful fellow. Croco is also very good at keeping secrets to himself. The bottom line is that every single Done by Deer stuffed animal is a great companion to explore the world with.

Anyhow, each new Done by Deer stuffed animal is very soft and cuddly. They’re all made of 100% polyester and are washable at 40°C. And the cute soft toys are suitable for all kids age 1+.

Kuscheltiere von Done by Deer

Thus if you asked me which one of the fun cuddle toys I prefer, I couldn’t decide. The Done by Deer cuddly toys are all just more than cute. So the best thing would be to take them all open up a little cuddle-zoo!

By the way, every Done by Deer stuffed animal is also a great gift for birthdays or baptisms. Kids will love the friendly companions. And this applies to every single one of them, whether it’s Elphee, Raffi, Nozo, Ozzo, Croco or Antee. Ready, steady, it’s time to cuddle!


Cute home accessories for kids by Petit Monkey

Cute home accessories for kids by Petit Monkey

Although 2017 is only a few days old, we’ve already got a new brand in our store named Petit Monkey. And Petit Monkey from the Netherlands not only have a sweet name, but also great products! And that is beautifully designed home accessories for children’s rooms as well as cool toys.

Indeed all these magical items fit perfectly into the colorful world of our children. The products are colorful and nicely designed and they also stimulate the kids’ imagination. Plus, they are so cute, they’ll make you happy right away. But why don’t you just see for yourself? And that will be no problem because we’re now offering a couple great Petit Monkey accessories at Takatomo.de. But now, let us introduce you to the cool Petit Monkey products so you understand why we are so enthusiastic:

For one, there would be the colorful night lights. They are a special highlight in the Petit Monkey range at TakaTomo.de. And they are available in various child-oriented designs. For example there’s the sweet cloud and the cheeky star that can be found in different beautiful colors. Another great night lamp is the colorful rainbow. All Petit Monkey night lights are a real eye-catcher in the children’s room and they’re also very convenient. As the battery-powered LED light turns off automatically after about 60 minutes, it saves lots of energy. Thus the lamp is a nice home accessory, it creates a warm light and lets your child fall asleep peacefully.

Further you can also find the fun LED lamp shaped like an ice cream cone in three different colors. The lamp can easily be switched on and off by softly pressing the top of the ice cream. Thus, the child can quickly access a light source at night when for example waking up scared.

Petit Monkey Nachtlicht Regenbogen

Besides you will also find the fun suitcase set „Double Face“. It consists of three crescent-shaped suitcases in different sizes and designs. For example a panda or a rainbow. The suitcases are made of solid cardboard and they are great to store all of the children’s little treasures. That way they are perfect at home or when visiting grandma & grandpa or friends. Anyhow, the colorful suitcases are a real eye-catcher. And by the way, the suitcases fit into each other perfectly so they can be stored in a space-saving manner when not in use.

Kofferset Petit Monkey

Furthermore we also offer the cool tipi shelves by Petit Monkey. These are just perfect for little Indians and adventurers. So, the stylish tipi-shaped shelves are made of beech wood and they’re available in various cool colors. And they offer plenty of room for small Pixi books and for all sorts of other stuff. So, get a Petit Monkey tipi shelf now and experience the world of the Indians closely.

Tipi Regal von Petit Monkey

Now, as you can see, the colorful universe of Petit Monkey offers the right home accessory for everyone. Anyway, we are delighted to be able to offer these classy decoration pieces at our online shop. Just visit us and have a look around. By the way: the Petit Monkey products are also a great gift idea because you sure won’t find such cool items in regular stores.

Nostalgic porcelain tableware for kids by byGraziela

Nostalgic porcelain tableware for kids byGraziela

When I was a child, I used to have different products by Graziela such as their beautiful porcelain tableware. Now the precious items are back under the name byGraziela!

As early as in the seventies Graziela Preiser used to delight people with her designs. I remember sitting in my bed when I was a little girl covered with a blanket in Graziela bed linen. And my mother then would read a bedtime story to me. That was nice. And now? Now Emil is covered with byGraziela bed linen and I am the mom reading a bedtime story. That’s the way it goes.

But in short, this also means that the great designs by Graziela are finally back. Graziela got together with her daughter bringing her beautiful motifs back to the market, this time under the name byGraziela. And what do people say about the colorful and precious byGraziela products? Everybody is just delighted!

Kindergeschirr aus Porzellan

Thus you will now find many colorful byGraziela products in our online store. E.g. there are bed linen, toy bags, hooded towels, melamine dishes, wall tidy organizers, blankets and others. In the following, we will show you an item, that was also known in the original version by Graziela. And that is the nostalgic porcelain tableware. The cute porcelain tableware for kids consists of a plate, a bowl and a mug with a handle. That way the kids’ meals become a real time travel because the porcelain tableware is as beautiful as back then.

Porzellangeschirr für Kids

You can choose from three timeless byGraziela designs, the fun farm motifs, the train design and the cheeky 123 design. That way the food will taste a lot better and eating will be really fun. Additionally, the child will also be kept busy during the meal because there’s a lot to explore on the dishes. Furthermore the fine crockery is made in Germany by Kahla and it’s both microwave and dishwasher safe. Thus, the high-quality crockery is adorable and also practical because you can quickly heat up the food in the microwave. Furthermore, after the meal, you don’t have to worry about doing dishes. What a great help for stressed mommy’s and daddy’s.

byGraziela Geschirrset in Geschenkbox

The cute porcelain tableware by byGraziela shouldn’t be missing on any table because kids love the beautiful motifs. By the way, the 3-piece set comes in a beautiful gift box. That way the crockery is a great gift for special occasions like birthdays or for a baptism. The little ones and the big ones both love ByGraziela products. While the adults revel in childhood memories, the little ones can discover the great design themselves. And at last you can all enjoy the beautiful byGraziela products together.

The perfect thermos jug for cold days

The perfect thermos jug for cold days

Since it is freezing outside, the only thing that can help me is my thermos jug! So today is one of these days, where you’d wish to had stayed in bed. Everything is covered with a white blanket of frost and steam comes out of the mouth when speaking. And as I am typing this, I’m freezing, too.

Rexinter Thermoskanne für leckeren Tee.

Therefore, it is very important to pamper yourself a little on such days and to be good to yourself. For me there are a couple of things that can improve my mood right away. On the one hand, I always need a cuddly sweater or a warm cardigan. Because if you can’t go to bed, you should at least be able to wrap up in a soft sweater, right?

Besides that, I always try to treat myself with a delicious snack. But after all the opulent Christmas treats, that can also be a yummy fruit salad made of fresh fruit. That way I can also make sure that I take enough vitamins in and don’t get sick in the winter.

But, even if it sounds very banal, the best thing to have is a nice and warm cup of tea! Honestly. Thus with every sip you feel how the warmth spreads inside your body. Tea ist just so comforting! And to be able to always have my tea with me, I got a small thermos jug.

RICE Thermoskanne gelb

And this thermos flask by RICE DK is really cute, it has a delicate yellow color with a floral print. Due to this great design, bad mood has hardly a chance. But the RICE thermos jug is not only cute, but also convenient, because the lid also serves as a cup. That way everything you need is right there. The thermo bottle has a capacity of 0.35l and is therefore perfect for a quick cup of tea in between. And it also fits in every backpack or bigger purse. Besides that, a smaller thermos jug is also great for the little ones, who also like to enjoy a cup of tea. Since the jugs are so handy, the kids won’t have to carry too heavy and will still have their tea.

You can find a selection of colorful thermos jugs in different sizes in our TakaTomo.de online shop. Therefore you should take a quick look around there. For example, we offer the great thermos jug by Rexinter with various imprints like a world map, Rusty the fox, mid century poppy and many more. Apart from that you will also find other nice thermos flasks by Blafre. Among other designs you can choose from a tractor or robots. My yellow thermos jug by RICE can also be found in our assortment. By the way, we also offer very hip RICE thermos jugs, that are jacketed with a stable plastic mesh and have a handle. This trendy thermo weave is great when you’re at home enjoying some tea with the whole family. So, no matter what you prefer, we’ve got the right thermos flask for you.

RICE Thermoskanne rosa Geflecht

Anyhow, I really recommend to always keep a thermos flask with hot tea with you. That way you can always keep warm from the inside. And now, as I’m sitting here writing this post, I feel like drinking some tea again. I’d better go and make some tea then.

Cute pacifier cloth by Little Dutch

Adorable pacifier cloth by Little Dutch

So before I will present you the cute pacifier cloth by Little Dutch, here’s a little anecdote:

While I was looking for some twigs for our table decoration outside, I found a pacifier on the ground. Since I remember such situations well, all I thought was: oh my, how annoying. I can’t even enumerate how many pacifiers Emil had thrown out of the stroller throughout the years. And most of the time I didn’t even notice it before we got home, not until Emil started crying because his pacifier was gone.

Little Dutch Schnullertuch in beige

So, those times are over for us, but other young parents certainly know this problem. Because it’s just one moment of inattention and, oh my, the pacifier is gone. But even in the stroller itself a small pacifier like that can get lost quickly. And then it takes forever to find it between all the blankets and cuddly toys.

However, that neverending search will be over once and for all with the star-shaped pacifier cloth by Little Dutch. As this cuddly pacifier cloth for babies has a flap, the pacifier can easily be attached to the cloth. And since the pacifier now hangs onto the 15x15cm large cloth, it sure won’t get lost. But it’s also its softness that the little ones enjoy because the pacifier cloth has a nice surface and is cuddly. This is especially important for the youngest, because it conveys a sense of security. So that makes the Little Dutch pacifier cloth a perfect companion in all circumstances. On the one hand, the little ones can cuddle and play with it. Further, it can also be used as a soft sleeping aid. Additionally the pacifier cloth can give some comfort when the day didn’t go well or when the tummy aches.

Schnullertuch von Little Dutch

The cloth’s front is made of 100% poplin cotton with a Little Dutch print, the back of soft teddy fabric. Since the inside of the star shaped pacifier cloth is lined with fleece, it’s even cuddlier. Thus the little rascals can be satisfied all the way. And the dreamlike designs sure are a real eye-catcher and very trendy. Choose from different designs like fine white stripes on a gray or blue background, white stars on a gray background, or a check pattern on a pink background as well as a cross pattern on a sweet mint background. You’ll definitely find the perfect pacifier cloth for your kid.

By the way, the great Little Dutch pacifier cloth also makes an awesome gift for birth or baptism. Thus a pacifier cloth like that looks cute, but is also really convenient. That way not only are they a joyful companion for the kids, but also to their parents, who no longer have to look for the pacifier. Great!

Neat Playkit Suitcase by Small Foot Design

Neat Playkit suitcase by Small Foot Design.

So today is all about the great playkit suitcase by Small Foot Design:

Do you know that kind of people who are always prepared for every situation? Well, even if I am not very chaotic myself, I am always fascinated by these people. Because still I sometimes forget something. But those mentioned people, they really have everything with them. So you ask for an air pump, boom, they pull an air pump out of their bag – crazy! But that is actually not what todays post is all about. In fact I only got reminded of such people because I saw the new cool playkit suitcases by Small Foot Design for the first time.

After all, if you have a suitcase like that, you’ve really got all you need to play to a specific motto. I think this is a really great idea. Because even if you are on the road, you only have to pack this one little metal case. And there the child has all necessary accessories to a certain topic. That way it can play along in a creative and imaginative way. The accessories in the suitcases are all selected very carefully. That way the kids sure don’t miss out on anything while playing.

Anyhow, you can now find the great playkit suitcase with different contents at the TakaTomo.de online shop. For example, there is the enchanting fairy kit including wings, a magic wand and real fairy dust. Also you will find the cool Indian playkit suitcase with an axe, Indian ornaments and many more. Besides that we offer the great pirate kit with everything a real pirate needs. And that includes an eye-flap, a pirate cloth and a real treasure map.

Small Foot Design Spielset Kinderkoffer

Thus with these toy accessories, your children are well prepared and can let their imagination run freely. All in all the playkit by Small Foot Design helps the kids to take the role of fairies, Indians or pirates.

Small Foot Design Spielset Kinderkoffer

In addition to the nice playkit suitcases, we offer something for the creative handicraft fans. And that is the well-stocked sewing kit suitcase and the great knitting kit. And with these two playkit suitcases, it’s super easy to implement the do-it-yourself trend. Also the little ones can playfully learn how to knit and sew – practice makes perfect! The great thing about the sets is that all accessories can be stowed quickly in the handy metal case. Therefore they can be transported easily. Besides that the toys are put away quickly once the kids are done playing. And having everything in one place makes it easy to find the toys.

By the way, the Small Foot Design playkit suitcases are also a great gift for a birthday or for Christmas. And you don’t even have to pack kit in wrapping paper because it’s inside a decorative metal case – awesome! So the kits are suitable for children of 3 years, the sewing and knitting sets for children aged 5. And TakaTomo.de wishes the little ones a lot of fun while playing.

New brand at our online store: JulicaDesign

New brand at our online store: JulicaDesign

For JulicaDesign, children are most valuable in the world. Thus, the young company was founded with the vision of providing children with nothing but the best. Therefore the professional team of playing and learning designers create great children’s room furniture and accessories with additional value. What we like most about JulicaDesign is the perfect mixture of passion, innovative design, high quality and sustainability. Besides that we love the remarkable suitability for daily use of the products. Therefore, we are very happy to present JulicaDesign today as a new brand in our TakaTomo.de online shop! And here is a selection of the cheerful JulicaDesign products in the shop:

For example, there’s the cute cutting board of the series Tipikids by JulicaDesign. The adorable bear and the cute horse made of robust beechwood are waiting for your kids with a delicious breakfast. So the little ones can start their day with cute animal friends and a healthy snack. But with JulicaDesign the day will continue to be great, that’s guaranteed.

So further, the fun JulicaDesign products are a real big hit at school or at the desk at home. For the „roll-up“ pencil case, available in the colors mint and powder, offers ample space for all writing utensils. And thanks to the imaginative Tipikids design, pens and pencils are turned into arrows, fire stones and carved knives. Thus school work becomes a real Indian adventure. Also there’s another cute pencil case of the series Zookids. The fun-loving monkey Alma and the friendly tiger Tom love to eat pens. So you can store all pens just by putting them inside the mouth of the two crazy animal friends. In addition, Alma and Tom love to accompany your kids on their school day. Also, they will celebrate the successes with the little ones and comfort them when things didn’t go so well.

Moreover, there’s cool JulicaDesign home accessories that are real eye-catchers in the children’s room creating a cozy atmosphere. For example you’ll find the beautiful TipiKids play mat made of robust cotton. It invites the kids to get comfortable on the ground and enjoy their ludic drive. The cheerful play mat is available in the colors mint and powder. As for the design, you’ll find a pretty Indian village scenario with tipis and a fishing pond. That way the little ones will be able to experience great adventures while playing.

Spielzeugsack von JulicaDesign

And once the play session is over, you’ll be happy about the cool toy bag in mint, curry and powder. Concerning cleaning up the JulicaDesign toy bag is a great helper. So its offers plenty of space for the most varied toys and tidying up becomes great fun. So all you have to do is put everything inside the bag, pull the string and you’re done. And once the TipiKids toy bag is filled with toys, it looks just like a high mountain. That way, the toy bag embellishes every children’s room. In addition, thanks to its cool design, it can be perfectly integrated into the play.

Besides that you will also find the useful JulicaDesign height chart in our online shop. If the little Indians want to know their hight, all they’ve got to do is to check it on the totem height chart. The height charts are available in the colors mint and powder and they’re very decorative.

Lastly there’re the noctilucent JulicaDesign posters that’ll help your kids fall asleep. As it gets dark, the stars on the poster start to shine and create a cozy atmosphere. But also during the day the sweet JulicaDesign posters are a decorative accessory in every children’s room. So the big bear and the little wolf as well as Tom the tiger and the gray elephant will watch your kids play. And all they want is for the little ones to have a lot of fun.

So whether it’s in the children’s room, at the breakfast table or at school, JulicaDesign are always on the spot. And with their great, child-friendly products they add an immense value to the children’s day. So, we love JulicaDesign and we’re pretty sure you will, too!

RICE calender, notepad & other great stationery

RICE calendar, notepad & other great stationery now available at TakaTomo.de.

While I was waiting for the bus the other day checking something in my calendar, I overheard a conversation. The conversation was about the many advantages of a smartphone. So those girls were totally enthusiastic since a smartphone was a phone, a calendar, a notebook and whatnot in one. To be honest, this conversation made me quite sad because I love stationery! But don’t get me wrong, I like my phone, too, and I’m glad I own one. However, I would prefer haptic stationery most of the time. Even back in school, I always used to be the one with the notebook, stepping inside every stationery shop. Anyway why do I tell you all of this? Because I almost fell off the chair with excitement when I discovered the new stationery by RICE DK.

So believe it or not, but I am really stoked about the new RICE stationery. Therefore I would love to show you all these great RICE stationery in our TakaTomo online shop.

Notizbuch und Kalender von RICE

The new RICE stationery combine everything that’ll make a true paper craft fan happy. First of all there would be the great large A4 notebook. The stylishly designed notepad comes with a nice quote on the cover. For example “Oh, the places you’ll go” or “It’s good to be here”. And the notebook offers plenty of room for your thoughts, travel memories, your favorite recipes and much more. In addition, the beautiful notepad by RICE DK is also suitable as a diary. You can use it to put everything that has moved you during the day on paper.

If the A4 notebook is too big for you, you might prefer the smaller A5 notebook by RICE DK. Here, too, you can choose from great designs and quotes. For example “Everyday Magic” and “Remember to dance!”. But the notebook is not only convenient, but also very decorative. Therefore it’ll be a real eye-catcher on your desk.

For all forgetful scatterbrains we’ve got the awesome to-do notebook by RICE. This ring binder offers enough space to list all the pleasant and unpleasant tasks of everyday life. That way you know exactly what is still to be done and when it’s finally time to relax.

Furthermore we offer a wonderful desk planner, a weekly planner and the practical pocket calendar 2017. These little friends will definitely help you to keep organized. In addition, you can also enjoy the pretty RICE design every day.

Finally, I would like to recommend the RICE birthday calendar. This everlasting birthday calendar can just keep hanging in the room and you can add new birthdays any time. If you’re bad at remembering birthdays, the RICE birthday calendar will be a real life saver! In addition, each month’s sheet is adorned with a pretty RICE motif and thus looks pretty in every room.

By the way, the stationery by RICE DK is so practical and stylish, it’ll make a great gift. Whether as a birthday present or for Christmas, real paper craft fans will love these great items. If you asked me, I’d take them all, the calendar, the notebooks and the birthday calendar.

The perfect cookie jar for your X-mas cookies!

The perfect cookie jar for your X-mas cookies!

For weeks, Emil and I have been baking Christmas cookies and storing them into our favorite cookie jar. But it must be a magical cookie tin because the cookies seem to disappear. At first we thought it’s witchcraft. But by now we are sure it’s Daddy who’s eating all the cookies. But after all Christmas cookies are super delicious, I must admit, I can hardly resist myself most of the time. Anyway, it’s a good thing we like to bake because we can keep refilling the maaagical cookie jar.

And how nice a baking afternoon like that always is! Because yeah, baking together is just the best fun! Besides that, it’s also a great activity that you can practice together with your children. See, you spend a fun time with each other and in the end there’s this delicious result. Furthermore the kneading and cutting of the dough trains the kid’s motor skills and the creativity.

Since Emil loves to cut out cookies we usually agree on making classic cut out cookies. If you want to bake some delicious biscuits, too, below you’ll find a simple recipe.

For that one you’ll need 500g of flour, 250g of sugar, 1pk of vanilla sugar, 250g of butter, 2 eggs and ½ pk of baking powder.

Then you’ll just have to mix all the ingredients together and knead them properly. After the dough has been cooled for about an hour, you can roll it out and cut out shapes. Then the cookies must be baked at 200°C in a preheated oven until they are golden yellow. Depending on the oven that’ll take about 8-12 minutes. So yummy – the cookies are super delicious and a real classic.

If there are any cookies left after your little baking session, you should keep them in a metal cookie jar. That way they’ll stay fresh and crispy. Therefore we offer many decorative cookie jars by Rex International, RICE, Krasilnikoff, Smallstuff and Overbeck & Friends. The cookie tins are super convenient and you can also store odds and ends in them.

Just check out our online shop, you’ll find the perfect cookie jar for you. Whether you like floral patterns, colorful pattern mixes, stars or dots all of our cookie tins are just awesome. And whether it’s round or squared or printed with nice statements, a biscuit box is a real eye-catcher! And the cookies will definitely taste twice as delicious out of a nice cookie tin.

By the way, a filled biscuit box is also a really nice gift for dear friends. After all, everybody loves Christmas cookies, right? And in case you need other baking utensils, you will also find them at TakaTomo.de. For example we offer numerous different cookie cutters by Djeco or RICE DK. So come visit us at: http://www.takatomo.de/en/cook-eat/baking



Cute wrapping paper & gift bags at TakaTomo.de

Cute wrapping paper & gift bags by RICE and Krima & Isa.

So, gifts are definitely a beautiful invention. During the Christmas time, I always notice that. But even on other occasions, such as birthdays, it’s nice to get gifts. So, I for myself enjoy giving gifts and receiving them. At the same time it’s especially important to me that the gifts are wrapped in pretty wrapping paper. For a beautiful packaging increases the anticipation on the gift and unwrapping is just a lot more fun.

Therefore wrapping paper and practical gift bags are absolutely essential for me. And so you’re able to wrap all gifts for your loved ones nicely, we have the right props for you. Thus in our TakaTomo.de online shop we have put together a colorful selection of cute wrapping paper and beautiful gift bags.

That means you can choose from colorful wrapping paper in many great designs. For example, we offer a great RICE 3-piece gift paper set with a cheeky kissing lips print and a matching adhesive stickers. That way you can spice up the gifts for your darling. Also there’s a great 3-piece RICE gift paper set in a cloud design and printed with “Happy” and “Hello”. Indeed this versatile gift wrap is suitable for every occasion and your gift will be a real eye-catcher. In addition, we also offer colorful RICE wrapping paper from the series Tutti Frutti with fun pineapple print.

Also for Christmas there’s the exclusive RICE wrapping paper with beautiful Christmas motifs. In addition you will get great labeling stickers so that everyone knows which gift is for whom. Furthermore, we offer cool Merry Christmas glitter signs, with which you can embellish your gifts even more.

And for those whose hands are all thumbs, we have nice gift bags by Krima & Isa in our store. Almost all small surprises can be wrapped easily with the cheerful gift bags. Now, the Krima & Isa gift bags are available in sets consisting of 6 bags and self-adhesive labels. Here you can choose from countless colors like red, green, gray, blue, black etc.. And there are also beautiful designs that are fine for every occasion. These include stars, stripes, dots, pirates, farm motifs, rockets, and a „happy birthday. And for Christmas you’ll find bags with a sweet angel and a Merry Christmas writing. Excellent!

By the way, RICE DK also offers fun little triangular paper bags with a kissing lips design and round plastic bags with circus motifs. For example, you can wrap candy and little souvenirs in it. That way, even the smallest gift will make a great impression.

So go ahead and take a look around our online shop. You’ll definitely find the wrapping paper and the gift bag you like best. By the way, we now offer colorful yarn by Krima & Isa in our online shop. The yarn is very versatile and it’s perfect for wrapping and decorating presents. If I have to decorate a gift in our store, I often use the yarn, it’s great!

The new Jupiduu rocking horse is here!

The new rocking horse by Jupiduu now available at TakaTomo.de!

As a matter of fact the rocking horse is a real toy classic. Thus it has always been a popular toy. Just sitting in the saddle, tipping the cowboy hat and riding off facing the sun. That’s how a ride on the wonderful new rocking horse by Jupiduu could look like.

Jupiduu Rocking Horse

The cool rocking horse by Jupiduu comes in a modern design and convincing functionality. The puristic design of clear, smooth shapes turns the rocking horse in a very special toy. Further, the great colors like Pink Flamingo, Blue Octopus, Green Chameleon White Butterfly fit in every children’s room. In addition, the Jupiduu rocking horse is constructed to be stable and tilt resistant. Therefore a safe play can be guaranteed. The saddle height of 30cm is perfect for kids aged 1.5 – 4. Beyond that, the footboard and the handle ensure a secure grip. That way, the little ones can entirely focus on their play.

Jupiduu Rocking Horse white

Besides its trendy design, created by the renowned design studio F.A. Porsche, the rocking horse is also of educational value. It promotes the creative play of the little ones and trains their motor skills. Further the kids’ sense of balance and their ability to grasp are trained. That means our rocking horse offers great playing fun while being educational at the same time.

What is more is the fact that the Jupiduu rocking horse supports a good cause. 5 Euros of every sold rocking horse go directly to the Salzburger Lebenshilfe. This facility integrates people with disabilities into society and enables them to have a regular working life. Our team at TakaTomo.de love this idea.

Jupiduu Rocking Horse pink

Altogether the cool Jupiduu rocking horse is a true asset in every children’s room. Therefore it also makes the perfect gift for your own kids and for those of friends and relatives. Anyhow we’re absolutely in love with the little horses! Actually we’re wondering why there are no rocking horses for adults. A little horse ride during our lunch break sure would be great.

Glittery X-mas tree by RICE

Glittery  X-mas tree by RICE DK

First of all I have to admit that I have always been a huge Christmas fan. Even when I was a child, there was something fascinating about this peaceful time of the year. My mother used to always decorate our house pretty early in the Christmas season, creating a nice atmosphere. There were always candles and rustic twigs on the table. But also angels and other ornaments, Santa and all kinds of decoration. And this wonderful scent of Christmas, smelling of oranges, fir twigs and Christmas cookies. So good!

But the biggest highlight sure was our Christmas tree. Of course we didn’t put the tree up until right before Christmas Eve. Then we all got together and decorated the tree as a family. Man, was I excited to help my mom with the Christmas ball ornaments.

Well, and since we all turn out like our parents a bit, I now also start to get in Christmas mood early. I’ve been decorating for weeks now. That of course includes decorating and ornamenting. However, it is still a couple of days too early for a real Christmas tree. Therefore I have to work my way around that. That’s one reason why I am so excited about the awesome new Christmas decoration by RICE DK.

RICE Xmas 2016

I’m talking unique kitschy beautiful decor Christmas trees here! We’re offering two different styles of these great Christmas trees at our TakaTomo.de online store now: One is a “classic” artificial Christmas tree with beautiful tinsel-twigs. The other one is an extraordinary sparkling sequin Christmas tree.

On the one hand there’s the tinsel Christmas tree. It comes in trendy colors like silver, orange, neon pink and gold. The tinsel Christmas trees are extravagant and a real eye-catcher in every room. You can put them in a flowerpot and place them between your plants to cheer the room up with a little bit of color. Due to their size the Christmas trees are also a clever substitute for a real Christmas tree, if you’re living in a very small apartment. Also you can use them as a “second tree” around the house. In addition they’re perfect to decorate the office. Your colleagues will love it and therefore might even put a little Christmas gift for you under the tree. So that’s the way to do it!

RICE Xmas 2016

On the other hand there’s the shiny sequin Christmas tree Of course this tree is an equally beautiful and extraordinary decoration item. This cheerful Christmas tree is available in our online shop in three different sizes and in many hip colors such as green, red, silver or gold.

Due to their size the Christmas trees are very convenient. Hence you can place the sequin Christmas trees all around the house. For example the small saplings look awesome as decoration on the dinner table. Your guests will fall in love immediately. No matter how you will be setting up your Christmas decoration, with the fun artificial Christmas trees by RICE DK, you will always have a top-of-the-line decoration item and a real eye-catcher. Furthermore it’s a decoration you will also enjoy next year and the year after that. I mean glitter and bling bling will never go out of fashion on Christmas, right? It’s quite the contrary, Christmas is all about the glitter. So I have no more to say, but Merry Christmas.


By the way: To all the bargain hunters out there, we put the RICE X-mas trees on sale now. So grab one as long as they’re still in stock. And if you’re done decorating for this year, don’t forget that another Christmas is coming!

The new RICE collection now available at TakaTomo.de

The new RICE collection now available at TakaTomo.de!

Yay, the new RICE spring/summer 2017 collection is here and it’s very colorful and cheerful just as usual!

RICE Denmark Spring Summer 2017

Well, sometimes it’s not easy to be present 100%. Living in the moment and enjoying the day can become a difficult task in our busy everyday life. However the here and now is so important! Because yesterday was yesterday and tomorrow will be tomorrow, but today, today is important! Today is a wonderful day and today is the moment to be. The team of RICE agree with that and quite simply named their spring/summer collection 2017 “Today is Fun”. Thus this collection is filled with products that’ll make today fun. It’s all about these everyday magical moments.

We would love to give you a little insight today of what to expect from the new RICE SS17 collection:

First of all there’s the awesome RICE melamine tableware: The new melamine tableware adds a little exotic feeling to your home. Here, RICE founder Charlotte got her inspiration from the movie “Out of Africa”. Wild animals, tropical fruits and plants and of course rich, expressive colors are emphasized in the designs. But colorful dots and blots have also taken a shine on Charlotte. She loves the idea of connecting all the dots to create something new. Lovely.

Choose from the tableware series “Tutti Frutti”, “Tropical”, “Gingko & Flower Print”, “Butterfly & Flower Print” as well as “Coral Dapper Dot Print” and the “Connect the dots Print”. Enjoy all the bright colors of the melamine dishes and bring a little tropical feeling into your home.

RICE Denmark Spring Summer 2017

Furthermore you’ll find the cutest melamine dishes for kids: The little ones will also be delighted by the new RICE melamine tableware. The convenient RICE children’s tableware is especially designed to meet the needs of the little ones. Cups with a handle, menu plates with separate pits and practical lunchboxes are now available in our online store. The cheerful design consists of wild animals and circus motifs and it’ll turn every meal into a great adventure.

Another great part of the new RICE collection is the practical household helpers: That annoying housework will finally become a fun event with the colorful accessories of the new RICE collection. Whether it’s cooking spoons, spatulas, cake servers, pasta spoons, storage boxes, kitchen aprons or oven mittens, we got them all. The colorful kitchen accessories in different designs will definitely inspire you! We also offer great shopping bags for kids, toy baskets, hamam bath towels and pretty glasses with golden dots. RICE accessories will spread a good mood in each and every room of your house!

Last, but not least, there’s the magic moments – little accessories that’ll make the day more fun: Often it’s the little things that make us happy the most. They must not be missed in everyday life! Therefore you will find numerous cute little things and accessories that’ll make life more beautiful in the new RICE collection. Thus, we offer soap bubbles, pineapple LED lamps, pineapple candles, string lights, colorful garlands and many more in our TakaTomo.de RICE range. Feel enchanted by the colorful little things that will create magical moments in your everyday life.

RICE Denmark Spring Summer 2017

So, the new RICE spring/summer 2017 collection is very colorful and cheerful. Also, it inspires us to enjoy every single minute of the day and to have fun. “Today is Fun”, that’s easy – our little team at TakaTomo.de definitely got it!

New: Toy storage bags by Play & Go

New brand at TakaTomo.de – Toy storage bags by Play & Go

We just wanted to tell you how very excited we are about the new Belgian brand Play & Go in our TakaTomo.de online store! Play & Go is a creative company that has made it their job to create smart products for young and old that not only look great, but also are sturdy and durable. Their very first product was a worldwide success right away proving that Play & Go offer high-quality products with a design that makes everybody happy.

We’re talking about the unique Play & Go toy storage bags here. The useful toy sack is the perfect storage place for toys, building blocks and the like and there should be one in every kid’s room. It’s the easiest thing to keep all toys in one of the decorative toy sacks. At the same time the sack’s cheerful designs stimulate kids to play and even cleaning up afterwards will be lots of fun with the robust toy storage sacks. Just place all toys inside the bag, pull the cord and you’re done. This also makes it easy to transport the toys which turns the Play & Go toy storage bag into a faithful companion while on the road, at the beach, in the kindergarden or when visiting grandma and grandpa.

And you know what’s the best thing about the toy storage bags? Once you’ve unpacked the toys, the toy bag easily can be converted into a comfortable play mat. That way your child can take everything he needs with him and also has a little place he can withdraw and enjoy some playing time all by himself.

The convenient toy storage bags are made of durable cotton fabric and you’ll find them in our TakaTomo.de online shop in many different designs and colors. Whether you choose a unicolored sack or one printed with colorful patterns and designs doesn’t really matter, all of the Play & Go designs are cheerful and fun and they will instantly put a smile on your face.

Go for it and grab an insanely great Play & Go toy storage bag and the chaos in the kid’s room will finally come to an end. All annoying fights when it comes to cleaning up toys will be over because cleaning up the room will turn into good fun from now on.

We are really excited about the Play & Go toy storage bags by all means and we wonder why we didn’t find them earlier because the idea is just fantastic. By the way the cheerful storage bags are also great gifts for friends and relatives, and not only for those with kids, but also for those without! You can store all kinds of things inside the storage bags, not only toys. Enjoy the Play & Go storage sack by putting clothes, books, beach stuff and the like inside. Everything will fit in there perfectly.

And you know what? If I am not completely wrong, I think I have recently watched Santa Claus in our store, being all interested in the cool toy storage bag. Who knows, maybe soon there won’t be a Santa sack anymore because Santa will store all the presents in our colorful Play & Go toy storage sack. The team of TakaTomo.de would absolutely love that.

Cool Djeco bed linen

Slowly but surely it is getting uncomfortable outside and we can no longer deny that fall is coming. And while we are still trying to keep ourselves warm by thinking of nice, warm evenings during our summer vacation, it is getting colder and colder outside. That’s not nice, is it? But what to do to avoid getting a bad mood in this icky weather? Exactly, pick a cozy place like your bed, take a hot cup of tea and a couple of delicious treats with you and just don’t get out of there for the rest of the day. Staying in bed is just one of the most wonderful things, right? You can kick back with a good book, maybe watch an episode of your favorite series, take a little nap, or just have a little cuddle time with your loved ones. Just pull up the warm blanket and you’re ready.

But wait, do you know what will make a beautiful relax afternoon in bed even better? Exactly, it’s all about the right bedding. In our Takatomo.de online store you can now find brand new beautiful and trendy reversible two-print bed linen by Djeco in many beautiful designs. The two-print bed linens are all made from 100% pure cotton and they’re soft and cuddly. With their size of 150x200cm / 50x80cm they are a real eye-catcher in both, the kid’s room, and in the parents’ bedroom. You can choose from five different designs, and believe me, it’ll be really hard to choose one of them because the designs with the cheerful names like Orient, Romantic, Checks, Graphic and Flowers are all uniquely beautiful and really special. Each side of each reversible bed linen has its own style and you won’t be able to decide which side you prefer to be on top. Just go ahead and keep turning the duvet so you can enjoy both. The great thing is that both sides perfectly harmonize with each other and you will actually love both sides best.

So you can get a more accurate idea of the different reversible bed linens, we would now like to introduce them to you really quickly. But remember, you will definitely be spoilt for choice:

Orient: The reversible bed linen „Orient“ by Djeco looks fascinating. One side is studded with dark petrol colored blossoms and red dots, the other side shows red blossoms lying on a petrol background. So awesome!

Checks: The Djeco two-print bed linen „Checks“ looks stunning showing a symmetric graphic pattern of brown, yellow, blue and gray triangles on one side and a soft pattern in brown and yellow on the other side. Restrained and yet expressive.

Romantic: The name just says it all. The bed linen „Romantic“ is full of pretty light pink rose blossoms on one side and the other side shows scarlet blossoms lying in between hundreds of soft pink rose petals.

Graphic: Everyone who likes crazy graphic patterns, will love the Djeco bed linen „Graphic“. One side is decorated with bright red and turquoise flower tendrils, the other side shows a pretty graphic pattern in the colors red and turquoise.

Flowers: Last but not least, you will also find the beautiful Djeco „Flowers“ two-print bedding in our online-shop. The gorgeous bed linen shows a delicate pattern of soft green blossoms and soft pink leaves on one side and soft green tendrils with pink blossoms on the other side. Absolutely adorable!

With this selection of wonderful two-print beddings by Djeco a relaxing afternoon in bed is guaranteed. We wish you a nice little break in your favorite cozy place.

Fabulous wardrobes / clothes hooks by Djeco and Jabadabado

Well, it’s about time to finally get the kid’s room organized. Huh, did I miss something? Is it spring-cleaning season again? But isn’t it just the beginning of fall?! Actually it doesn’t really matter because we just have to put an end to the big chaos in the kid’s room. What’s especially annoying is all the clothes being thrown right on the floor when the little rascals are back from playing outside because that makes the room look like a battlefield. But that will definitely be over soon with the great new coat racks and coat hooks by Djeco and Jabadabado. The new coat racks are just beautiful and you can now find them in our online-shop. Besides the incredible range of games and toys for kids, Djeco also has a decoration category which includes, among others, beautiful home accessories.

Among different accessories you will also find the fabulous coat racks and coat hangers, which we would like to show you today. The convenient Djeco coat racks are made of solid MDF and they are a real eye-catcher in every child’s room. You will find the cheerful coat racks in beautiful designs such as in the shape of a castle, a bird, a bus and a rabbit. Whether little girls or little boys, everyone will find the right coat rack here. The beautiful, unique design is trendy, but it’s also suitable for children and it encourages the children in a playful way to neatly hang their jackets, instead of just throwing them on the floor. Great stuff! For those who prefer a more neutral way to hang coats, we would recommend the products by Jabadabado because they now offer the cutest star shaped coat hooks. We absolutely love stars and therefore we are especially excited to be able to offer you the cool wooden coat hooks in the colors green, gray and pink. And do you know who else is excited? Emil. Emil thinks the new Djeco coat racks are super awesome and all the sudden he just loves to hang all the jackets on the rack. And by all jackets I mean all jackets! In his elementary school there are also coat racks in the hallway, but those aren’t nearly as cool as the ones by Djeco or Jabadabado and that’s what he proudly keeps telling his buddies. And now the kids are all excited to also get a new coat rack in their room. Our little junior boss is already one heck of a businessman, isn’t he? No, but seriously, the Djeco coat racks and the coat hooks by Jabadabado are just the coolest accessories and they a real eye-catcher in every children’s room. Plus the coat racks also make great gifts for a kid’s birthday party, but also as a birth gift or at a baptism. Coat racks and coat hangers really make an extravagant and creative gift next to all the romper suits and stuffed animals. The presentee will definitely love this useful present.

Fun games and lots of new playing ideas by Djeco

In the summer the little ones usually spend the whole day outside getting some fresh air, but once the weather will change – and we can be sure that fall is on its way, playing will probably be moved inside the house more. Therefore we’re super excited to introduce to you the great new games and playing ideas by Djeco. Our French friends of Djeco have been creating kids’ games and toys that are beautiful, intelligent and educational for decades now. We absolutely love the educational toys and the great creative offer by Djeco because those awesome toys not only have a pretty design, the development and production also takes up lots of time. The games and toys don’t come in the stores until they’re perfect to support kids’ development in the best way. Our own house is full of great games by Djeco and we would love to know your kids are also enjoying the cool games and playing ideas. You can now find a brand new variety of games and playing ideas by Djeco in our online store which we would like to present to you today:

The wide range of Djeco games including coloring and painting is particularly popular. Besides painting utensils such as colored pencils, metallic pencils, gouache watercolors and magic felt-tips, that can paint in two different colors using a white magic pen to help, there are also lots of adorable coloring games. Some of those are, for example, the classic coloring cards such as the Mini-Grafic Floral Coloring Pictures, or Art By Numbers with Pirates or Under The Sea, but also rocking figures that can be colored named Wibbly-Wobbly Colouring or the cool Djeco’s Felt Brushes Motif Art Animals which is a mix of drawing and coloring. A special painting experience is the Silk Painting: Sparrows, where pretty images can be colored on a silk necktie, and also Painting With Marbles. Here you put the animal shapes in a box and add the marbles daubed with large drops of paint. Then close the lid and shake the box vigorously. The colors will spread in all different ways and it’ll be a great surprise to see how the pictures turned out. Djeco is known to come up with games and playing ideas with an educational learning effect, often even in different areas of the child’s development. Just like in the Marble-Coloring-Game, lots of the Djeco games not only stimulate the creativity and the imagination, but they also train the motor skills, the dexterity and also patience. You will find lots of Djeco games of this kind in our online-store. One example would be the Djeco Foil Pictures: fireflies. The child can uncover whole areas in the picture with a special tool and then apply a shiny metal foil paper to those areas to make the picture sparkle and glisten. Another tricky game that trains the kids motor skill is the Djeco Finger Paint. Finger Prints Animals. The kids can easily fill in the backgrounds of the pretty pictures with finger prints. Just wet your fingers, stick them in finger paint and you’re ready to go. The game Djeco Waxed Threads: Filomene and her friends is just as creative. Here pretty 3D artwork with a great texture can be created easily by using waxed threads that stick to the paper.

Djeco also offers playing ideas and games that particularly focus on children’s motor skills and dexterity. Plasticine (find a set of 4 pots in our online-store) for instance is very popular. The plasticine can be cut out with the matching 8-piece-cutter-set. A great and creative game that kids can play together with their parents. The eight cutters are also suitable as cookie cutters for a nice little baking afternoon with grandma. After all christmas is just around the corner. Another beautiful game that trains the little hands, but also the child’s patience are the Djeco Pompoms Tassels and the Pompoms Birds. A fun little tool will help the little ones to easily create adorable pompons that can be turned into cute birds and decorative tassels. Dexterity is also needed in the Tap Tap Game with professions. Once the children have combined the right workwear, they can nail it on a cork board with a little hammer and small nails. The Djeco Moving Pictures: Hello Animals! is also great for training motor skills because pieces have to be fastened together to create nice pictures of animals. For children who might not enjoy handicraft, but rather prefer role playing games with their friends, Djeco also has a great variety of games. Thus you can find many great accessories for an creative and imaginative play in our online-store now. Luigi’s Pizza Place, the Fox’s Tea Party, the Cash Register, the Chez William Restaurant, Jojo’s Picnic Set, the Aperitif Tray, the Pastel Cooker and many more are great accessories for fun and creative role playing games and for reenacting everyday situations.

Djeco offers great games and toys for all kids and therefore you will also find nice toys and playing options for toddlers. The little ones will definitely enjoy Djeco’s cute poll-along toys such as the adorable dog Woofydog, the frogs Pistache and Croafroggy, and the cheeky bunny Bunny Boum, the fun wooden puzzle Rigolo N’Co, the Mini Home dollhouse including a whole family of bears and a nice learning puzzle game called Kikou Plok. Once the children have decided on their favorite Djeco game, they can back out a little and find a cozy place to play in the beautiful and colorful Djeco play tent. Here they can be creative and enjoy playing. They will definitely have enough playing options thanks to the great offer by Djeco. Just look around in our online store a bit, besides all mentioned games and toys you will also find a huge assortment of other beautiful Djeco toys and games such as puzzles, magnetic games, a marble run game, cool kids tattoos, memory games, children’s instruments, play figures and so on.

New cheerful Krasilnikoff tableware

The new fall/winter collection 2016 by Krasilnikoff is here and our TakaTomo team is just delighted. The great products by Krasilnikoff have been our favorites for a long time and therefore we can’t wait to see more of the new adorable design made in Denmark. Krasilnikoff stand for great products creating a personal and unique atmosphere and we think they have definitely struck home here with the new products of the new collection. With each new collection, the design team by Krasilnikoff comes up with something beautiful and sets new design accents. This fall/winter collection comes along all cheerfully because in addition to the well-tried designs, such as stars and dots, the new Krasilnikoff collection also includes a new floral pattern and a pretty diagonal pattern. The new offer of tableware is very versatile and just as in all previous Krasilnikoff Collections you can also combine all pieces of tableware according to the principle of mixing & matching. The sky is the limit here, so combine the dishes the way you like them best. In our online store you will find dinner plates with the diameter of 26.5 cm, and dessert plates with a diameter of 20.5 cm. All “Happy Plates” are made of porcelain, are dishwasher safe and microwave safe. The plates come in different colors such as taupe, gray, pink and many more, and in the designs stars, dots, apples or diagonal pattern.The Happy Mug collection has also grown with enchanting new products. In addition to new porcelain drinking cups in a stars-, dots-, little flowers-, or diagonal design and in many beautiful colors such as red, blue and gray, there is also a great selection of new Happy Mugs with beautiful statements printed on them available in our online-store. What could be better than starting out the day with a motivational statement and some kind words? The Happy Mugs are also perfect as a nice gift for your best friend, for mom and dad, or even for your favorite aunt. Wish your loved ones a beautiful day with statements like “Bonjour“, “Super Friend“, “La Vie est Belle” and many more. The beautiful Happy Mugs are special gifts for very special people. And so you can fill the Happy Mugs with delicious drinks, we recommend the ravishing Krasilnikoff porcelain jars and teapots with a lid. The jars are a real eye-catcher on every breakfast table and can be perfectly combined with the gorgeous Happy Mugs, Happy Plates and other Krasilnikoff tableware. Just look around in our online store and bring a personal touch and a lot of uniqueness to your dining table with the new Krasilnikoff products. Of course, we also carry many other Krasilnikoff products not mentioned in this post, such as household textiles, travelling mugs, pillows, scarves and many more. Krasilnikoff is just a warrantor for beautiful products in a beautiful design.

Pretty bathroom with fun accessories from TakaTomo.de

Today we’d like to talk to you about one room in the house that usually isn’t the coziest and that is the bathroom. We need to have one and of course we are happy that we actually do have a bathroom, but it’s just not our favorite place in the house. Cold floor tiles in dull colors, a plain shelf, a shower, a toilet and a boring towel rack that’s how we usually know bathrooms. Therefore it sure isn’t very surprising that people don’t want to spend more time in there than necessary. But that can definitely change because with just a few cheerful accessories you can add color to your bathroom and fix it up nicely, so it becomes a real joy to stay there. And that’s the reason why we would like to introduce a few extravagant bathroom accessories to you that will turn your bathroom into a real favorite place. One annoying subject in each bathroom is always the slippery bar of soap. If you’re not careful enough, the wet soap will slide off the sink and land right on the ground. What a mess. But you’re lucky because now you can put a cool minder into your bathroom who will provide a safe place for the soap and who is a real eye-catcher at the same time. We are talking about the enchanting swan soap dish by RICE DK. The fancy soap dishes are made of high quality plastic and you’ll find them in the colors blue and coral in our online shop. There is definitely no better place than a swan’s back to place a bar of soap by the sink. Wonderful! However for those who don’t really like bar soaps: you can of course also choose liquid soap because we also offer a great storage container for liquid soaps, that is the fun poodle soap dispenser in two colors, pastel green and pink by RICE DK. The refillable ceramic dispensers are super convenient and due to their cheerful design they will put you in a great mood right in the morning. Don’t you already like your bathroom more just by thinking of the poodles? Well, and to keep up the good mood, you will find another pretty poodle bathroom accessory in our shop: the fantastic poodle toothbrush holder available in pastel green and pink. The poodles will be very happy to hand you your toothbrush and they will make sure you start out your day with a bright smile. For all other cosmetic products that usually lie around the bathroom leaving it all messy we recommend the following special friends: say hello to the motley bath storages by 3 Sprouts. The cheeky bath storages are shaped like cute animals, for example like a shark, a fox, a polar bear, an owl or a walrus. They are made of mildew resistant material used for wetsuits and they can be easily attached to surfaces such as glass or tiles using a slip-proof suction cup. That’s why they’re perfect for bathrooms and also because they offer plenty of space for all kinds of cosmetics and toiletries. Another way to easily store bathroom utensils are the joyous organizers by Lässig and by byGraziela. Originally meant to be used as car organizers, the organizers are also great to store all of your bath stuff in the bathroom. Here you can choose from lots of great colors and designs.

For those of you who prefer more subtle colors, you will probably find the right storage basket for you in one of the Handed By products because the Dutch company offers countless storage baskets and boxes for your bathroom available in many beautiful colors, offering plenty of space for cosmetics and other bathroom utensils. Just look around in our online store a bit and besides the storage baskets you will also find great laundry baskets by brands like RICE DK, Overbeck & Friends, 3 Sprouts and of course Handed By. You will find laundry baskets in lots of different colors, shapes and designs, starting from crazy and motley laundry baskets to plain and unobtrusive ones. A nice laundry basket is always a real eye-catcher in the bathroom and the annoying dirty laundry finally will disappear from your sight. Speaking of dirty laundry, once you have stripped it off, you usually go straight into the bath tub or in the shower and here we also have a nice little bathroom accessory for you, namely the cute little cloud sponge by RICE. These adorable blue or white cloud shaped sponges will make bathing and showering a lot more fun for everyone. And once you’re all clean the cute RICE sponges can be easily hung on the cord to dry. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to make a cheerful and colorful place you like to spend time in out of the cold, tiled room we call bathroom. Have fun in the shower and don’t sing too loudly, so the neighbors won’t complain.

New HickUps sock friends at TakaTomo.de

Hickups SockenaffenAlmost everybody should know by now that we are besotted with the colorful sock animals by HickUps. And now we are stoked again because the HickUps family has grown. In addition to the happy sock monkeys, sock elephants, sock piggies and other colorful stuffed sock animals that have really become a classic in our store, you will now also find the incredibly cute sock lions with their wild shaggy mane, lots of new sock monkeys in cheerful new color combinations and different sizes and last but not least the adorable jellyfish rattles. Like all sock animals in our product line the new HickUps sock friends are really great companions and they all can become your kid’s first best friend. The HickUps sock animals are all very colorful and nicely soft and they are looking forward to experience cool everyday adventures with your kiddies. The right stuffed animal is particularly important for the little ones because the toy is always there for the kids, it cuddles with them, laughs with them and comforts them when it just wasn’t their day. As a special highlight for the little ones we now offer the fun HickUps jellyfish rattles in our online store. These special sock animals are a rattle, a play item and a stuffed animal all at the same time. While the baby can train its tactile sense and its motor skills by grasping for the tentacles of the jellyfish rattle, it can also hold on to the soft sock jellyfish tightly and can have a little cuddle time when mommy and daddy are not available. Of course, the jellyfish can also be shaken firmly so the baby can listen to the soothing sound of the integrated rattle. The baby will instantly feel at home and will be able to slowly fall asleep with a dear friend by its side. What a relaxing nap this will be.

The jellyfish rattle and also all other sock animals are a great way to make the little ones feel safe and keep them occupied for a while. The cheerful HickUps sock animals are all handmade crafted from (new) cotton socks, they are stuffed with a soft polyester filling and can be machine washed at 30° celsius.

The sock friends are fun and liven the place up. Therefore they are truly the best roommates that you can imagine. Just choose the crazy HickUps sock animal that suits you best, we are sure, you will fall in love with it just like we did.

Great wooden toys by Small Foot Design

Small Foot Design is the colorful private brand by the toy manufacturer Legler from Delmenhorst. For many years now Small Foot Design have been specializing on high quality wooden toys for children of all ages. The company acts according to their guideline “children are most valuable in the world” and therefore they want to offer children toys that the little ones enjoy, that make them want to start playing right away and that also train their motor skills, as well as their creativity, imagination, concentration and other skills. In addition, Small Foot Design places great emphasis on sustainable production.
Therefore the focus is, next to the child itself, definitely on environmental protection. Our TakaTomo.de team loves the Small Foot Design products and therefore we’re very excited to introduce to you to the new Small Foot Design products in our store. Look forward to charming and educational wooden toys for your little ones:
Rabbit hutch: The beautiful rabbit hutch teaches your kids easily how to take on responsibility. Just like in real life, the little ones can take care of the cute bunny, they can brush it, feed it and supply it with water. The nicely designed wooden accessories provide lots of great options for a nice play.
Red Indian play set: with these cool wooden accessories the little chiefs can experience many exciting Indian adventures. A stake, a teepee, a horse … there’s all kinds of equipment for a creative and imaginative play in the prairie.
Sweeties box: Your mouth will definitely start watering with this sweeties box. The box contains everything that is needed for a fun tea time by the little gourmets. Hook and loop fasteners for cutting the sweets into pieces with a wooden knife or magnets to stick fruit together increase the playing fun even more.
Wooden building blocks zoo: The 50 massive wooden blocks can be held easily and the kids can create their own fantastic zoo landscape. Elephant, Giraffe and Panda and all the other zoo animals that are printed on the blocks are happy to spend a nice day with the little ones.
Workbench Deluxe: Here the small craftsmen can train their motor skills and their dexterity. The multi-functional work bench gives the kids the opportunity to drill, screw, hammer and saw. The wooden tools are manageable and they can be used in many ways. A fun way of playing for all do-it-yourselfers.
Wooden toy blocks „Construction“: The 150 motley wooden blocks offer the opportunity to build and construct to your heart’s content. The wooden blocks can be turned into high buildings, air planes and boats, they stimulate the kids’ imagination and they train their creativity and patience. At the same time of course their motor skills can be targeted. We highly recommend the colorful wooden toys by Small Foot Design because they are educational and can be used to support the development of your children, also they are beautifully designed and sustainable. The perfect combination for perfect children’s toys. In addition to all of our new Small Foot Design products you can also find lots of valuable Small Foot Design treasures of the older collections such as mobiles and swinging animals for the youngest, cheerful pull-along animals, nostalgic „wickerwork“ prams, a kitchen in a case, children’s profi workbench and tool belt, coiffeur suitcase and more.
Your little ones will be delighted because Small Foot Design makes playing and learning a lot more fun.

Useful Minene muslin cloths

A newborn baby can actually turn an adult’s world upside down. Since Emil is such a big boy already, I had actually almost forgotten most of it, but when I recently visited a friend who just had a baby for the first time, I could recall everything immediately. There were tons of things you had to remember to do and to buy in advance. Total madness. The right stroller had to be bought, a baby-bed, a changing table, romper suits, pacifiers, a bottle warmer and so on and so forth. Since there are so many things to think about, it’s not very surprising that some things are just totally forgotten about.

My friend for example forgot about one little thing, somehow nobody had remembered to buy it, even though it’s so important and such an all-rounder in every household with a newborn. Well, and now the little quiz can begin.

What could that be? What is she talking about? It’s funny because nobody would think of it right away, but young parents swear by it. Any ideas? I’m talking about muslin cloths! You guys, let me tell you, muslin cloths are essential, but people usually aren’t aware of that before the baby is born. At least I wasn’t. I think I didn’t even know what those pieces of cloth were meant for before Emil was born, but then I didn’t want to give them up whatsoever. I can just repeat it again and again: all parents to a newborn need muslin cloths. Definitely. Lots of them! Scrim cloths are real generalists and very useful. On the one hand they can of course be used in the classic way as a burp cloth by simply putting it on your shoulder while the infant is burping, or by putting it around the kid while breastfeeding. Furthermore, the soft cotton cloths can be also used as a security blanket, if there’s no stuffed animal around. Muslin cloths also do a great job when used while changing diapers. In previous times scrims were used as regular diapers (you can of course still do that now) and nowadays you can use them as a changing pad while on the road. The cotton cloths will help you create a homelike surrounding for the infant, even in uncomfortable places. The soft scrims are even helpful, when it’s hot outside and the sun is shining too much because they are perfect as sunscreen for the stroller, the baby car seat and even for the crib when the baby is taking a nap outside on the porch or the balcony.

Minene muslin cloth

Of course there are dozens of other ways to use muslin cloths such as covering your child while sleeping, swaddling the infant and so on. You get the idea.

As I said, those muslin cloths are real all-rounders. In our online shop you will find a huge range of beautifully designed muslin cloths in different colors and sizes, with different designs and styles. The times of boring whitish gray cotton cloths are over. We offer numerous cheerful muslin cloths by brands like RICE, Lässig, Sebra, Done by Deer or Spiegelburg. Besides all scrim cloths of the older collections there are now awesome brand new extra large muslin cloths by Minene available at our online shop.

Minene muslin cloths

The supersize scrim cloths are made of 100% soft cotton. The fabric naturally adapts to the child’s body temperature and therefore feels absolutely comfortable and natural on the skin. The 95x110cm large all-rounders are, as mentioned before, multipurpose. And of course the pretty cloths also look great. Choose from four beautiful designs such as the colorful cars, blue circles, pink eggs and red waves. All XL scrims by Minene can be machine washed at 30°C (the fabric gets softer with every wash) and when not in use can be easily stored in the included fabric envelope. Great! Another great hint from us: Lots of brand new parents have other things on their minds, but certainly not muslin cloths. Therefore the beautiful cotton cloths from TakaTomo.de also make a great gift for the birth of the new arrivals.

Trendy Loud & Proud children’s shoes and boots

Of course it’s our little rascals’ favorite thing to run around barefoot or in sandals or light sneakers all day, but however we will slowly but surely have to start saying goodbye to the warm summer weather and say hello to the fall. Because yes, fall ist just around the corner waiting for its turn with his cool temperatures, the whistling wind and grey rainy days. But in order for kids to keep enjoying outdoors and the beautiful nature, weatherproof clothing and suitable footwear are essential.

loud and proud boots

The shoes should be robust, yet comfortable and of course they should look great if possible. And TakaTomo.de wouldn’t be TakaTomo.de if we didn’t have the perfect products ready for you just now. Exactly, and that’s why we would like to show you the cool new boots and children’s shoes by Loud & Proud, that have newly arrived in our online store and in our shop. The boots in the modern Chelsea boots design are made of soft leather and have a sole made of natural rubber. You can choose from the beautiful colors green, dark red, blue and dark blue, all of them with a rubber insert in contrasting colors, that can be combined with all kinds of different colored clothes and looks. The boots are really trendy, but also convenient, because they keep your kid’s feet warm on a chilly day with their wool flannel lining and they can also be easily put on and off by using the zipper on the side of the boot. Convenience also applies to the other type of Loud & Proud children’s shoes with the useful velcro fastener. This comfortable, wool flannel lined footwear is made from vegetable tanned leather and has a rubber sole. Here you can also choose from the colors green, dark red, blue and dark blue, which are colors that go together with all kinds of clothes and styles. Both, shoes and boots are made in Portugal and they are a real eye-catcher. With this great footwear by Loud & Proud we’re definitely ready for fall.

loud and proud shoes09

And here’s a little hint for you: Please have a look at our Sale section, you will find wonderful Loud & Proud sandals and casual Loud & Proud lace-up shoes in the desert boots look from last season. A dream come true for real bargain hunters!

Colorful Rexinter drawstring bags!

It is done! Our little Emil finally is a real student now and he is totally thrilled about this new phase of his life. He is excited to finally learn how to read, write and calculate and what else he is going to learn and experience in school. Going to school means lots of new impressions, new friends and of course numerous school subjects that will teach him plenty of new things. Physical education of course is also on his timetable and Emil is particularly excited about that. Exercise is fun and your health also benefits from it. Since the little ones have to sit on their butts half of the day it is absolutely necessary to get up and get moving from time to time. This is super important for the spine and the back muscles to being able to recover from sitting and simply to get in a different position. Strengthening the cardiovascular system, moving the muscles, stretching the body and so on, all that is crucial to stay healthy. Emil is looking forward to trying out many different sports in class and to playing fun sports games with his new classmates. That is lots of fun, it’ll teach the kids what team spirit means and they can playfully train their bodies at the same time. Besides the obligatory bottle of water they can drink afterwards, the kids are supposed to bring suitable training clothes with them, such as a loose t-shirt and sports pants and a pair of comfortable sports shoes. And where to pack the clothes then? That’s right, in a functional and useful cinch sack. You can now find the brand new cheerful drawstring cinch bags by Rexinter in our online store TakaTomo.de, offering your kids plenty of space to easily store all of their sports gear. The cool gym bags are made of a 100% cotton and have a helpful drawstring at the top. The 19cm long and 34cm wide Rexinter pe bag can therefore be easily transported on one’s back just like a backpack. Your kids will definitely love the awesome sports bags because they are convenient and the child-oriented design is just mind-blowing. The kids can choose from four different designs: A majestic lion, a cute elephant, Rusty the curious fox, or the lovely Little Red Riding Hood from the fairy tale of the same title, all of them will take care of our little athletes while they’re having fun in the gym. And here’s another great note to the parents: The Rexinter cinch gym bags can be washed in the washing machine at 40° C, so if it happens to get a little dirty on the sports ground, that shouldn’t be a big deal.

Of course the fabulous Rexinter gym bags are not only suitable for physical education at school, but also for all other kinds of sport after school, at private sports clubs and so on. Further, the youngest can use them as a nice kindergarten bag offering enough space for a lunchbox, a drinking bottle and their favorite toy. Besides that, the gym bags make great backpack substitutes to transport all essentials for a short visit at a friend’s house, a sleepover or all kinds of excursions. Last but not least cinch bags are really trendy right now and so they can be used as a great fashion accessory, too. Even the older kids will love the stylish Rexinter bags. In addition to the great gym sacks by Rexinter you will also find all kinds of other cinch bags, gym bags and backpacks by various brands. Let’s get ready for a nice little sweat session!

Lots of new Petit Jour products at TakaTomo.de

The colorful products by Petit Jour are real classics at TakaTomo.de. The French company was founded in 1977 in the back room of a toy store. Originally they were importing and reselling toys, but little by little Petit Jour came up with their own collection of toys. Petit Jour are specialized on beautiful designs well-known from famous children’s books and tv-shows, such as The Little Prince, Elmer the elephant, Mimi the mouse, Peter Rabbit, Barbapapa and so on. The unique thing about these classic characters is that not only the little ones love them, but also the adults because they’re reminded of their own childhood and they can reminisce about good times with the protagonists of the Petit Jour products. We absolutely love Petit Jour and therefore we have stocked up our store with lots of new products. Come visit our online store and discover the colorful world of Petit Jour, consisting of countless useful and super cute products. Elmar the colorful patchwork elephant is the main character in a series of children’s books, in which he experiences lots of great adventures in which he usually has to face the fact of being different from the other elephants. But of course Elmer doesn’t just exist in the books, he can also be found on the numerous useful Petit Jour children’s products at our TakaTomo.de store, such as on nice melamine tableware for babies and toddlers, on cool flatware, on useful bibs and painting coats and on cheerful umbrellas. Elmer will definitely bring a little fun into your kids’ lives. In addition to the wonderful Elmer products you will also find super cute new products of the “Peter Rabbit” collection. Peter is a cheeky little bunny who curiously hobbles through his world. The nostalgic illustrations of the popular “Peter Rabbit” books were also used for the Petit Jour Design. Enjoy the beautiful designs with love the the detail on robust melamine tableware, on writing utensils cases, on softballs and suitcase sets. The charming design of the products will definitely make you feel at home in Peter Rabbits colorful world. Last, but not least the colorful Barbapapa products shouldn’t be left out when speaking of Petit Jour, since those are real classics. Almost everyone who now has his own children most likely remembers the colorful fantasy creatures that can change their body shape to help others. Products with the friendly characters printed on them can now be found in our online store, more precisely they can be found on colorful Barbapapa melamine tableware for children, on useful flatware and on a fun puzzle set for the little ones. Petit Jour makes children’s everyday life a lot more enjoyable with their enchanting products and parents also love the pretty items due to the heroes of their own childhood. Just look through all Petit Jour products at our TakaTomo.de store, besides all new products, you will also find lots of delightful Petit Jour products of older collections. Among others products in “The Little Prince” and “Mausi the little mouse” design will be waiting for you in our store.

Wonderful by byGraziela toys bags

Before school starts in a few days, Emil wanted to go and visit his grandparents one more time. We thought that was a great idea as spontaneous visits are usually lots of fun. Just pack a couple of essentials real quick and off we go. Well, don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched, that’s all that I have to say because little Emil had a different opinion on what essentials are. „And off we go“ – yeah right. He had to take games for the long trip in the car with him, then a ball, his current favorite book, board games, his stuffed animal, his security blanket, toy cars, a bulldozer… I could go on for hours telling you what else Emil wanted to take with him. He just needs all of his toys. End of story. Uhm, okay, yeah, got it. Although we were able to discuss him out of a couple of things and could remove them from the list, there were still umpteen toys that had to be taken with us no matter what. So the next question was: Where to put all of the toys? A storage option where you just throw the toys in would be great without having to really „pack“ the toys neatly. And then suddenly I thought of our new toy sacks by byGraziela. That would be the perfect storage option for Emil’s toys. Indeed that was a great idea because the colorful toy bags are just very, very useful and convenient. The toy sacks are the size 46x60cm and they are made of 100% unbleached cotton. The sacks offer ample space to store toys and when packed, they can be tightened easily with the functional drawcord. And there you go, you can then just grab the cotton bag, throw it over your shoulder and carry it to the car. But of course you can also use the great toy bags in the kid’s room, put them in the corner or hang them up somewhere. The characteristic byGraziela retro designs look stunning and they turn all cotton sacks into a decorative eye-catcher in every kid’s room. You can choose from beautiful designs such as a cool bus, an lovely elephant, a majestic lion, or an adorable doll.

I’m still thrilled about how quickly I had stowed all of Emil’s toys. So I guess cleaning up the room will now be a lot of fun, too, with the easy-to-use toy sacks by byGraziela. Just throw everything in there and you’re done. Even the youngest will love this! And of course you can also use the cheerful toy sacks by byGraziela otherwise, for example, to store an extra set of clothes and rain gear at the kindergarten, for dirty laundry, for building blocks, and whatever you might need the toy sack for.

Oh and another good thing is, the toy sack can be folded and stored easily in a space-saving place, when not in use. Alltogether it’s just a great piece! Emil was also pleased being able to take all the toys with him and he wouldn’t stop rummaging around in the cotton sack with Grandma and Grandpa all afternoon. His grandparents didn’t mind and therefore Kerstin and I had more time to relax and eat some delicious cake. What a great visit!

Just one little care instruction for the toy bag by byGraziela: Since the toy sacks are made of natural unbleached cotton, they shouldn’t be washed. However, they can be easily wiped with a sponge. Have fun with the great toy sacks.

Lunch break with Blafre

The summer holidays are coming to an end and soon our little rascals will have to return to school or kindergarten. And since they will be gone for a while throughout the day, parents usually wonder what snacks they could give their kids to take with them, to keep them energized for the day. Mostly they opt for a delicious sandwich with cheese, ham, or some kind of yummy spread, for juicy fruit and fresh vegetables. A snack like that includes all the essential nutrients and calories that deliver the little ones enough energy for the rest of the day. For the sandwich and the other snacks to remain fresh and not to get smashed together, you should grab a useful lunch box, in which all snacks can be transported safely and easily. And because a treat for the mouth should also be a treat for the eyes we’d love to present to you the brand new, extravagant lunch boxes by Blafre. The colorful lunch boxes by Blafre come in cheerful animal shapes such as owl and elephant, or shaped like a cool tractor. Furthermore Blafre offers rectangular lunch boxes with a pretty floral design on the lid. With these exceptional lunch boxes by Blafre your kids will definitely be the stars on any playground or schoolyard. However the containers not only are fabulous, they consist of separate compartments with ample space for a variety of snacks, they can be opened and closed easily, which is particularly important for the youngest, they are dishwasher safe and they’re also made of BPA and Phthalate-free plastic – all of these facts turn the colorful Blafre lunch boxes into perfect companions in children’s everyday lives.

In addition to a healthy snack, which should be part of a balanced diet, it is also very important to get enough to drink. Children often tend to forget to get enough fluid in in between playing, learning and exploring the world. But water simply is very important for the body and the brain to be able to function properly. Enough fluid provides enough energy for the day to be able to perform optimally, no matter what you are up to. Once children don’t eat or drink enough, they quickly get tired and irritable they might get headaches, and aren’t able to focus anymore. This shouldn’t happen and therefore you should always pack your kids a couple of nutritious snacks and a refreshing drink to take with them to school or kindergarten. You might want to choose for water here or for delicious unsweetened herbal teas. Sugar containing drinks should rather be avoided because they don’t quench the thirst, but make it even worse. For the transport of beverages, we recommend the cool new steel bottles by Blafre. The stable drinking bottles are available in two different sizes in our online store. The trendy bottles score with their simple and yet very stylish and genuine design. The highlight however is the colorful screw cap that provides that little special bit of color. Depending on the size of the bottle, you can choose from various bright colors here, such as yellow, purple, blue, red, green or gray, just tell your kids to choose their favorite color. Alright, now that the little ones are fully equipped with a great lunch box full of delicious snacks and a refreshing drink in a cool bottle, they are going to have enough energy for a great day. Feel free to check out our TakaTomo.de online shop, in addition to all mentioned lunch boxes and bottles we also offer a large number of other nice lunch boxes and bottles by Blafre, but also by Lässig, Skip Hop, RICE, Rexinter etc. We’re pretty sure, everyone will find her or his perfect lunch box and drinking bottle in our store.

New products by Lässig at TakaTomo.de

We have been offering the wonderful Lässig products for a long time and we have always gotten a positive feedback from our customers. The brand’s name, Lässig means something like cool and easy going, says it all. The friendly company always does a great job creating new beautiful and cool products that are also functional and sustainable. Therefore it’s not very surprising that we constantly get asked the same question: “When can we finally expect new Lässig products?” And today we finally have an answer: “The time is now!”. The new Lässig collection is all about the Lässig animals moving into our kids’ rooms. Yes, they do and their assignment is to help the little rascals to clean up and keep everything oraganized because a big part of the new items are various storage options. Pretty much everyone knows the problem in the kid’s room. It’s so messy that it reminds one of a tornado that swept through with all toys and clothes lying around the floor. But that will be over now because the square storage boxes, the rectangular toy boxes with a lid, as well as the useful toy baskets are so adorable that they will instantly make the little ones want to clean up and get all their toys, books and stuffed animals organized. And the cute printed animals such as bird, turtle, shark, fox, alligator, elephant or deer will encourage the little ones to have fun while cleaning up. The storage boxes are cute and spacious and they are also really convenient because they are made of washable polyester and they are foldable so they can be stowed away quickly when not in use. A cool design and functionality, that’s what we know and love about Lässig! For annoying dirty laundry that can usually be found under the bed or in the corner of the room Lässig have also come up with a great solution: a cheerful laundry basket. The handles of the laundry basket can be folded up quickly which turns them into a functional slot for all of your dirty pants, shirts, underwear and the like. The Lässig laundry baskets are also embellished with the cute animal friends and they are a real eye-catcher in any kid’s room or even in the bathroom. Another area in the house, that definitely benefits from being organized, is the changing table. Even if the kids are still too small to create a huge chaos themselves, most young parents certainly know the problem of diapers, baby wipes, powder and other sanitary products lying around everywhere and not being able to find them when needed. With the spacious nursery caddy this problem is going to be history very soon because the nice storage baskets with charming animal applications provide plenty of space for all the products that are needed while changing diapers. The functional handle of the baby nursery caddy will make it easy for you to take the basket with you or hang it on a hook next to the changing table. This way the caddy will have its own little place next to the changing table and you’ll have all needed items handy. Besides all mentioned storage options Lässig are also presenting beautiful children’s melamine tableware of their new collection, as well as colorful insulated lunch bags and lunch boxes for kids because, who cleans up a lot, needs to eat a lot, too, right? The lunch break will be a lot more fun with the Lässig tableware, the lunch boxes and bags, no matter whether you’re at home or on the road. You will now find robust melamine plates, cups with a handle, bowls and twin handle cups, as well as a suitable melamine „baby starter kit“, consisting of a menu dish, a handle cup, a bowl and flatware in our assortment. The beautiful Lässig kids’ melamine dishes are lightweight, durable and dishwasher safe, and they are just perfectly suitable for our little munchkins. And the Lässig animals fox, deer and turtle of course will join the little ones on their lunch break and encourage them to start eating independently. For lunch breaks outside your home, at the day care center, at school or on field trips, we recommend the cool Lässig lunch boxes. The colorful lunch boxes have one large compartment that is suitable for sandwiches and a removable tray with two subdivisions where you can put other snacks like fruit, veggies or nuts. That way the snacks won’t get smashed together and sure won’t start smelling and tasting like one of the other foods. The motley lunch boxes can be opened and closed easily, even small children’s hands will be able to open and close them without a problem. Plus the lunch boxes will definitely score with their child-friendly design. To make sure the lunchbox can be transported properly and perishable foods can be kept cool, we recommend the cute insulated lunch bags. With its spacious insulated compartment for the lunchbox, sandwiches and the like, a mesh pocket for water bottles, chocolate bars or flatware, and with its adjustable shoulder strap, the lunch bags by Lässig are the perfect companion for kindergarten, school and excursions. No one should have to go out and experience adventures on an empty stomach. The Lässig animals elephant, rhino, turtle and bird, who smile at us from the front of the bag definitely agree with that. Now it’s your turn. Get a little „Lässigkeit“ and Coolness in your kids everyday lives and make them happy with all the wonderful new Lässig products.

Trendy kiss print by RICE

Kissing is great, Kisses are important and we should all kiss more and give tons of kisses to our loved ones as often as possible. At least that’s our opintion. But we are definitely not alone with this opinion because we’ve been spotting kissing lips everywhere lately and that cute design seems to become a really trendy motif. You will discover various items with a kissing lips print everywhere you look. We love this because we are huge fans of kisses and we believe it is crucial to get reminded of the importance of kisses and love from time to time – even on a stressful day. Yep, and therefore we’re also huge fans of the wonderful RICE kiss print collection. For this purpose RICE have selected a number of everyday life items and have embellished them with cheeky pouts. That way your whole day can be filled with love. In our online shop we now offer many of the mentioned RICE kiss print products and we would enjoy to see you bring a little more love into your lives. Just look around a little and you will see that there’s the right item for everyone! Here are a few suggestions on how well you can integrate the great kissing lips print by RICE into your everyday life:
Firstly, there’s the fun kiss print wall sticker in two different colors and sizes. On the one hand you will be able to beautify your living space with them, on the other hand the great wall stickers are a nice opportunity to leave a big smooch for your loved ones on the wall. The wall stickers are a real eye-catcher and they can be removed again quickly in case you’d like to put them on another wall. Those wall stickers will definitely leave you wanting more. No problem with RICE DK because now you will be able to organize a real „kiss kiss party“ at home using the beautiful kiss print melamine tableware. The robust dessert plates, serving dishes, cups and bowls are all embellished with the fun kiss print and the matching paper napkins can also be found in our assortment. To make sure something tasty in the shape of kissing lips can be served on the tableware, we offer cool pastry cutters for „hanging cookies“ in the shape of kissing lips as well as convenient silicone molds to create delicious lip-shaped chocolates in. The silicone molds are also perfectly suitable for ice cubes. We’re pretty sure, all of your delicious kissing lips cookies and chocolates will be finished up in no time, but in case there’s still some left, you can store them in the beautiful isolated lunch bags or triangular paper bags by RICE. These storage bags are also embellished with kissing lips and therefore they provide a little bit of love „to go“. Speaking of „to go“, even if you’re on the road and away travelling, we have the right accessory with kiss print for you. The fancy raffia bags with a large kissing lips embroidery come in pink and a natural color and in two different sizes. They are great for shopping and offer you plenty of space to store your keys, wallet and the like. And for all the trendy tourists out there we offer beautiful toilet bags and cosmetic bags in the great kissing lips design. A little love while travelling doesn’t hurt anyone, right? All items in kiss design by RICE are also great gifts to show dear friends from time to time how much you appreciate them. And guess what the best way is to wrap those gifts? That’s right, you should wrap them in the adorable kissing lips wrapping paper and seal them with some kissing lips tape. Those items are a great way to wrap and decorate nice gifts. Plus, unwrapping will be a whole lot more fun. No matter which one of the kiss print products by RICE you choose from, each will bring a little love into your life and will remind you of how beautiful and important kisses are. Have a nice day and make sure to give your loved ones a big smooch today!

New casual Krasilnikoff scarves for summer

To be honest, the summer of 2016 is a real drama queen and before it has even started really, it’s going to be over soon. Therefore we should enjoy each and every beautiful sunny day that’s left and spend as much time as possible outside, getting some fresh air in. This of course also includes meeting up with your loved ones in the evening, sitting in a park enjoying a refreshing summery drink or having a nice dinner out on the porch. But watch out, as the sun will eventually go down, it might get a little chilly out, especially when sitting in one place and not moving too much. Here you should always make sure to take a light jacket, or a sweater with you, that will protect you from the cold on cool summer evenings. Perfect are also airy shawls and scarves, such as the beautiful light scarves by Krasilnikoff. You are now able to find many new designs of the popular summer scarves in our online store, that we’d like to show you today. The lovely Krasilnikoff scarves are made of 100% soft cotton and have the size 200x70cm. Their size makes the scarves really perfect for a cool summer evening because you can either put them around your neck, or also casually drape them around your shoulders. You will definitely stop freezing and start enjoying the rest of your beautiful summer evening outdoors. At the same time all scarves by Krasilnikoff are a real eye catcher and you can use them as a cute accessory to really spice up your outfit. You will find many beautiful and fashionable designs in our TakaTomo online shop which makes the colorful scarves a definite must-have in every wardrobe. Brand new in our range are the Krasilnikoff scarves in the following color combinations: grey with white stars, white with dark grey stars and white with light grey stars, as well as blue or grey scarves with an enchanting floral pattern. The scarves are definitely the greatest accessories that huddle against your neck and give your outfit the final touch. The delicate colors make it easy to combine the scarves with a variety of different clothes and create extravagant, modern looks. If you’re not convinced by the mentioned new color combinations, just take a look at the whole Krasilnikoff selection in our online shop, you will find more scarves of the older Krasilnikoff collections and thus a variety of other color combinations and designs. You can select from different designs like a pink scarf with grey hearts, a white scarf with grey birds, and a white scarf with a colorful diamond design. The charming star-print scarves can also be found in lots of different color combinations, including a taupe-colored scarf with dark grey stars, a red scarf with cream-colored stars, scarves in various shades of grey with stars in colors like mint, pink, or cream and many more. This great selection will definitely offer the perfect scarf for every stylish lady here. Just pick the Krasilnikoff scarf that suits you best and makes you happy because from now on it’ll be your permanent companion on cool summer evenings. That’s guaranteed!

New RICE storage baskets

I guess, we all know the problem. There are umpteen storage containers in the house, but toys, magazines and other knick-knacks are still lying around everywhere messing up the room. There seems to be only one solution: you definitely need more storage boxes and the like because hey, one can never have enough storage chests, right? Or have you ever heard someone complaining he didn’t have enough stuff for all of his storage baskets? You haven’t? See, neither have we. And that’s just one of the reasons we are so excited about the new storage baskets by RICE DK in our assortment. For years now, the colorful baskets, storage boxes and toy chests by RICE DK have been an important part of our collection and they sure are real favorites! People love RICE DK baskets because they are high quality and robust, they are produced in a fair way and moreover, they look beautiful. With each new collection the RICE DK design team comes up with something new and creates great baskets with that special something. That way you can easily store all of your paraphernalia in a decorative way, playfully organize your place and at the same time add a dash of color to all of your rooms. That’s so awesome!
According to the brand’s own 2016 fall / winter collection motto “Put the extra into the ordinary”, RICE excelled in creating real eye-catchers of ordinary baskets. We are really excited to offer the cool new baskets and chests in our online shop at TakaTomo.de. The colorful house toy baskets and the spacious raffia toy chests are already a real classic by RICE and now the RICE design team has just taken those raffia baskets as a model to create the wonderfully playful storage chest “flowers”. The name definitely says ist all because a colorful flower embroidery decorates the beautiful basket made of light natural raffia. The ornamental flower toy basket provides ample storage space and can be transported easily by using the leather strips, knobs and side handles. The raffia chest is foldable and available in two different sizes for little and for a little more odds and ends. Further, you will find the cool new rectangular baskets with useful leather handles on the side in our online store. The baskets have the size 32x23x16cm and they provide enough space for toys, books, knitting, socks and whatever else needs to be stored in order to tidy up the room. They are available in beautiful colors such as mint, fuchsia and natural color. You will also find the drawer-like baskets in the size 30x30x25cm which makes them fit perfectly in most standard shelves, such as the popular Expedit from IKEA. You can choose from baskets with a trendy crochet cover in natural color, pink, or green with leather handles and from robust baskets with solid carrying handles in a natural color, aqua, lavender and blue with different delicate floral embroidery. All baskets are made from raffia and are manufactured under fair conditions in Madagascar. Great!
A slightly different design and therefore the strong innovative character of RICE DK is shown in the brand new round and oval rope storage baskets.
These fashionable baskets by RICE also offer plenty of storage space for toys, magazines, knitting and the like. The rope baskets are available in our online store in the sizes large and medium and each one has two handles. In terms of color you can choose from lots of trendy color combinations such as pink/grey, coral/petroleum, grey/green or multicolor. There are also round rope baskets without handles available in the colors grey and coral. Those baskets can be used as a decorative trash bin or flower pot cover, but, just like all other RICE baskets also for all other items. No matter which color combination and which style you prefer, the selection of colorful RICE baskets and chests in our online shop is enormous and we are deeply in love with each and everyone of them. Come visit our online store and see for yourself that the decorative RICE baskets definitely belong in every household. We promise RICE DK baskets won’t make you become a „basket case“. 😉

New products by Kids Concept now available at TakaTomo.de

Kids Concept have been creating classy children’s furniture, beautiful home accessories and unique toys for almost ten years now.

The idea behind Kids Concept’s success is to work with a certain number of selected concepts, series and themes to give the customer the opportunity to combine products individually and to put together all accessories according to their own ideas. The pure, subtle colors and designs of Kids Concept products are co-ordinated so that they can be combined in different ways. Feel free to mix & match! Children’s furniture by Kids Concept for example is usually of a plain white or grey color, so it’s easy to combine them with accessories of all colors offered. Of course you can also use just one color-scheme and select accessories in various shades. The unique products by Kids Concept are so special, just by adding one or a few selected items of their interior design collection you can completely change the look of a room and beautify it in a short amount of time. The Kids Concept team also makes the effort to involve children’s ideas in their design process as often as possible. That way products can be created, that are designed according to the ideas and wishes of the little ones and which bring them lots of joy. But don’t worry, adults also enjoy Kids Concept products a lot! We are so proud to be able to offer Kids Concept products at TakaTomo.de and today we would like you to get to know the new products in our online store. The clothes hook rack star white and the useful grey kids’ wardrobe with hangers (hangers are available separately in our shop) by Kids Concept will make it easy for you to keep the kid’s room tidy and organized from now on. Both pieces of furniture offer enough space to hang coats, scarves, hats, bags and all other garments that otherwise would be flying around in the room. There’s also a great way to store small toys, wooden toy blocks and the like by putting them in the decorative Kids Concept cardboard box of the series Edvin. The beautiful cardboard boxes are just ideal for storing odds and ends. Even for jewelry you’ll find the right storage option in the assortment of Kids Concept. Just check out the beautiful jewelry boxes with cute designs such as deer or birds. Store your jewelry neatly and decorate the room at the same time. It’s amazing. And for the little ones you will now find the new adorable wooden pacifier box. The nice little box offers enough space for all pacifiers and the painted fox on the box will have an eye on them.

So once the kid’s room is all organized and neat, you’ll be able to arrange it a little more comfortable. To achieve a pleasant environment we recommend the comfortable Kids Concept carpets. Choose from nice and soft carpets with discreet dots in the colors pink or gray, from smooth green or black stripes, or from carpets with a cheerful diamond pattern in the colors mint or pink. All Kids Concept carpets look stunning in every kid’s room and they will turn any room into a much warmer and cozier place. By the way, a real eye-catcher sure is the large white carpet with fun animal footprints on it.

This extravagant carpet is definitely a great accessory, that you wouldn’t find very often. In addition to a nice carpet that warms your children’s feet and provides space to unfold and play, you should also think about optimal lighting conditions in the kid’s room. Again Kids Concept can find a remedy here with their beautiful assortment of lamps.

You can now find the brand new and magnificent white hanging lamps with printed forest animals in green or pink and the modern grey hanging lamp with trendy stars. Playing will definitely be twice as much fun in a room that is so much more cozy than before. And whenever it’s time for a break, the little ones can grab one of the snuggly and soft jacquard blankets with imprinted foxes and go relax a bit inside the beautiful grey play tent „stars“. A recovering break is valuable time to themselves and therefore important for the development of our kids.

It doesn’t really matter where in your home you put one of the beautiful Kids Concept products, they will all beautify your place, that’s guaranteed. The living accessories simply make life and living a lot more fun. We’d like to invite you to look around in our online store. At http://www.takatomo.de/de/marken/kids-concept you will find all the other Kids Concept products including those of the older collections, such as childrens’ instruments, wooden toys, other pieces of furniture, lamps, etc. Many of the above mentioned products are available in our shop in different colors and designs. Have fun looking around and combining the accessories.

Relaxed car rides with colorful Lässig car organizers

summertime is a great time to travel and most families with children are off on vacation that time of the year. There are numerous ways the reach your holiday destination. Some might travel by train or they book a flight in a southward direction. But however, a very popular way to travel is still to travel by car. There are no fixed departure times, breaks can be taken whenever needed and one is also a lot more independent and free at the holiday resort itself. Another advantage is that you don’t need to limit your luggage. This sure is an advantage… until you listen to your kids explaining what they consider an essential on vacation because then you might feel a little stressed out. Games, books, stuffed animals, stationery and crayons, beach toys, cd’s and video games, all those toys usually are more than necessary according to kids.

Plus half of those toys are needed during the ride, too, because the little ones of course need to have all their stuff with them to keep themselves occupied on the long trip. This usually results in a big mess inside the car. And the worst part is: the toys will be flying around, but your kid still won’t have access to them because the little tourist needs to stay buckled up in the car. This literally calls for our colorful car organizers by Lässig. The useful travel organizer will make your journey a lot more comfortable. The car-wrap-to-go by Lässig is well-arranged and consists of two pockets with zipper closure, two storage compartments for snacks and treats, a bottle holder for refreshing drinks, a clear window pocket for pictures, playing cards and the like, as well as a pocket with a flap that provides enough space for coloring pens and bits and pieces. The organizer is made of 100% polyester, and its measurements are 44x56cm. It can be easily attached to the back of the car seat, so that the kids have everything at hand during the ride. The colorful car wrap-to-go’s clearly are the perfect solution for a long ride in the car, and since the kids will have access to all of their toys, they will definitely be happy little travellers.

Not only the handling, but also the design are suitable for the little ones and tailored especially to the needs of children. Choose from many different color options and motifs, such as a crocodile, a shark, a deer, an elephant, a turtle, stars, mushrooms or others. Your kids will have lots of fun with the adorable animal friends and you will be able to enjoy a quiet and peaceful ride. We wish you a good trip and a great summer!

By the way: the pretty and extremely useful car organizers by Lässig not only are suitable for cars, but can also be used in the bathroom, as a storage bag for lotions, q-tips and other toiletries or in your kid’s bedroom, as an organizer for stationery and odds and ends. Finally no more chaos in the nursery. Yay!

Yummy summer cocktails & lemonades with RICE & TakaTomo.de

We had to wait for the summer for a very long time, but now it is finally here.

Some of those last days were even hotter than hot. Some people are moaning about that, but most people enjoy the warm temperatures and the hot summer days. One important thing though to get through a hot day and to stay healthy, is to have short breaks in between and to drink enough fluids.

Kids in particular should be reminded of drinking enough fluids throughout the day because it’s so easy to forget about it, when playing outside and romping around.

How about turning this necessary intake of fluids into a real event? Water is our number one choice, that’s for sure, but how about you offer your kids some refreshing cocktails and summer drinks once in a while, that not only satisfy their thirst, but also are delicious and just perfect for a hot summer day!? There are countless ways how to fix delicious cocktails or lemonades and we’d like to give you a few suggestions here. But it’s also great to experiment around and develop your own favorite summer drink. Let’s start with a recipe for a classic lemonade, which has been a popular drink for ages. Of course you can easily buy different sodas at the store, but homemade drinks are just much more delicious and they’re also healthier. And this is the way how to prepare the delicious beverage: You will need freshly squeezed juice of four lemons. For best results you can use our cool RICE juicers for all citrus fruit.

Then mix the juice with 50 grams of sugar and wait until the sugar dissolves.

This “syrup” can then be poured into a beautiful jug and filled up with one liter of water. Then just add ice cubes into the pot and ta-dah, the tangy lemonade is ready. Mmm, so delicious! Of course you can experiment around with the ingredients. For example, try different fruit, such as 400g of puréed strawberries or melon. Mix the puree with 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, the juice of one lime and finely chopped mint. Then fill it all up with water. There you have delicious strawberry or melon lemonade. And to keep the lemonade in a pretty pitcher we recommend you to fill it into one of the beautiful rustic RICE DK ceramic pots. They come in various shapes and styles and you can choose from different colors such as purple, coral, mint or white. TakaTomo.de also offers pretty acrylic jugs in a baroque style by RICE DK. There’s a great choice of colors like pink, lavender, mint and clear. You’ll also find matching glasses in our store. And last but not least we also have a great jug for those who love unusual accessories and that would be the extravagant pitcher shaped like a seahorse by RICE DK. The fancy green pot is handmade and a real eye catcher! Your homemade lemonade will taste even better served in there. By the way, let’s move on, because tangy lemonades are not the only yummy summer drinks. Another popular drink sure is a summery non-alcoholic cocktail. Kids just love the mixed beverages in all variations. And an very important accessory for the preparation of yummy cocktails of course is a cocktail shaker like the trendy metal shaker by RICE DK. The shaker will turn each and every cocktail into a huge success! You can experiment here together with your children, too, and try out different combinations and ingredients. As a suggestion here is our recipe for a super delicious and quickly prepared cocktail named „fruit explosion“: You’ll need 50ml (take more if needed, but be careful, syrups are very sweet!) of raspberry syrup, 100ml of apple juice or ginger ale, 200ml of orange juice, juice of half a lemon, a small diced very ripe peach and ice cubes. Put all ingredients in the shaker and mix them well (adjust the amounts if needed) and there you have the tasty „fruit explosion“. Again, you can try out different combinations and ingredients here. Mix black currant juice with cherry juice and fresh mint, apple juice and ginger ale with kiwi puree, puréed watermelon with lime juice, etc. The great cocktail shaker by RICE will help you become a real star at bartending. Anything goes as long as it’s tasty and satifies your kids’ thirst. Take your time to relax in this hot weather and enjoy a refreshing drink. Cheers!

LITTLE BOX OF HOPE – Doing good with RICE and TakaTomo.de

Our friends from RICE Denmark are not only known for their beautiful products such as melamine tableware and adorable home accessories, but also for the fact that they “do business with a heart” and support charity projects. Taking the phrase “no one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone” to heart, RICE DK want to give hope to people in need. Therefore this year RICE DK are supporting the Danish Red Cross in their efforts of improving the lives of people on the run.

And this is where the Little Box of Hope comes into play. For every food kit sold RICE DK will donate 1,50 € to the Danish Red Cross. We support this idea and therefore would like to highly recommend the Little Box of Hope food kits to you.

The Little Box of Hope Set is a set consisting of six useful food boxes and six colorful melamine spoons. The foldable lunch boxes are made of coated cardboard and have a carrying handle. Their cheerful dapper dots design will definitely brighten up your day. The handy boxes can perfectly be used as a graceful packaging for delicious treats and little souvenirs for birthdays, picnics and fun summer parties. The matching spoons have the approved RICE quality. The melamine flatware is lightweight, durable and will keep you happy for a long time with its bright colors.

To sum things up, you can treat yourself and your friends with the cool Little Box of Hope while supporting the charity project by RICE DK at the same time. Doesn’t that sound great?
Our TakaTomo.de team says thumbs up and therefore the Little Box of Hope set is now available at our online store in addition to countless other beautiful RICE DK products.

Wonderful sustainable Plantoys wooden toys

Just recently we presented the cool kids’ rhythm box II, the cajon, by Plantoys, but since we are so besotted with their wonderful wooden toys, there’s more to come in today’s post:

Plantoys is an internationally recognized and award winning Thai company that made it their business to produce “green”, thus ecological and sustainable, wooden toys for children. Plantoys are made from natural rubber trees that no longer produce latex and therefore would „retire“ pretty soon anyway. That way all resources are used in an optimal way without any waste.

The further production proceeds according to high ecological standards, which for example means that only formaldehyde free glues are used, as well as organic color pigments. The production itself runs ecologically, too, Plantoys save energy and resources and so on. Even the packaging at Plantoys is made from recycled paper and is printed with ecological soy ink. However a child-friendly design and an age-appropriate handling of the toys sure is also a part of the Plantoys plan.

This is how 100% sustainable and beautiful wooden toys for children of all ages are made, that train the kids’ skills and abilities and that give them the opportunity to enjoy playing, to learn and to develop properly.

For the little ones age 12m+ Plantoys offer lots of different toys that are fun and train their senses. How about, for instance, the cheeky pineapple maracas for toddlers? The little musicians can shake the maracas, listen to the sounds they make and experience their first musical adventures. At the same time their auditory perception and motor skills are trained. A very educational game for toddlers is the colorful shape & sort it out game. The aim here is to put the geometric shapes in their right spot. The game encourages the recognition of shapes and colors as well as the development of the hand-eye coordination. For ultimate fun in the bathtub, we recommend the cool Plantoys submarine and the coast guard boat. Dive deep and explore the depths of an underwater world or protect the shores and rescue those stuck out at sea. The bathtub toys by Plantoys are fun and stimulate interactive and imaginative play. Yep, even in the bath tub it is possible to play creatively. Being out of the bathtub again kids age 12m+ will enjoy the lively bunny and duck racer, the rabbit racing car and the sweet pull-along toy happy puppy. The toys have a gently curved design, which is easy for kids to hold and push. Kids will love to push the racers around and let them go or to play a car race. And the dancing happy puppy is a great companion for kids that have just begun exploring the world on their own two feet. Their motor skills and their coordination will be trained even more by pulling the happy puppy behind them because they will have to watch themselves, so they don’t trip over the puppy or get stuck somewhere with the string.

The older children, age 3 and older, will also have a lot of fun with our Plantoys wooden toys. A special highlight definitely are the high quality children’s instruments, such as the cool rhythm box and the rhythm box II (cajon) as well as the colorful melody xylophone with included music sheets.

The instruments are perfect for the first steps in your children’s musical careers and they help the little ones getting started in learning about rhythm and beat.

A perfect toy for all the little Picassos however is the convenient Plantoys my art board. The chalkboard (chalk is not included) can be drawn on but it also functions as a stable table with a storage place for paper and pens underneath. It is designed to help kids to maintain an upright sitting position, while drawing. The my art board is perfect to use when drawing on the floor, on the bed or even in the car.

Another instructive toy for children age 3y+ is the colorful tie-up shoe. The shoe is equipped with a shoelace and is a kid’s first step in learning how to tie their little shoes. Practice makes perfect and the great tie-up shoe by Plantoys makes practicing a lot more fun.

All Plantoys toys are a great companion for kids of all ages. They support the kids’ development, they are beautiful, fun and sustainable. We became real Plantoys fans and we highly recommend all of their toys.

A Little Lovely Company light boxes and cloud lamps

And once again we’d like to welcome a new brand and beautiful new products at TakaTomo.de: A LITTLE LOVELY COMPANY.

Founders and designers Judith de Ruijter and Nikki Hateley shared the same passion which is transforming ordinary everyday home decorations into beautiful, unique pieces with a personal & creative touch. So they started their lovely adventure and A Little Lovely Company was born. Every A Little Lovely Company product aims to encourage creativity, individual style and a sense of fun and happiness. This philosophy has led to a unique brand which is committed to designing affordable products that deliver the wow factor, making everyday life just that little bit more lovely.

A little lovely company cloud light

For the little ones we recommend the adorable cloud lamps that come in two different sizes. Beautiful lamps and lights are a great decoration in any room and the magnificent cloud lamps by A Little Lovely Company are a real eye catcher in any kid’s room – that’s guaranteed. The smiling cloud is very decorative and it immediately puts you in a good mood. Gray rain clouds? As if! The big cloud lamp comes in the size 45x25x23cm and is made of BPA-free PVC. The cloud lamp can be turned on and dimmed by tapping on it and the light automatically turns off after 30 minutes, which makes it a perfect night light for kids. Since the lamp has an integrated LED light, it doesn’t get hot and is therefore especially suitable for the use in kid’s rooms. The cloud lamps work on either batteries or with electricity using the included EU-adapter. The cloud lamp is an useful and decorative item that your children will have a lot of fun with. A little smaller, but just as cool is the mini cloud lamp in our online store. The mini cloud provides a beautifully warm light and just like the big cloud, doesn’t get hot. With its size of 16,5×9,5×8,5cm and the battery operation (batteries are included) the lamp is an ideal complement to the large cloud lamp, it’s perfect as a mini night lamp on your kid’s nightstand or on the changing table and of course it’s a great companion when travelling. Just turn the little cloud lamp on and your kid immediately will feel like home wherever you are. Both versions of the cloud lamp are a wonderful accessory in every child’s room and both of them will make you smile right away.

A little lovely company light box

Adults however shouldn’t be left out here and therefore we’re offering the awesome new A Little Lovely Company LED light boxes, that you can create your own great messages with. The light boxes are truely the perfect decoration because they are a light source and a design item at the same time. You can select from different sizes (A4, A5, and XL with the measurements 29x59x6cm) and different colors of the PVC frames, including white, pink, mint, or black (please note the images). The decorative light boxes are supplied with 85 letters and symbols (the XL model comes with 124 letters and symbols) that you can create lovely messages to yourself and your loved ones with by simply moving the letters around. The decorative LED light boxes work on batteries, but can also be powered by electricity. Here you will need an A Little Lovely Company EU-adapter (the adapter is not included but can also be purchased in our online store.). The light boxes can easily be placed on the floor or on the wall and they look absolutely stunning in every living room, bedroom, but also in your kids’ rooms. The light boxes also make a great present, for example you can use them as a special wedding gift with a beautiful message to the newlyweds. Just be creative! Enjoy the lamps and light boxes by A Little Lovely Company, they are definitely an eye-catcher and turn every room of your home into a cozy and “lovely” place.

New brand at TakaTomo.de! Discover the wonderful Affenzahn childrens’ backpacks

We are thrilled about a cool new brand and therefore about a great range of new products at our TakaTomo online store! Affenzahn is one of the brands of Fond Of Bags, a company located in our beautiful town of Cologne. Affenzahn offer motley animal shaped kids’ backpacks, which stand out due to their child-friendly design, their functionality, high quality and responsible production.

Affenzahn Rucksack

Affenzahn is a partner of bluesign® and thus stands for an environmentally friendly production of textile goods, which protects the earth’s resources. There are also fabrics made of recycled PET bottles used in the production of the backpacks, which makes Affenzahn items a fair and sustainable product. The colorful animal friends, however, are not only sustainable, but also very adorable. Look around in our online store and discover the wonderful kids’ backpacks and all their lovely details. You can choose from a whole zoo of cute animal friends. Albert the monkey, Elias the elephant, Nora the hippo, Timmy the tiger, Frida the vixen, Paul the panda, the ladybug Maya and many more are looking forward to get to know you. The colorful embroideries on the fun backpacks are all handmade with love. Moreover, functionality and high quality are very important at Affenzahn. The backpacks are available with a capacity of 4l respectively 8l, they have spacious compartments on the in- and outside that provide ample space for your little adventurer’s small treasures. They also stand out due to a a high wearing comfort consisting of comfortable shoulder straps, a height-adjustable sternum strap with a clasp suitable for kids and a reinforced handle. For more safety in the dark, the backpacks are equipped with reflectors.

Affenzahn backpacks

Two great highlight of the backpacks by Affenzahn however are the extricable tongues of our animal friends that function as name tags, and the animals’ arms or legs, which can be attached at different spots on the backpack with a velcro. This turns the animal backpacks by Affenzahn into great playmates that can be involved in all kinds of role-playing games while on the road. Due to the many great details the backpacks also train the individual abilities of your child, as well as their motor skills and dexterity.

Affenzahn Kinderrucksack

Besides the numerous colorful Affenzahn childrens’ backpacks we just presented, you will also find the great Affenzahn backpacks especially made for the forest kindergarten and other outdoor activities! The great forest kindergarten backpacks “Winnie Woof” and „Woody Woof“ looking like a cute doggie are so special because they come in a set with a comfortable, foldaway mat for a quick break on the ground, a cinch bag for wet clothes or rain pants and a matching rain cover to keep the backpack nice and dry in stormy weather. With those useful accessories your children will be well prepared for forest kindergarten and other outdoor activities. The forest kindergarten backpack, which is also called “WALKI” provides everything that a robust outdoor backpack needs: the backpack is made of water- and dirt-repellent material, it offers plenty of storage space and can be easily adjusted to more or less volume. In addition, the WALKI has a reinforced bottom so your child can place it safely on uneven grounds. Reflectors provide more safety in the dark and your little one won’t get lost. A high wearing comfort is guaranteed thanks to comfortable shoulder straps, a sternum strap and an ergonomic back padding. And to show who the owner of the cool Affenzahn WALKI is, you can also use the pull-out tongue as a name tag. Whether it’s children backpacks or outdoor WALKIS, Affenzahn deliver great design, high quality and sustainable manufacturing. What else is there to say? We are very excited!

New pencil pouches by Blafre at TakaTomo.de

Just recently we celebrated Emil’s farewell party at his pre-school and in a few weeks it is already happening: our son is going to be a real first grader. It’s crazy how time flies. The little man is very excited and curious what this new period of life is going to bring him. And of course he is very busy telling us all the time that there’s still tons to prepare and to purchase for his big day. And that’s quite a lot. Besides all the textbooks that need to be bought and the mandatory „Schultüte“ (Emil says, this traditional German cardboard cone filled with candy that is handed to students on their first day of school, is definitely the most important accessory), there are of course lots of other school items that shouldn’t be missing on the first day of school. A stable and comfortable satchel or school bag is important, as well as a cool gym bag, notebooks and folders, lunchboxes, a drinking bottle and more. At the top of the list, of course, there’s a pencil case written down to store the fountain pen, pencils, etc.. Here you can choose between different models. First of all there are the classic, foldable pencil cases, on the other, there are the cool pencil boxes and of course the very popular soft pencil pouches. Pencil pouches or pencil bags are called „pencil cases for lazy people“ in German and they are probably called that because they consist of only one single compartment and so the pens are not stored individually, such as in classic pencil cases with elastic straps. But the owners of those pencil pouches are definitely not lazy. The new soft pencil pouches by Blafre for example that we’d like to present to you today, are so spacious that they provide enough room for many different pens and pencils, encouraging the little ones to practise writing, drawing and so on. It’s a lot of fun, and so beneficial.

Blafre pencil case green

The great Blafre pencil pouches at our online store come in many subtle pastel colors such as yellow, green, gray, pink and blue, they have white leather details and a colored lining. With a length of 22cm and a diameter of 8 cm, they offer plenty of space for all of the pencils and pens that are needed on a school day, for an eraser, a small pencil sharpener, a small ruler and even for smaller craft scissors. The motto here is: just pack everything that fits in there! That way your child has all writing and crafting supplies handy. But not only first graders will love the gorgeous design of the Blafre pencil pouches, older children and even adults will also enjoy the cool pencil bags. Hint: the great pencil pouch can also be repurposed as a make-up bag while travelling or as a storage space for your sewing kit and buttons. By the way, you will also find beautiful Blafre backpacks and dufflebags in the same design in our online store. We presented those a while ago.

Blafre pencil case grey

For those who are looking for a robust storage place for their pencils, we recommend the „retro“ metal pencil boxes by Blafre or Sebra. The solid boxes not only have an extraordinary look, they also provide enough space for all the necessary writing utensils. Therefore the metal boxes are a great alternative to classic pencil cases and pencil pouches. Whatever model you’ll decide on, your kiddo’s schoolmates will definitely be impressed by all of the adorable pencil cases and pencil pouches. We’d like to invite you to look around on http://www.takatomo.de/en/play-party/first-day-at-school. In addition to convenient pencil cases you’ll also find many other important school supplies that your little student will need inside the classroom. And once you’re prepared well, the first day of school can come!

Cuddle time at TakaTomo. With the new snuggly baby toys by Moulin Roty

For the little ones physical contact with their parents, hugging and cuddling are very important and beneficial to their development. But since mommy and daddy are not available 24 hours at a time, there are little helpers that are very happy to take on this job. But who are those?

Of course, we’re talking about cuddly toys! Who doesn’t remember their first stuffed animal? Many keep their old stuffed animals in good memory for a very, very long time and want to give their kids the opportunity to also have such a good friend by their side. Nowadays many of those stuffed animals are even multifunctional toys that render the little ones a service in different areas.

Rattle toys stimulate the tactile sense and the auditory perception, stuffed animals with an included teething ring help the little ones during teething and comfort them, cute musical stuffed animals provide acoustic stimuli and general activity toys offer a diverse sensory experience. All this is united in the beautiful baby toys by Moulin Roty, that are new at TakaTomo. We love Moulin Roty for their child-friendly and charming design that you can convince yourself of now. You’ll find cute and fluffy stuffed animals with or without „additional function“ in our assortment. Even at Moulin Roty the classics are cute and fluffy stuffed animals and security blankets. Whether it’s the mouse Nini, the goat Pierrette, the duck Jeanne, the fox Gaspard or the rabbit Sylvain, the soft plush characters are just the best friends for our little ones. You can grab them, crumple and cuddle them each time mommy and daddy just don’t have the time. The colorful security blankets also come with a convenient velcro that makes it easy to attach the blankets to a stroller, a baby car seat, or the crib. The cute ring rattle is especially fun and also beneficial for children. The cute sheep is as soft as all the other animal friends, but it has a built-in rattle. The rattle gives infants the opportunity to occupy themselves for a while by grabbing and shaking them while listening to the emerging sound. Thus, the ring rattles train the tactile and the auditory perception of the child.

By the way: Moulin Roty also provides a great cuddly toy for teething children. The cute cat with an integrated teething ring is the best first aid to your child every time teething is really painful. The chewing action on the teether relieves pain by applying slight pressure on the gums. In addition, the lovable cat can also comfort the suffering infant a little. For some teething infants however sleep seems to be the best solution and to help those fall asleep easier, it’s advisable to play a music box or the like. The musical stuffed toy mouse by Moulin Roty for example can easily be attached to the crib using a velcro, easing the child with a beautiful melody and helping it to fall asleep peacefully. And as the baby feels better the next morning, it sure will need entertainment and some more cuddle time. Especially popular here is the cute vibrating cuddly mouse. You just have to pull the mouse’s head and feet and there it goes vibrating like crazy. Kids absolutely love this and they won’t stop giggling, promise. And if you’re kid needs even more entertainment, it will enjoy the exciting activity rattle because the fun sheep offers kids everything that brings joy and that’s beneficial to their development. A rattle, a teething ring and many little pieces made of different fabrics and materials are all combined in a cute cuddly toy providing children a diverse sensory experience. The activity rattle is a lot of fun to play with and it trains all senses. So if you also need some cuddle time, come visit us at TakaTomo quickly and find a suitable Moulin Roty baby toy for your child.

New luggage for kids by Lässig: Trolleys, gym bags, mini-backpacks and toilet bags

Now that summer vacation is just around the corner, everybody’s totally stressed out. There’s not a lot of time left, but there’s still so much to do and all the bags need to be packed. Are the old suitcases still ok to use? And does everything we need fit in there so we don’t need to do laundry in between? And then the little one also chimes in: “I want my own suitcase and it has to be pretty. And what about all of my toys? Where am I supposed to put these? I need them on vacation.“ Well, ok, so what to do? Keep calm and visit TakaTomo.de because just in time for vacation season Lässig are presenting their new, beautiful kids’ luggage especially for the small travelleres. You can choose from convenient childrens’ trolleys, a spacious gym bag and mini-backpacks for short trips. You will also find matching toilet bags for all of your cosmetic products. Concerning their design this time Lässig were inspired by green forests and the forest dwellers. Sweet fawns, cunning foxes, spiny hedgehogs and lively squirrels are smiling at us from the surface of the luggage. The Fawn and the hedgehog are accompanied by warm colors such as pink and purple while the fox and the squirrels are printed on a brown, bright green and shiny blue background. Nice color combinations and a beautiful design, what more do you need? Of course you also need plenty of space for all the things you’ll need on your vacation. And there sure is enough space inside the great Lässig luggage for kids. The trolley e.g. has a large compartment including a convenient pack strap that you can use to fasten all clothes comfortably. An additional zipped compartment offers enough space for shoes, the wash bag etc. The adjustable trolley makes it easy for your kids to pull it around. A great solution when travelling with kids who insist on their own suitcase. For sports in general or for shorter stays and weekend trips we recommend the convenient Lässig gym bag. The sports bag has a main compartment and a separate compartment for shoes and other important utensils, which means plenty of space for all of your essentials. The gym bag can be thrown over the shoulder comfortably using the adjustable shoulder strap or it can be carried around by using the two handles. Another Lässig piece that shouldn’t be missing when your kid’s on a day trip or needs an additional bag to transport all his toys, is the wonderful mini-backpack. The backpack is small and handy, but still very spacious and comfortable to carry. It’s just perfect for short field trips and visits at a friend’s house. Alright, we got a trolley, a gym bag and a backpack so the only thing that’s missing for the perfect vacation is a cool toilet bag. The spacious Lässig toilet bags are ideal for this purpose because they offer plenty of storage space. A hook to hang the bag as well as a removable mirror that is contained in the set are especially convenient. For those who don’t have to store that many toiletries, we recommend the slightly smaller, but also spacious Lässig sponge bags of the “Wildlife“ series, with a printed rhino and a cute elephant. And by purchasing one of these great toilet bags you can even do a good deed, because the Lässig Wildlife collection is involved in social projects. From all sales a fixed amount goes straight into the projects Big Cat Guardians and Sparkling Elephant of the Tanzanian non-profit organization Momella Foundation. We love this idea! So you can go on vacation knowing you have done a good deed at the same time. Doesn’t that sound nice?

We wish you a great summer vacation and don’t forget to pack sunscreen, there should always be some room left for suncreen in your suitcase!

“It no longer hurts!” – Colorful band-aids for kids at TakaTomo.de

It happened again. Emil and his buddy were probably a little too jaunty on the playground, they were running around like crazy and wham, there it happened, Emil just tumbled and fell down. Ouch! That hurt. He cried and ran up to me showing me his skinned elbow. Thank God it was just a little scratch, but the boy was drenched in tears and I had to comfort him for a while. The good thing is, I always keep a couple of cool kids’ band-aids in my pocket for little accidents like this one and believe me, those band-aids work wonders! This time I had packed the great new “Spaceboy” patches by Rex International, with a sweet astronaut printed on them, who is flying around in space in his little rocket. So first we cleaned the wound and then put a large band-aid on it. Emil was very excited, let me tell you, his tears were dried off quickly and the bloody elbow no longer hurt. As you can see, it makes sense to always keep a few colorful kids’ band-aids in your pouch in case the little rascals hurt their knee, cut themselves with their craft scissors or otherwise injure themselves.

In our online store at TakaTomo.de you will finde different kinds of band-aid sets for everyone. Besides the already mentioned “Spaceboy” patches, Rex International for example also offers the pretty band-aid set “Woodland” printed with cute forest elements and adorable animals, such as deer and rabbits. Both band-aid sets consist of 30 latex-free patches in different sizes and they are both delivered in a convenient metal box, so you can keep them all together for cases of emergency. The metal boxes are also very convenient when travelling. Equally convenient and also very popular are the 30-piece band-aid box by Wendekreis with an adventurous pirates design and the cute band-aid set by Spiegelburg printed with fun white polka dots. The Spiegelburg patches are hypoallergenic, breathable and waterproof. By the way, the great RICE adhesive bandages in a beautiful Marrakesh design in the colors pink and blue are especially cute, because they come as classical band-aid strips, but also in adorable heart shapes! And one thing is for sure, a heart-shaped band-aid will definitely make the pain go away immediately. But regardless of which kids’ band-aid you decide on, it is also very important to comfort your kid and just be there after a small accident with little injuries. Cuddle the little patient, blow against the wound and maybe go get some ice-cream together. Because besides a colorful childrens’ patch love and care probably are the best medicine. You’ll see, the little ones will quickly be able to happily run around again. TakaTomo says: get well soon!

New colorful Minene picnic blankets

Even if the only reason we’re breaking a sweat this year, is because we have to open our umbrella so often, it is still summer. Yep, I said it and I mean it! We simply need to make the best of it and enjoy every single day without rain. And on those rare sunny days it’s usually a must to get outside. And in order to get the chance to make yourself comfortable on the ground in your yard, in the park, or at the lake and to take a nice break in between playing games and beeing goofy, a nice comfy picnic blanket shouldn’t be missing. Therefore we are really happy about the new colorful Minene picnic blankets in our assortment. The beautiful picnic blankets are just perfect for a fun afternoon out in the sun. The blankets’ designs are colorful stripes available in three different color combinations, that will definitely make you smile. Their size of 135x135x3cm provides plenty of space to make yourself comfortable. The padded blankets’ surface is 100% soft cotton and the bottom lining is made of waterproof polyurethane, so your butt is protected from sharp sticks and stones and will not get wet when the lawn is still a little wet after the last rain. Further, the wonderful picnic blankets come with a handy storage bag so they can be easily transported when you decide not to stay in your home yard, but to go to the countryside, or to spend some precious time in the park. Oh and by the way, there’s a great extra to the wonderful blankets that makes them really special: the padded 3D flowers that are attached on the surface. The flowers can be used both as a decoration, which makes the picnic blankets really special, and also as a small toy replacement for the little ones, which turns the picnic blanket into the perfect playmat. The youngest can approach the florets by crawling towards them, they can grab them and enjoy the different patterns. As you can see, the blankets indeed are versatile, whether they are used indoors or outdoors. However, when you are actually on the road, you should prepare and arrange everything on time so you can spend the nicest day possible. That means: grab a couple of fun games and outdoor toys that you can find in here our online shop and also fix some yummy snacks and drinks. We recommend all of our beautiful and convenient utensils that could be of use at a great picnic outdoors, such as picnic baskets, paper plates and melamine tableware, lunch boxes and many more. After all a day outside is not only a lot of fun, but it also leaves you thirsty and hungry. We wish you a great summery day out and knock on wood it doesn’t rain.

Good night with TakaTomo.de and the Moulin Roty storytelling flashlights

Although our son usually isn’t very happy when it’s time for him to go to bed, spending time with mom or dad right before bedtime however is still a very special time. First of all, he has to take a shower, brush his teeth and put on his pajamas, but then we usually get together and make ourselves comfortable for a while. My wife and I, we’re also looking forward to this valuable time we can spend with Emil after a long, busy workday. We cuddle, we are being silly and we tell each other how our day was. Well, and in the end of course it’s time for the obligatory bedtime story. Sometimes we read stories from a nice book, other times, we think of great stories to tell. Emil enjoys all of them, but he likes it best, when we get the storytelling flashlight by Moulin Roty out. Those flashlights indeed are really great, but how do they work? It’s quite simple: each flashlight comes with three wheels that can be inserted in the flashlight. Once you switch it on, you can project the 8 pictures in each wheel onto the wall in the dark kid’s room. The images animate children and adults to study and describe them and of course to make up wonderful stories according to the pictures. That’s a lot of fun and it also happens to be a really great opportunity to promote the little ones. By describing the images, their percptiveness will be trained, they’ll learn to pay attention to details and to designate these as well. Further, the storytelling flashlights also promote the children’s language skills because they expand and improve their vocabulary, but at the same time the kids can be creative and practise how to verbalize their imaginative ideas. Meanwhile your little darling can slowly get tired and peacefully fall asleep in the flashlight’s dim light. The storytelling flashlights by Moulin Roty we offer at TakaTomo.de are available in different versions with different stories. That way, telling stories in the evening won’t become boring. We would really recommend you to try it out because the flashlights are a special sleeping aid and they are a great opportunity to spend more quality time with your child before it’s time to go to bed. Warning: due to small parts that could become a choking hazard, the storytelling flashlights are not suitable for children under the age of 36 months! But don’t worry, you’ll find great alternatives for the youngest in our online store, too, such as wonderful music boxes, mobiles, stuffed animals and night lamps. Have a good night and sweet dreams!

Selected RICE melamine tableware. Limited X-mas edition 2016

Ehm, did he just say Christmas? But it’s summer!? That’s right, but if you take a look outside the window right now, you rather feel like having a cup of hot chocolate instead of a cool lemonade, am I right, or am I right? See!? And that’s probably the same thing, the creative minds at RICE DK were thinking and it’s the reason why they are presenting their new and limited Christmas edition of beautiful melamine tableware to us. And now the great melamine tableware is exclusively available in our online store.

But watch out, since the wonderful pieces are available for a limited time only, you should now get into Christmas mood really quickly and snap at the chance, while stocks last! But with the beautiful Christmas tableware by RICE DK it really shouldn’t be that hard to think about a pretty decorated christmas tree and how nice it would be to gather around it with all your loved ones. This year the limited Christmas edition of RICE melamine tableware consists of drinking cups, dessert plates, little bowls, oblong serving plates and large jumbo-cups for the yummy hot chocolate I mentioned earlier. Enjoy the tableware’s great designs and choose between cute little hearts, bright red poinsettias and jolly Christmas baubles. The three designs are color-coordinated and can be arranged just the way you like it. It actually doesn’t matter how you decide on setting your Christmas breakfast table, as long as the christmassy melamine tableware by RICE is on it because the tableware is gorgeous and it instantly creates a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Tasty Christmas treats and delicious homemade X-mas cookies will then do the rest. Lovely! So, did you get a little excited about Christmas now? Then come visit our online store, the beautiful melamine tableware X-mas edition is available for a limited time only. And for those, who are totally into X-mas right now, just look around a bit in our shop, I’m sure you will find one or another “Christmas jewel“ there. Whether it’s Christmas decoration or window stickers by Overbeck & Friends and Krima & Isa, beautiful christmassy napkins and colorful Christmas wrapping paper by RICE, or even last season’s fantastic tableware, just take a little bit of x-mas feeling home. Well, and what is left for us to say? Merry Christmas and ho, ho, ho!

Music is in the air – awesome musical instruments for children at TakaTomo.de

Recently on our short trip to Holland, there was a group of young people camping next to us on the camping ground, who would be sitting outside in the evening singing and making music together. One guy was playing the guitar, while two girls were holding rattles in their hand. And there was this other guy, hitting this weird rectangular wooden box. As we learned later, this wooden box is called a “cajon“. Who taught us that? Our little son asked the guys because he was totally hooked. He was so fascinated by this wooden box and he loved to sit with the guys listening to them making music. He was always very upset when it was time for him to go to bed. But since he was so enthusiastic about that instrument, we decided to get him his own little cajon and we found a beautiful one by Plan Toys that is especially made for kids. Well and all he’s doing now is actually sitting on the rhythm box, beating and drumming different rhythms. And all his friends from day care are also thrilled. Everyone wants to try to play the cajon and come up with his own rhythm sequences. And they enjoy making music even more, when there’s more than just one instrument available, such as fun maraca rattles or colorful sleigh bells on a handle. Anyway, watching the kids play, we noticed once again how most children just really enjoy music and how much fun it is to them, to experiment with instruments and to let their creativity run free.

Therefore we added the cool cajon for kids into our large selection of awesome children’s instruments. In this selection you can find numerous other instruments besides the cajon, such as the already mentioned maracas in different shapes and colors, flutes, guitars, xylophones, drums, harmonicas and many more. All mentioned instruments are either by Jabadabado or by Kids Concept. Enjoying music and tinkering with all the instruments is not only a lot of fun for the little ones, it is also beneficial to their development: their sense of hearing and the auditory perception are trained, as well as their creativity and concentration. The kids also work on improving their motor skills through grasping, shaking, plucking and drumming on the instruments. In addition to that, the kids’ feeling for rhythm and tactus can develop properly. When playing music, it is also irrelevant what age the children are because even infants and toddlers enjoy music and melodies and they love to create noises themselves. For the early music education of the youngest we recommend our soft baby rattles, that are perfectly suitable for “creating music”, but of course rather to play, cuddle and to soothe our little Mozarts with the calming noises. Rattles can be found in our online shop in many different shapes, such as animals, cars or dolls and they are by brands like Sebra, Hickups or Sindibaba. Later, when the little ones grow up a little, they can go and try out some of the “easy” childrens’ instruments for example the great rainstick by Djeco, the colorful sleigh bells on a handle and the cheerful tambourine by Jabadabado. For all older children we offer numerous more complex instruments to experiment with, such as a xylophone, guitars and harmonicas by Jabadabado or an accordion by Janod. Your kids will be able to create real music with those instruments, they’ll be able to come up with their own melodies or can start reenacty easy notes. Our son anyhow turned out to be a real little rockstar with his miniature cajon. And since his music is so infectious my wife an I constantly find ourselves sitting next to him, singing and clapping our hands. So making music together is a great opportunity to spend valuable time with your child, to have a good time together and even to help the development of the little musicians. Music makes the world go round. Exactly!

Peekaboo you in the mirror! – baby mirror toys by Done by Deer

Toys with included mirror surfaces are really popular among small kids. The little ones can keep themselves occupied with mirrors for hours because it’s great fun and really exciting to watch all the movements and figures inside.

In addition, the nice smooth and cool surface of the mirror is very inviting to touch, grab and discover with little hands and fingers. Now you will find three brand new baby mirror toys by Done by Deer in our assortment.

There is, for example, the pretty and convenient floor mirror. The mirror is very soft and plushy, but filled with sand, so it stands sturdy on the ground, on blankets or in your baby’s crib.The child can watch it’s own activities in the mirror, but can also play with the attached ears and feet. Those have different textures and make sounds when being touched. When using the floor mirror while the baby is lying on a blanket or a playmat, the mirror is always at the right angle to encourage the child to lift it’s head and take a look inside the mirror.

Thus, the floor mirror is a real entertainment center, which stimulates the child’s senses and also promotes it’s motor skills. Those facts also apply to the cute mirror rattle in a classy grey color. The rattle makes a soothing noise when shaken, while the child can observe everything that is „happening“ in the mirror. Children realize at an age of 1.5 to 2 years that it’s actually their own face they see in the mirror, but even before that they are usually pretty fond of the fun companion in the mirror. This little friend is smiling at them, he’s making faces and moving his head and that’s really fun and really exciting to watch. Last but not least we’d like to present you the cool clip-on mirror which is perfectly suitable for the stroller or the crib. The clip-on mirror can be attached pretty easily and it’s a great toy for the little cuties when you’re out and about, but also when you’re making yourself comfortable at home. Here the baby can also watch everything that is happening inside the mirror, but it can also reach out for the fluffy flags and the little ears on the side. Depending on where the clip-on mirror is attached, it also encourages the child to raise it’s head to check the mirror. No matter which one of the mirror toys you decide on in the end, your child will absolutely love it. And besides all the joy the mirror toys by Done by Deer also stimulate the visual, the auditory and the tactile perception, and moreover train the motor skills. In addition, the little ones can keep themselves occupied on their own for a while and discover the great world inside the mirror.

“Look I’m growing taller and taller!” – Colorful hight charts for your kid’s room

“Daddy, can we go check whether I’ve grown again?” My son just loves being measured. He can’t wait to face the hight chart at the wall to see if the cute elephant clip can be moved upwards again. As for probably all children, it is really exciting for him to watch and to keep track of his physical development. After all, kids develop really, really fast in the first couple of years of their lives. This sure is exciting for the parents, too and not only for the kids, but since the kids usually grow so fast, the parents don’t even notice it anymore, all they see is shoes that don’t fit, too short pants and tight shirts. Everything else usually falls off by the wayside due to everyday stress and a busy lifestyle.

Therefore it is a great idea to install a nice hight chart in the kid’s room and use it to document the physical development of the child. Children usually are fascinated by that, but those numbers on the chart still irritate them because they are too abstract, so it is advisable to choose a chart that is suitable for kids and that gives children the opportunity to see and „get“ their height without depending on numbers and scales. Of course the chart should also be decorative, regardless of its function, so it can make the kid’s room appear more beautiful. That’s killing two birds with one stone. A functional item that’s also very decorative. Perfect. In our online shop you will find a wide selection of beautiful hight charts that use child-friendly elements to ensure that the children can easily capture and record their own physical development, without having to use abstract and incomprehensible numbers. A good example here are the cheerful hight charts by Kids Concept. In addition to the normal number scale, the child can also check the cute animal friends’ position to see if and how much he or she has grown. Other hight charts by Kids Concept have special built-in picture frames, which can be equipped with a picture of the kid at different ages. The brand Jabadabado offers motley hight charts that can also be purchased in our online shop. Here you can choose from different adorable designs such as cheerful butterflies, elephants or balloons. Your child’s hight can be documented by using a special clip on the scale. One particularly cute hight chart is the one by Done by Deer. Our dear animal friends Raffi, Elphee and Nozo are excited to watch your kids grow. You can also put your child’s name, birth weight and size at birth on the fun characters so you always get reminded of the great physical development your child has already undergone.

Ok, wait, there is still a real highlight that is waiting for you in our assortment by the brand Sebra. The Danish brand is offering the coolest wall stickers with an included height chart. You’ll find the stickers decorated with cute forest animals, colorful kites dancing in the wind, or elements found in the city scape, like a skyscraper, or a crane. At the same time you’ll find an unobtrusive hight chart integrated in the stickers. Your children will be able to enjoy the pretty and decorative wall stickers while always being able to track their physical development. What’s particularly useful about those stickers is, that they are pretty easy to mount, but can also be removed quickly if necessary. Whether you decide on the classic hight charts made of wood or cardboard, or for the extraordinary wall sticker hight charts, your children will be delighted to see their hight change in cold print and they will be crazy about showing it to their friends or grandparents.

A wonderful picnic with kids and the Colourful Creatures by Rex International

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the meadows are green and about everyone wants to get outside to breathe some fresh air. Especially our little rascals love to spend all day outside. Well, no problem! Why not just round up all of your friends and their children and get together for a lovely picnic in the countryside? Having a nice feast in the great outdoors is a lot of fun, you can nibble on delicious foods, you spend valuable time with your children and there’s plenty of space to romp around and play fun games together afterwards. Doesn’t that sound tempting? And another good thing about a colorful picnic outside is that you usually don’t have to prepare too much because everyone joining can just bring a yummy dish that can be shared.

When the picnic doesn’t take place in your home yard, but rather in the park or at the lake, it’s best to prepare dishes that are convenient, handy and easy to store. Muffins for instance, whether sweet or savory, wraps, little meatballs or veggie patties, raw veggies, dips, bread, spreads, fresh fruit and of course a couple of refreshing drinks. It doesn’t take more to satisfy your hunger in between. If you want to spend the whole day outside though, you can of course also take a portable bbq grill with you, prepare salads and so on. Do whatever is convenient for you because a picnic is supposed to be joyful and stress-free. The one thing that shouldn’t be missing by no means, is great party tableware. The great new collection by Rex International, „Colourful Creatures“ offers just the right items to turn your picnic into a guaranteed success. To avoid carrying around half of your kitchen supplies and to avoid having a load of dishes to do when you get home afterwards, we highly recommend the colorful paper tableware, consisting of paper plates and paper cups as well as pretty paper napkins, all of which have the cheerful „colourful creatures” such as lions, crocodiles, tigers, kangaroos and many more printed on them. The cartoon animals are super adorable and it’s simply a real joy to look at them. Did you fall in love with the colourful creatures already? Does it feel like you don’t want to throw away the pretty dishes? Well, if so, we have the right deal for you because the cool Rex International Design is also available on wonderful melamine tableware!

Whether it’s the durable melamine cups, plates, bowls or spoons, all melamine dishes are imprinted with the fun colourful creatures by Rex International. Just as the paper plates, the convenient melamine dishes can be stowed really well. They are light weight and therefore just perfect to use as picnic tableware. Rex International also provides us with great Colourful Creatures storage boxes for all of your delicious dishes, such as snack boxes, lunch boxes and bento boxes. And their convenient insulated lunch bags are great to keep perishable food cool. As you’re done preparing you can put everything in the spacious giant bag so everything will get to your favorite picnic spot safely.

The beautiful Colourful Creatures products by Rex International are definitely a feast for the eye, too. Check out our online store and make sure to find the perfect items for a nice picnic with your loved ones.

Baking yummy treats with the wonderful baking tools by Rex International, RICE DK & Co.!

Who doesn’t know those cake cravings from time to time?! A tasty muffin, a cupcake, or a crispy cookie would be awesome right now. No problem for us, because our countless great baking tools will make baking sooo easy. By the way, why not just grab your little ones and get together for a little baking afternoon? Kids love helping out in the kitchen, they enjoy putting all the ingredients together, mixing the dough and decorating the delicious muffins all nicely before enjoying them at the end. You would spend a great time together and at the same time support your child’s development because the different baking steps train your kids’ motor skills, they little ones will also need to focus, they’ll have to practise patience and they will be able to work on their creativity. So all in all baking sounds like a perfect activity for you and your child. You will also need the right baking supplies though that will make the batter preparation much easier. Rex International have just released their new collection and it also contains some wonderful baking utensils, which we’d like to share with you at this point. For delicious muffins or cupcakes there are the cutest floal print baking cups “Poppy”, and the baking-set „Rusty the Fox“, consisting of 24 muffin baking cups and 24 embellishments.

You’ll also find lots of colorful baking cups by Meri Meri or for example by RICE DK. RICE DK also offer some pretty cool silicone baking dishes in different sizes and designs, for example butterfly-shaped, in our SALES section. They are super cute and very convenient. But before you can pour the batter in the baking cups, you have to get it ready first.

This is best done with the colorful egg whisk and the sturdy baking bowl with a practical spout by RICE DK. No spilling anymore, when pouring the batter in the baking cups. How cool is that?! And for the last batter remnants in the bowl you can simply use the spatulas or heart shaped cake spattles by RICE DK. And once your delicious cakes and cookies are finally ready, you can almost start munching on them, but wait, before you do that, you should dust everything with icing sugar, cinnamon or cocoa. Just use our beautiful retro flour shaker “Poppy” or “Apple” by Rex International for that. Of course, you can use that cool thing not only for sugar or cinnamon, but also, as the name already implies, for flour. You can, for example, easily flour the working surface when baking. Finally you won’t have to put your sticky batter fingers in the flour bag anymore. Great!

Mmmmhm, this all sounds so tasty, we’ll get our butts straight in the kitchen now and start baking. Are you in? But here’s a little hint: before starting, be sure to visit our bakery helper category at TakaTomo for further baking accessories. And also check out our SALES section for some awesome bargain buys.

New RICE fall/winter collection 2016 now available at TakaTomo.de

It’s those kind of days when you’re just mad at everything and unsatisfied with everything you do. Do you know those days? Well, we do! Everything stinks, the weather is bad, although it’s already summer out and there’s just no joy whatsoever. Yucky. On days like these, I always have to think of my dear grandma. My grandmother was probably the happiest person in the world and I admired that so much. No matter what it was, my grandmother always saw the positive aspects in everything and could be crazy about the smallest and most ordinary things. A neatly set table made her happy and the homemade shortbread at tea time she used to bake with us grandchildren always put a smile on her face. Yep, that was her and when I think of her and her perspective of life I’m a lot better right away and everything instantly feels easier. But why am I telling you that right now? Well, because the new RICE fall/winter collection 2016 is out and the motto here is exactly what my grandma stood for, namely: to learn how to perceive and appreciate the magic of everyday life.

RICE Autumn Winter 2016

The new collection is called “put the EXTRA into the ordinary”, which means to take a couple of nice little extras and accessoires that will make your everyday life more beautiful and colorful. We found lots of motley products in the new collection we totally fell in love with and now we’re looking forward to share them with you, such as the beautiful melamine tableware among others. Whether unicolored in soft pastel colors, with beautiful floral patterns that show love to the detail or even with subtle raindrops, the plates, dessert plates, cups, bowls, latte mugs, jumbo mugs, serving dishes, trays and the pretty melamine flatware are all a real eye-catcher and are like a piece of wonderful art. In addition we also offer handy kitchen utensils that will turn your cooking and food preparation into a real event.

RICE Autumn/Winter 2016

You can select from nice salad servers, spatulas, ladles, melamine bowl sets, storage boxes, cookie cutters for hanging cup cookies, cake lifters and plates and many others. The rest of the apartment can also be decorated and turned into a special place with the fun home accessories and decorative items, for example, with the great RICE storage chests and baskets, with the cheecky lamps shaped like a rhino or a flamingo, with extraordinary ceramic jugs that are shaped like a sea horse, with glamorous golden wall hooks for your wardrobe, or colorful circus style lampshades for your kid’s room.

RICE Denmark Autumn/Winter 2016

The design team of RICE DK has once again done a fantastic job bringing color and joy into our lives and our home. We are totally in love! Now you can also bring that special RICE feeling into your home and discover the magic of everyday life. It’s not necessary to strive for the extraordinary, if you are able to see the magic in the ordinary and learn how to love the little details. If my grandmother was still here, she’d agree with a huge smile on her face!

Taj Wood Funkel decoration

Since 1999 Taj Wood stands for wonderful home accessories and decorative items such as the colorful kids’ lamps and the sparkling hanging ornaments. Looking at the colorful pieces shows that the designers of Taj Wood just love details and like creating beautiful things that put a smile on every customer’s face right away. Now the new Taj Wood Collection is out and we at TakaTomo are delighted to present you a couple of selected pieces of the assortment of glitter decorations today. Due to our own motto “motley”, all ornaments are very colorful and sparkling. Choose from a wide range of enchanting playful hanging decoration ornaments, that are just adorable with all their lush beads and pearl decoration. First there’s a range of beautiful hearts made of metal. In those troubled times right now, love ist especially important and why shouldn’t we set an example and fill our apartment with a little love and loving decoration?

We offer the decorative hearts in different styles, for example, three interlocking hanging hearts that are able to rotate in the air, one bigger heart with a small round mirror hanging inside, shining gloriously, when a ray of light strikes it, and other pretty heart shaped decoration that have a nice little bow attached in the middle. In addition to the lovingly designed hearts you will also find an expressive peace sign. The Peace sign gives an even clearer statement of the importance of love and peace in our world. As all the others, the peace sign is also a metal ornament that can be hung with a soft ribbon. Besides the hearts and the peace sign you will also find beautiful glitter circles and a wonderful sparkling lantern. There’s a little candle sitting in the middle of the lantern. A real eye-catcher! No matter which one of the glitter decoration you choose, one thing is guaranteed: all sparkling decoration items are glittery, they twinkle and they are just beautiful.

The metal bars are all wrapped with a thin wire and there’s countless beads, pearls, sequins, star- and flower-shaped pearls and crystals that are attached to it, shining in different bright colors. The glitter decoration looks great attached to a wall or to the ceiling. It’s a real joy to watch as the ornaments move when they’re moved by a puff of air or when a ray of light shines on the beads. The decoration items are perfect for your living room, but also for the kid’s room, or the kitchen. Of course you can also arrange the pretty ornaments as a nice table decoration, or hang them in the window.

No matter where you put them in the house, the sparkling decoration by Taj Wood always looks gorgeous. Enjoy them!

Colorful accessories for your bike

When the weather’s nice out, most people just jump on their bikes and start riding. Lots of people of course also ride their bikes, when the weather isn’t that nice. Cycling is healthy, you get some exercise outside, it’s lots of fun and it is also a very popular form of transportation, expecially in a big city, because it is convenient and you get everywhere pretty quickly. Forget about the crowded roads, the bad traffic, and not finding a suitable parking lot for ever.

We are also active cyclists ourselves and we sure don’t want to miss our bikes.

And since we like our bikes so much, we would also like to make them a little special. We enjoy little accessories and gimmicks that will turn our bikes into real special pieces. For this reason, we set up a little sub-category with bike accessories in our category Auf Reisen & Unterwegs (Travelling) which provides you with motley bicycle accessories that not only look beautiful, but are also convenient and turn your bike into an exclusive piece. Anyone who is riding around by bike in Germany, will have to deal with rain some time. Therefore everone should have a good saddle protection, such as the super sweet bike seat covers by Spiegelburg and RICE DKWhether you choose for a nice floral design or fun dots, the seat protection keeps your bike saddle dry and clean and therefore your butt as well. Spiegelburg also offers a colorful rain protection for your child’s bicycle seat, so you can jump on your bike right after the big rain and cycle away with your little one. And to protect your pants from the dirty bicycle chain, we recommend the pretty trousers clasp by SpiegelburgThe floral pattern is adorable and the reflecting clasp also contributes to your safety on the road. This is also true for our great bicycle bells and the fun froggy-horn, also by Spiegelburg. A loud bell will make you noticeable more easily in the traffic and you will no longer be ignored and overlooked by cars. Matching the colorful flower printed bells, we would also like to warmly recommend the cheerful flower spoke clips for your bike tires. The spoke clips can be easily attached to the spokes and they look adorable. It’s so easy to make your bike look special in a short amount of time. And for those who regularly use their bikes to go grocery shopping, we offer our beautiful and spacious bike baskets by Overbeck & Friends, as well as the many great panniers by Spiegelburg. Some baskets and panniers can be fastened at the handlebars, some on the luggage rack. All baskets and panniers are super convenient and they offer plenty of space to store your groceries, or for example snacks for a fun bike tour or a nice picnic in the park. Just pack everything you want up and you’re all set. Bike tours and picnics are great fun, especially for children!

Whether it’s bike baskets or other cheerful bike accessories, all of our bicycle accessories by TakaTomo will make your bikes look better, even the old ones and they will turn them into your favorite companion on the road.

Favorite motif for the summer: Butterflies

Recently, when the weather was particularly nice, I was in the park with my little son. We played ball and capered around and then went to lie down on our blanket for a little break. And while we were relaxing and watching the clouds, a beautiful, small butterfly flew passed us. Actually it was a small tortoiseshell, which are those orange butterflies with brown and blue spots on the outer edges of their wings. The little tortoiseshell is a butterfly, that is pretty common in Germany and you usually get to see one pretty often if you’re out in the nature. The butterfly lavar host plant is the stinging-nettle and since that one is pretty common in Germany, too, the little tortoiseshell proliferate quickly. It was great fun to watch the little insect dancing in the air, watching it sit down on a daisy from time to time and fly around our heads.

Eventually it flew towards the bushes and was gone. My son and I still talked for a while about how we enjoyed this little buddy and how beautiful butterflies are probably our favorite insects. And the next day I was proven that that’s the truth because the wonderful “butterfly” melamine tableware by RICE DK, that I just recently had discovered has arrived and it brightened up my day.

This series by RICE DK is just super nice. Delicate colors and wonderful beautiful butterfly motifs adorn the assortment of melamine cups, -plates, bowls, salad bowls and serving plates. A special highlight is the sweet butterfly shaped menu dish.mAnd because we are so in love with the little lively butterflies and they are the stars of our summer of 2016, we would like to introduce to you a couple more items with a cheerful butterfly design that you can all find in our online store. Our little ones will enjoy the cute butterfly mobiles by, for example, Small Stuff, Jabadabado or Goki. The colorful butterflies dancing through the air will put a smile on every face. More butterfly highlights for babies are the beautiful stroller chain by Sebra, the soft baby blanket by Fussenegger and the cool baby-bib-set, consisting of a bib in a butterfly design with a sweet spoon by Petit Appetit. These products make also great gifts for the birth and baptism. Of course we also have great product in a butterfly design for slightly older kids. A must have for every little butterfly fan is the cute iron on patch by Krima & Isa. The sweet butterfly can be ironed on many garments easily and can turn basic clothes into favorite pieces. Once they are nicely dressed, the kids can sit by the crafting table and get started: Djeco offers super cool glitter pictures with butterfly motifs and other insects, but also the great coloring sheet “Butterfly Dance”. The little ones will be able to be creative and the butterflies will even help train the kids’ motor skills.

Butterflies also cut a good figure as a home accessorie. In our assortment you will find for example many beautiful lampshades by Roger la Borde, Wendekreis and Little Dutch in beautiful butterfly designs, convenient storage boxes with butterflies printed on them by TOYS & Company, and of course the already mentioned melamine tableware by RICE DK.

Of course, the melamine tableware is also great for outside, for example when you’re planning a relaxing garden party. TakaTomo offers wonderful great decoration items such as the colorful butterfly bunting by Jabadabado and great butterfly party sticks for yummy snacks by RICE DK. Also take a look at our SALE section, you’ll also find some cute butterfly items there, including the sweet butterfly baking pan and the butterfly ice cube tray by RICE DK. Those will make your party even better!

Well, and if you want to travel with the butterflies, we’re the right people to turn to as well because TakaTomo offers items like suitcases for kids, lunch boxes and water bottles by Jabadabado and a washbag by Lässig all in a sweet butterfly design. That way you will be traveling as freely and happily as the butterflies themselves. All of our „butterfly products“ are beautiful to look at and will make every butterfly fan happy. And if you are not a fan yet, you’ll become one pretty soon! Just check out our online store and find your favorite product with a butterfly motif.

RICE melamine tableware Happy Camper

Spring is everywhere and so it is at the RICE DK headquarter. Our danish friends and their design team were probably inspired by the beautiful weather and the desire for a hot, happy summer outdoors and now they are delighting us with a new spring collection of children’s melamine tableware. We actually can’t wait any longer to introduce this new colorful selection to you.

The collection bears the beautiful name “Happy Camper” and the name definitely says it all because this cheerful children’s tableware brings happy times with it. In terms of color the “Happy Camper” collection is based on the currently very fashionable pastel colors. Delicate shades such as rose, blue and beige are mixed with lots of cheerful dots. A really nice combination! But as usual, it’s the designs and the images that turn this spring collection by RICE DK again into a real highlight. According to the motto “Happy Camper” you’ll find images of the cutest animals experiencing a great time at a camping place. You’ll meet a fox who’s playing a fisher’s boy fishing in full gear. That looks like a lot of fun. Another image of an outdoor activity that looks like fun and at the same time looks very tasty, is the marshmallow roasting at the campfire. The sweet raccoon who is preparing a snack by the fire definitely knows what’s good for him and what tastes delicious. Yummm, one really gets in the mood for a campfire and snacks, too.

RICE Melamine Happy Camper Boy

Besides these two you’ll find countless other motley images, such as a kitten munching on cotton candy, a cool dog who is enjoying sunbathing, a sweet bear holding ice cream in his hand and a smart bear watching the stars at night. No matter what activity they are involved in, the cute animals on the beautiful melamine tableware all look very happy and one can probably for sure call each and everyone of them a “Happy Camper” since they are enjoying a great time out in the nature. All colorful melamine dishes with all the great images can be found in our online storeSelect from menu dishes, children’s plates, bowls, mugs, cups and lunchboxes, as well as nice children’s flatware.

RICE Melamine Happy Camper Girl

The wonderful dishes and great designs of the RICE tableware are lots of fun and they make you feel like you need to get out on a camping spree right away. Camping sounds great, right? Imagine how nice that would be, you could for example do all the things you’ve already seen on the „Happy Camper“ melamine tableware. Melamine tableware is incidentally also perfect to use as camping tableware because it is quite robust and almost unbreakable. It is also very light and therefore easy to transport. This should turn everybody into a happy Camper. Whether you’re in a tent or a caravan or even at home, the beautiful melamine tableware by RICE DK is super convenient and really cheerful. TakaTomo.de and RICE DK say: have fun on your camping vacation and have a nice summer with lots of sunshine!

New cool Blafre bags

Just a short while ago, our kids were crazy about the wonderful Blafre backpacks in beautiful pastel shades and there they are again with another great new product: This time it’s the incredibly cool duffle bags. The design of the duffle bag is inspired by the hip retro look of the backpacks, so we’re talking about nice bags in the most delicate colors such as yellow, green, gray, blue and light pink with handles and details made of white leather. The Blafre duffle bag has a zipper, so all of your valuables can be put away safely. In addition to two shorter handles, the cylindrical duffle bag also comes with a separate and adjustable shoulder strap, which can be attached and also removed really easily. The sportive Blafre bags are definitely very trendy and a real eye catcher. In addition, they are also really convenient, because with its 11l holding capacity and the dimensions of 35x20x7cm, the water-repellent polyester bags offer plenty of space for all of your important personal things. The beautiful duffle bags by Blafre are pretty cool and also multifuntional. On the one hand they can be used as a gym bag at school, because they offer enough space for sports gear, a bottle of water and a banana or an apple. The bags are also perfect to be worn as a hip handbag, that offers lots of space for your personal belongings. Keys, wallet, phone, tissues, chewing gum, a bottle of water and everything else you need on the go will find its place in the awesome duffle bag.

Blafre bag

As you can see, the duffle bags by the Norwegian brand Blafre are just ideal for children as well as for adults. Enjoy all the cool bags in vernal colors that match with our present, warm season. Besides the beautiful bags and the matching backpacks you can also find many other great products by Blafre.

Blafre backpack

Lunchboxes, drinking bottles and thermos jugs in a fantastic vintage look are just a few examples of the great Blafre assortment at TakaTomo.de. We hope you’ll enjoy discovering all the great products.

Cute Sebra stroller chains

People just love to get outside in the spring time. Everyone enjoys the warm sun and the fresh air. Children also love to be outdoors. Especially the little ones benefit from the fresh air and therefore in the springtime you can usually find many new mums and dads pushing the stroller and taking a walk in the park. Long walks are not only healthy, but they’re also a lot of fun since there is a lot to experience and to discover. But eventually, whe the baby has already seen all the trees and bushes, a long walk like that can actually get a little boring. In this case, it is always very helpful, to have something nice with you to keep your child occupied. Besides cuddly toys and rattles, colorful stroller chains are an particularly great way to keep your child in a good mood while taking a walk or running errands. Wonderful new stroller chains by the brand Sebra can now be ordered at TakaTomo.de. The cute chains made of crocheted balls and wooden beads, each with two sweet crocheted elements such as tractors or butterflies can be easily attached to the stroller with two plastic hooks. The stroller chains are just adorable. And not only the new items. Of course, the old collection of Sebra stroller chains is also a real eye-catcher. Sweet elephants and cool owls will definitely put a smile on your kid’s face. Stroller chains not only are very sweet and a great way to keep the little ones entertained for a while, they will also have a positive effect on your child’s development. By looking at the elements and reaching for the colorful characters both, the perception as well as the tactile sense of the children is trained and also the hand-eye coordination will improve. All in all the motor skills are trained in a fun and playful way. Thus stroller chains are just an optimal way to entertain your kid on the road and to support their development at the same time. In addition, the stroller chains are just really lovely to look at. Whether you prefer items of the new or or the old collection, stroller chains by Sebra are definitely a must-have in any stroller. Besides the Sebra stroller chains there are also lots of other cheerful stroller chains available in our online store.Visit our site and explore the cutest colorful stroller chains by brands like Sindibaba and Done By DeerWe are sure you will find a great stroller chain your baby will absolutely love and enjoy. Stroller chains and other accessories for strollers, such as stroller bags, stroller shopping nets, pacifier chains, burp cloths and many more also make a really nice gift for the birth or the baptism. You will find all the accessories for stroller in our shop.

Wonderful lunch boxes and drinking bottles by Rex International

Right in the morning it’s time to go to kindergarden or pre-school for our youngest and to work for the adults. And it’s probably not the best idea to do that on an empty stomach. A nutritious breakfast is very important, especially for children because it gets them prepared for the day, they can focus better and are ready to learn new things. If the kids don’t have enough time to have breakfast at home, or they just don’t prefer to eat early in the morning, they should take a couple of nutritious snacks with them, to give themselves a boost for the rest of the day. The same is true for a sufficient amount of liquids. Only when the body is hydrated, it can function properly. To avoid drops in performance, you should pack your kid a couple of healthy and tasty snacks and drinks to take with him or her. The amount should of course be adapted according to your kid’s timetable. Prepare your child a really nice lunch bag, consisting of a delicious sandwich, fresh fruit and veggies. A little treat such as a hand full of trail mix or a piece of chocolate should also be added from time to time.

The snacks and drinks should always be stored really well so that they remain fresh and do not spill into your kid’s school bag. After all nobody needs wet books or grease stains on important notes. To be able to store all snacks perfectly, we’d love to present the brand new products by Rex International to you today, such as the super convenient bento boxes and snack boxes as well as the colorful plastic drinking bottles. The cool bento boxes are ideal for a proper small meal. They have two compartments that each includes a lid, a fork and a spoon and a rubber band, with which one can hold the bento box together in one piece. The snack boxes by Rex International are also very convenient for school, kindergarden and the office.They are available as one large lunchbox as well as as a practical 3-piece snack box set in different sizes. That way you can also store foods that rather should not be packed in one box, for example a lunch meat sandwich and a piece of cake. When not in use the snack boxes can easily be stacked inside each other and put in a kitchen cabinet.

Lunchboxes and drinking bottles

Choose from different designs, such as the fun “colorful creatures” or the cute Little Red Riding Hood print. Of course, a nice drink should be packed, too. Whether it’s water or unsweetened tea, a healthy thirst quencher tastes delicious and is good for your body and soul. To also transport the drinks safely, Rex International offers the cool transparent water bottles. Here you can choose from several colorful designs, such as a bright summer meadow, vintage apples or cheerful blue tits. With the great water bottles and lunch boxes your child can easily store and transport his and her snacks and drinks for lunch break. Besides the beautiful products by Rex International, come visit the TakaTomo online store for a large variety of other lunch boxes and bottles of different brands. Go and find the lunchbox and drinking bottle that you and your child like best. Instanly fall in love with all the different colors, shapes and cute designs. You’ll finde lunch boxes and drinking bottles by the brands RICE, Sebra, Skip Hop, 3 Sprouts and many more. In addition, you will also find great thermos jugs by Blafre and Krasilnikoff in our assortment to warm yourself from the inside on a cold day.

Krima & Isa Schultüten

In the summer many impatient kindergarden kids will finally attend school for the first time in their lifes. This exciting new stage in life is more than exciting and should of course be celebrated properly. In addition to a nice party with beloved family members and good friends celebrating properly also means to get a great „Schultüte“, which is filled with lots of goodies and the most amazing little surprises. The translation of „Schultüte“, oder a „Zuckertüte“ is something like „school cornet“, oder „sugar cornet“. „Schultüten“ are a very old ritual that is known only in Germany and other German-speaking countries. They are usually not known outside of these. The first evidence of enrollment in which there were „school cornets“ goes back to the 19th century. It’s crazy for how long a tradition like this can keep up. Well, but maybe that is because it is such a nice ritual. Anyhow the first graders are delighted by the loaded „Schultüten“, they carry them around proudly all day long and they cannot wait to finally see what’s inside, when they’re done with their first day of school. Usually the cornets are filled with useful little utensils for school, such as crayons, erasers, or a ruler and of course with delicious sweets and pastries, which are supposed to keep the kids energized during their first day of school. That’s probably where the regional term „Zuckertüte“, „sugar cornet“ comes from. In addition to a great ‘filling’ each first grader should of course get a „Schultüte“ he or she likes and one, that suits her, or him best.

You can find a nice selection of „Schultüten“ by the brand Krima & Isa at TakaTomo.de. We offer enchanting „Schultüten“ in various sizes and designs.

the colors used on the cornets are mainly red, blue, light pink and white and you’ll find different patterns such as checks, fun dots, or stripes.

The black cornets with white skulls on them are really cool and real pirate-students will absolutely adore them. Whatever design you’ll choose, you will definitely find the right „Schultüte“. The „Schultüten“ are a real eye catcher and they will lighten up your kids’ faces. The cornets are certainly one of the highlights of the first school day of each first grader. Nevertheless, they are not the most important item for a good start into school life. Other accessories such as school bags, sports bags, pencil cases, pens, notebooks, binders, lunch boxes, water bottles and so on are definitely paramount and essential for school. All of these things can also be found in our online store. They will ensure that your child is well prepared for a successful start at school. Just check out TakaTomo.de we’re looking forward to see you there and wish your children a wonderful first day at school.

Beautiful heart print RICE melamine tableware for Mother’s Day

Everyone who has a great and loving mother is really lucky. She is always there for you, protects you, comforts you when you are sad, she always gives great advice, she laughs with you, she cries with you and she just loves you a lot. And we love our mommy’s right back. Therefore you should show your mother once in a while how much you love her and the easiest way to do that is of course on Mother’s Day. Mother’s day is on May 8th this year (at least in Germany) and so we still have a little time to think about a nice surprise for our lovely mommy. Sure there are classic gifts like flowers or a box of delicious chocolates, but how about something special on this special day? How about a yummy breakfast with homemade foods or a delicious homemade cake? Both ideas show that you put some thoughts and effort in it and they are especially so nice because you can all spend some quality time with each other. To set up the breakfast table, or the coffee table really nicely, TakaTomo.de offers the brand new heart print melamine tableware by RICE DK. The beautiful melamine tableware is printed with lots and lots of delicate flowers and a bright heart, that is supposed to represent, how much you love your mother. Choose from pretty cups, bowls, dessert plates and serving dishes and if you’re planning on baking a delicious cake, then also decide on a cute heart-shaped spatula.

RICE heart melamine tableware

The nice dishes offer lots of space to put in goodies and all the yummy foods you made and you can easily turn the whole kitchen table into a really sweet eye-catcher. And mommy will definitely be very happy and enjoy “her” day.

But the wonderful heart print tableware made of melamine not only looks great and makes mom’s heart beat a little faster, it is also really convenient and it can be also used en route. Melamine is very light, robust and almost unbreakable, thus it’s also possible to wrap everything up and plan a nice Mother’s Day picnic in the park or at the lake.

RICE heart tableware

Plan a great day for your mother, yourself and all the other family members and enjoy the enchanting melamine tableware by RICE Denmark. You can find the heart print collection and many other RICE DK products in our online store. TakaTomo.de and our longtime friends of RICE DK are wishing all mothers a wonderful Mother’s Day!

New SUPERSOSO melamine tableware

Hooray, the new collection Supersoso by Épiceries of bidules is here! The name of the brand means something like “the whatchamacallit-hodgepodge store” which definitely stands for one thing: motley and crazy products.


And this is especially great for us at TakaTomo.de because after all ‘motley’ is also our own motto. Motley colors, crazy designs and that certain something, that rarely can be found in our standardized world – you can find that in the cool products by Supersoso. And therefore we are very happy to present you today the super cool new melamine kids’ tableware Supersoso. You can find colorful childrens’ mugs, bowls and cute tableware sets consisting of menu dishes, a bowl, a two-handled cup and flatware in our assortment.

The colors of the Supersoso products are almost like a wonderful experience, because you will find strong shades of purple and turquoise mixed with blue and yellow creating a cheerful combination of colors. The cool designs and the great motifs as well as the rather „different“ style will make the Supersoso products even cooler. Whether you choose for rabbits, flamingos, or crocodiles, the characters Alice, Binocle, the fun Maharaja girl, crazy cat and many more, mixed with cute dots, flowers and stars or a plaid pattern, all Supersoso products are just one heck of an eye-catcher and they will bring a lot of joy on your kitchen table. We speak from experience when saying that children will absolutely love the fun and colorful tableware because there’s always something new to discover on the plate or on the cup and the fun tableware will make food, even yucky greens, a lot more delicious. Another advantage of the colorful Supersoso tableware of course is that it is made of melamine.

Supersoso melamine tableware

Melamine is robust and light weight, making it suitable for small and a little clumsy childrens’ fingers. Moreover, the melamine tableware is dishwasher safe and will keep its nice and motley colors even after many washes. The only thing you should avoid, is putting melamine tableware into the microwave, but that’s not very healthy anyway and so it shouldn’t be that hard.

You can just search about a bit in our online store at Takatomo.de and convince yourself of the positive effect of the colorful Supersoso childrens’ tableware. By the way, the tableware sets are shipped in a nice gift box which makes them a great gift to first birthdays for example. The tableware is a great help for the little ones to effortlessly learn how to eat independently and without any assistance. Melamine is very convenient for small hands and fingers because it is light and handy and it can be carried around from one place to another quite easily. And since melamine is rather break-proof, it’s not a big deal if a mug or a bowl is accidentally dropped on the ground once in a while. All the other Supersoso and L’epicerie of bidules products in our online store make also a great gift, you can for example use the cups as little presents or make the kid’s eyes lighten up with colorful and cute bibs. And one thing is for sure, you will definitely bring a little more fun onto the kitchen table by using the bright colors and the cool patterns mixes of the Supersoso products.

New cute Smallstuff baby-mobiles

Babies discover the world with all their senses, in the beginning especially with their eyes. They love to let their eyes wander around the room, to discover new things and to gain new insights of the world they are now living in. The kids’ curiosity is unruly and they enjoy almost everything that appears in their field of vision. For great visual stimuli at the changing table or in the baby’s bed, we highly recommend fun baby-mobiles. Mobiles not only attract the attention of the little ones and keep them occupied, they also have a great effect on the childrens’ development.

Mobiles are perfect at the changing table because the children are occupied while the diapers are changed. Since the kids will probably prefer to look at the cute, dancing figures above their head instead of constantly wriggling around or turning on their belly, mom and dad will be able to change the diapers with no problems and the whole changing process will be significantly simplified.

Mobiles are also very useful in the baby’s crib because during the stage of falling-asleep, the baby might be restless and may not feel comfortable. A mobile can calm the baby down and make falling asleep a lot easier and nicer.

While the babies watch the sweet figures dance around, they can start to relax and fall asleep more easily.

Of course, the pretty mobiles can also be used as a sweet decoration in the kid’s room with no further intention. Once a small draft of air moves across the room, the cute figures start to dance and lighten up everyone’s face.

By watching the figures dance around, the ability to see three-dimensionally is stimulated. In addition, a mobile may also have a positive effect on the hand-eye coordination, because our little darlings tend to reach for the merry prancing figures. Plus, the colors of the mobile will make the children happy and they will learn how to focus on one certain thing, such as the figures of the mobile.

In addition to all the motley mobiles in our online store, we are happy to present you today the wonderful new mobiles by Smallstuff.

We offer the super cute mobiles in five different designs you can choose from. The nice crocheted figures such as tractors, cars, cute butterflies, elephants, or ladybugs have a soft synthetic padding and hang from a ring made of a 100% soft cotton (about 23cm diameter). They swirl around the air and put smiles on everyone’s face. The delicate colors and the playful designs are typical for Smallstuff and the mobiles also match many of the other Smallstuff products that can of course all be found in our online shop.

Mobiles are beautiful and very useful and they are also a great birth gift or baptism gift. Whether you’ll choose our brand new mobiles by Smallstuff, or all the colorful mobiles by other brands like Sebra, Djeco, Jabadabado or Done by Deer, the great mobiles and cute figures will bring a lot of joy into your life.

New baby toys by Le Toy Van

Our little ones are just so precious. Every day they are learning something new and they love to discover the world with all their senses.

They love to observe and to touch everything and to discover what the world is all about.

To support your child’s senses right from the start, TakaTomo.de would like to offer you the brand new wooden baby toys by Le Toy Van that are suitable for toddlers age 12 months and older.

In our online store, you can find a selection of wooden Le Toy Van toys, which were tailored for the special needs of our youngest and that will definitely have a positive effect on their development. One example would be the beautiful 3-piece Baby Puzzles: Bear, Owl and Bird. Like all other Le Toy Van toys the smooth baby puzzles are made of high quality wood and are painted with water-based colors. Besides, all of the toys are also ICTI approved. All three pieces of the puzzles fit into each other perfectly, they can be grasped really well with small hands, can be taken apart and put together again. The cute animal motifs are a real eye-catcher and they make the puzzle even more fun. Another pretty wooden Le Toy Van toy, is the cool Tree Top Stacker. The seperate segments can be pulled off the tree trunk and can be stacked back on according to size. The tree is topped off with a cute little bird sitting in a nest. Great fun for our little rascals.

The third brand new toy in our assortment is also a lot of fun and that is the Little Leaf Blocks featuring uniquely designed illustrations.

The four chunky wooden blocks are very handy and it’s fun to align them next to each other, or to stack them into a little tower.

The great thing about the blocks is the cool woodland picture that comes up, when the right four sides of the blocks are aligned in a square. That can be a little additional incentive to our little puzzle lovers.

But of course fun should be the most important aspect here, so it’s also fine to just stack the blocks, or place them next to each other in any way.

A little more challenging would be the fourth wooden toy in our league, namely the Woodland Puzzle Blocks consisting of 16 pieces and a wooden base board tray, that all blocks can be placed on in the correct arrangement.

Your child can build, construct and create and then sort the pieces back into the wooden frame.

Just select the wooden toy by Le Toy Van at TakaTomo that you like best.

All mentioned toys are not only very entertaining, they will also have a positive effect on the development of your child.

The wooden toys improve concentration and the retentiveness of children.

Furthermore through grasping and touching the motor skills and the dexterity will improve. In addition, the toys encourage the hand-eye coordination and thus have a positive effect on the senses such as vision and the sense of touch. Also, your child will learn how to play on its own, how to practise itself in patience and how to keep trying, when a piece doesn’t fit into place right away. Playing per se also has a positive effect on your child because it’s just a lot of fun to play and the kid can also enjoy the beautiful figures and designs.

The beautiful wooden toys by Le Toy Van are suitable for toddlers age 12 months and they also make a great gift for a first birthday.

Djeco Eduludo drawing learning set

Children love to be with their friends, to play with other children and to be wild and silly. Of course, the other kids can’t be around 24/7, so it’s important to find an activity that can be played alone and which is also a lot of fun, even without a playing partner. Drawing and sketching sure are popular activities to perform on your own. Most children love drawing, they enjoy trying out different pens and art supplies and let their imagination run wild. The craziest works of art can arise from that. But sometimes children don’t just want to doodle around aimlessly, but would rather like to draw correct figures, as realistically as possible. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to draw close to reality and with all the little details. Even adults have trouble drawing precize figures. If one doesn’t come along with a good amount of talent, one won’t get too far. Well, until now, because now we have the great Edulodo drawing learning sets Arthur, Josephine and Tiere & Co by Djeco, that will make learning to draw and to sketch really easy.

The super cool 27-piece drawing learning sets consist of 24 charts (each has four steps), a large wipeable board, a pen and a wipe.

Your child can now learn step by step how to draw a variety of different characters in a simple way. The process of drawing the each step should be pretty fun and relaxed because whenever something doesn’t seem right, your kid can simply wipe it off off the board and try again.

The different boxes have the size 21x21x4cm and each box includes sheets with different pictures of a specific topic.

In the Eduludo box Arthur you’ll find pictures like cars, airplanes, motorcycles, but also cowboys and robots. The drawing-learning set Josephine consists of templates to learn how to draw a princess, a castle, a carriage and so on. The third box in our assortment, Tiere & Co, for example offers cute drawing sheets of animals like a snail, a lion, a parrot and a whale.

You see, with the great drawing learning sets Eduludo by Djeco your child can choose from a huge variety of pictures and step by step learn how to bring all characters on paper in the most realistic way possible.

The drawing learning sets are not only lots of fun, they also have a positive effect on the development of your children. Drawing and sketching trains their power of concentration and their retentiveness and it strengthens their visual abilities and power of observation. In addition to that, the fine motor skills will improve by drawing small and delicate pictures.

With the Eduludo drawing-learning sets by Djeco your children will be able to keep themselves occupied alone and the drawing itself will bring a little peace and quiet in the usually loud and restless childrens’ everyday life. Drawing can have a calming and meditative effect in this case.

Our colorful Eduludo sets by Djeco are suitable for children between 3-6 years, but not suitable for children under 3 because of small parts that could be inhaled, or swallowed. Please keep this in mind!

We wish all older kids a lot of fun and we’re sure, you’ll find a nice alternative for the little ones at our TakaTomo online store.

Schoolbags by Lässig and Smallstuff

All kids in kindergarten are wriggleing about on their chairs with excitement, because soon it’s time. School’s on! Most children can’t wait to finally start school and they have been waiting for this day for ever.

Starting school of course doesn’t only mean anticipation, it’s also about new challenges, new impressions, new friends and overall about a completely new, exciting stage of life, that will be very important for the child’s development.

A special event like the first day of school, should of course be prepared early enough and well. Lots of utensils, which will be important for the student’s daily work, need to be bought

Besides folders, notebooks, pencils, pencil cases, lunch boxes, drinking bottles, sportsbags and other necessary items that can all be found in our online store, one thing can’t be missed by no means and this is a proper school bag!

It should definitely be a spacious school bag, which provides plenty of room for all notebooks and books, and it shoud have several separate pockets to have the option of storing other important things as well, such as a pencil case, a lunchbox, water bottle, wallet, enz.

We would love to present you three different types of school bags that you can find in our online store, such as the great satchels and school bags by Lässig, as well as the incredibly cool school backpacks by Smallstuff.

The satchels by Lässig are stylish, robust and resistant. They look like a regular backpack, but they have a padded back and stable shoulder straps. Even heavy books can be transported without hurting your kids’ backs. The satchels also have an additional waist-belt that provides even more stability.

A large main compartment, another front compartment and a hidden side pocket, which includes a rain cover, that can be put over the bag when needed, offer plenty of space for the entire school equipment of our little abecedarians.

The school bags also have reflectors on them and a shiny surface that will help make the way to school a lot safer, especially in the dark.

The satchel by Lässig is available in the colors magenta and in a special set in the color olive-blue. The set includes a sports bag, a pencil case with pens, another pencil case and a neck pouch. The bags have a beautiful star-design.

In addition to its satchel, Lässig also offers beautiful and nostalgic school- and leisure bags in the same star-print.

The bags come with a spacious main compartment and two front pockets. They also have a detachable backpack function, which means that the shoulder strap can be easily detached and transformed into a shoulder strap. This transforms the school bag into a nice leisure bag instantly.

Another school bag you will find in our online store, is the great school backpack by Smallstuff.

The backpacks are available in the colors of purple, black and navy and they all have a cool leather star application on the front pocket.

They are made of durable, water resistant cotton and are very stable.

Besides a large main compartment, they have a front zipper pocket, with an isolated lining, a round pocket on one side and another zipper compartment in the backpack flap. All Smallstuff backpacks are delivered with a separate sports bag, so the exercise clothes don’t have to be stuffed inside the main compartment together with books and papers.

All school bags in our assortment are extremely spacious and offer plenty of space for school supplies, as well as for other important things that are needed on a school day, such as lunch boxes and drinking bottles. The backpack by Smallstuff for example is so convenient it can also easily be used as a hiking backpack for smaller trips and excursions. Whatever you’ll be using them for, have fun with them and TakaTomo wishes everybody a great time at school!

Krasilnikoff Mug To-Go

The birds are chirping, spring is coming and it’s sure time for a beautiful spring walk outside in the warm sun. A nice walk outside and a breath of fresh air are a good thing, especially for babies and kids and it’s definitely nice to discover the world while mom, or dad is pushing the stroller. But hey, it’s also nice for them, they can meet up with other young parents, can chat about life and enjoy a nice day in the sunshine. But beware, even if it is getting warmer, it can often still be pretty chilly out, so therefore it is necessary to get your kids and yourself in the right clothes. And if that’s not enough you can still warm yourself from the inside with a warm cup of tea or coffee or another hot drink. Unfortunately there’s no coffee place anywhere around when you’re in the middle of the park, so what to do? How about taking a warm drink with you in our beautiful to go cups by Krasilnikoff?

Krasilnikoff To Go Mugs

The practical travel mugs are made of robust, double-walled porcelain which is both, dishwasher and microwave safe. The cool to-go cups are also equipped with a practical lid made of food safe silicone, that won’t leak and will keep the hot beverages warm longer.

The height of the cup is about 15cm (including lid) and it has a capacity of 250ml. That’s enough for a good cup of tea, coffee or another delicious hot drink. The travel mugs by Krasilnikoff come in beautiful designs. Select of mugs with a stars or diamonds print or choose one of our brand new mugs with a beautiful floral design. You will find all kinds of colors, such as the neutral color taupe, but also bright colors like red. Matching Krasilnikoff’s other products, you can also choose from cups with nice statements on them such as “be happy“, “keep smiling” and “happy day“. We are pretty sure a walk in the sun and a warm drink out of a cute travel mug will definitely make it a happy day! Whether you take the travel mugs with you on a walk or to work, whether you use them to actually travel or just use them at home without the lid, the fun mugs by Krasilnikoff are a real eye-catcher and you will absolutely love them.

All to-go cups are handmade and therefore slight variations in material and color are quite normal. These little quirks make the cups stand out even more. So, enjoy your drink, have a happy day and keep smiling!

Beginning of the gardening season 2016

Finally the sun is coming back, making us happy with its warm rays. Hibernation seems to be over and everybody is stepping outside to catch a breath of fresh air. That’s just lovely. A little bit of sun, a gentle breeze and lots of new energy. When it’s so nice out, it’s sure about time for the garden season to begin, right? Right!

Finally you can devote yourself to your garden, you can weed, dig the beds and plant vegetables and other plants while having lots of fun in the great outdoors.

Summer is already in the starting blocks, so you should definitely go and jazz up your garden a little, so you will be able to spend endless summer evenings in your beautiful yard. And to do so, we’ve got a few little helpers, that will be of great help at your gardening sessions.

How about, for example, the convenient gardening gloves by Spiegelburg? The comfortable gardening gloves come in an adorable floral design, or are covered with fun dots.The gloves have a non-slip area inside the palm and an extra long shaft, which can be turned inside out when necessary and can be fixed with a velcro. The gardening gloves are perfect for grabbing onto strong weeds and your hands are well protected from dirt, thorns and scratchy branches while gardening.

While standing in the middle of your yard, it is also very important to have all necessary work utensils within reach and there sure are a couple of different ones. Whether it’s a rake or a spade, you will eventually need all of them. And to make sure you won’t have to look for the needed tools for ever, our team at TakaTomo recommends the super cool and practical gardening belt by Spiegelburg. The stylish belt is really pretty, it comes in a floral design, it is adjustable in length and has different sized pockets that provide ample space for all your garden helpers and tools, seeds and other necessary utensils.

Spiegelburg Endlich Gartenzeit

With the awesome gardening belt you are definitely all set for a successful time in your beds. So once you’re done digging, weeding and putting seeds in the ground, of course you will have to water the newly planted plants sufficiently. Choose for our beautiful and nostalgic metal watering cans of the collection „Endlich Gartenzeit“ by Spiegelburg. The pretty watering cans are printed with sweet pictures of fruit, vegetables and flowers, they have a beautiful shape, a pivoting handle and they have a liquid capacity of two liters.

Gardening is really fun and not only for adults. Kids also enjoy being outside and helping the big ones with all the work in the garden.

Being out in the garden is a great way in include the little rascals in gardening, to introduce them to nature in general and to being active outside.

The little ones will of course also need the proper tools to being able to help in the yard. A rake, a shovel and a spade, all these tools will eventually be needed. All of them are available in the cool gardening kit bag by Small Foot Design, which was designed especially for kids. While mum and dad are slogging away, the little rascals can happily dig and rake around in the ground, or water the already sown plants. All important tools for that are stored in the practical gardening bag.

Spiegelburg also offers another great gardening-set, consisting of a shovel and a rake in fun white polka dots on a red background. Those tools can be used by kids as well as grown ups and they will make gardening a lot more fun. You don’t own a garden? No problem, all garden tools can of course be used when repotting plants on the balcony, or even as a toy at the playground.

And if you wish to show your kids how to plant seeds in the ground, and how to take care of them so a little plant grows, even without a yard, we recommend the fantastic little herb garden in a cheerful polka-dotted metal pan for the balcony. Plant tasty herbs, such as basil, chives and parsley together with your children and show them how much work it is to grow food and how long it takes until it finally ends up on the plate. This will teach them to respect plants and food. Helping out in the garden will also show the little ones what teamwork means and how much fun it can be to create something together with others. And of course they will have lots of fun in general. Happy gardening everybody!

Djeco dollhouse and accessories

A Djeco dollhouse in a childrens’ room is always an eye-catcher and a real child magnet. Playing with dolls and a dollhouse has been a great experience for children since time immemorial. And not just for girls. Lots of boys enjoy the little dolls and love imitating real life situations in RPG’s.

Playing with dolls, dollhouses and all the colorful accessories is so popular because the way to play is incredibly varied. The children can let their imagination run wild and try out their creative ideas. The role playing games that are played in the dollhouse, can be of a different nature. Children can either make up situations, or reenact familiar situations of their everyday life. Even incidents which maybe weren’t so pleasant in real life can be reenacted in a RPG, making them easier to handle and to understand. This has a positive effect on the feelings and emotional experiences of children.

In a dollhouse anything is possible, the role-playing situations can for example change very quickly by changing a room and suddenly being in a totally different environment. The kids can also stay in one room for a long time and for example switch roles and get to know different perspectives of all the different characters in the role playing game. The sky is the limit here. To make sure your kids can develop their creative potential properly, a nice and realistic dollhouse is definitely an essential. Therefore we would like to present to you our two stylish dollhouses „Colour House“ with a roof, and the „Cubic House“, without a roof, by Djeco.

The two high-quality wooden houses are very modern in their design and very spacious, which makes them so inviting to start playing right away.

You can take a look inside each room of both houses from all sides and so you’re always in the midst of events.

As the houses are sold empty with neither furniture nor accessories, the children can decide on their own how they want the inside of the dollhouse to be. On the one hand this fact stimulates their imagination and creativity, on the other hand, it trains their general senses and especially their spatial sense. The children need to consider each room, they have to decide on a floor plan and need to talk about which furniture they would like to use and how to arrange it. Djeco offers a large selection of adorable accessories and detailed home accessories that look so authentical and real, making the playing experience even better.

Select a set of furniture, such as a bedroom set, a bathroom set, a kitchen set, a living room set, a nursery set, a TV room set, a dining room set and even a terrace set. Your kids will love the little accessories, they are just stunning. Whether it’s tiny magazines, a vase of flowers, a bath mat, or a candlestick, even the most unimportant appearing pieces of furniture and accessories are available to make the role playing games as realistic as possible.

What about the residents then? Well, after the new home is set up, they can finally move in. Djeco offers a wide range of different dolls. You can choose from whole doll families and extra family members, such as a grandma doll and a grandpa doll, a little baby doll and others. Once the dollhouse and its residents are ready, the colorful playing time can begin. Have fun!

WARNING: due to many small parts that can be inhaled or swallowed, the dollhouse as well as the dollhouse accessories are not suitable for children under the age of four. The little ones should wait a couple more years until they are ready to play with the dollhouse. We are pretty sure, you will find a nice alternative in our online store, so the little tots are not too sad and can still have a lot of fun playing.

3 Sprouts storage bins and boxes

Our kids’ room is its kingdom, but who is ruling this kingdom? Right, it’s chaos.

There’s blocks lying around in one corner, pieces of puzzles in another corner and there’s toys and stuffed animals everywhere.

Children usually can’t decide what they want to play with first, and so they have got to have everything all at once right by their side.

That can be really nerve-wracking, especially for mom and dad, when they try to enter the kids’ room, because they can barely put one foot in front of the other, let alone see one bit of the floor. And once it’s time to clean up, it can get really uncomfortable because cleaning up is usually not one of the kids’ favorite activity.

Well until now because there are some really cool toy bins and baskets by 3 Sprouts at our TakaTomo.de online store. Those storage containers will definitely make cleaning up really fun. The three founders of 3 Sprouts have been combining their love for children and for unique, modern products since the year of 2007.

The designers from Canada have been in the design business for a long time and they love transforming their creative ideas into beautiful products that appeal not only to the little rascals, but also to their style-conscious parents.

Creativity, style and functionality are of great importance to all items by 3 Sprouts, because especially with little children, design only is mostly not enough anymore. Young parents need convenient solutions for the challenges a life with small children involves. And if those solutions come around in form of adorable products, then everyone can lean back and smile. And a customer’s smile is something we all enjoy a lot, the 3 Sprouts team as well as our team at TakaTomo.de. The adorable storage boxes, -bins, -bags and baskets will be a great help to make you smile, promise. The storage boxes are very useful and provide lots of storage space for toys and all of your kids’ stuff. Just throw it in there. Done!

The cheerful polyester containers come in different shapes, you can choose from a rectangular chest with a lid, a square box that fits perfectly into any standard shelf, from round baskets and basket-like bags that are great for storing toys, but are also suitable as knitting storage box, or magazine basket.

All storage bins are decorated with incredibly cute animal applications made of polyester felt. Choose from countless different animals and opt for the sweet hippo or the cheeky monkey, for the cool elephant, cute beavers, raccoons, crocodiles, whales and many more. All of the animal friends are very sweet and highly decorative. Children love the cheerful animals and the little friends make cleaning up really fun!

In addition to the toy boxes and storage containers you can also find more stylish 3 Sprouts products in our online shop, including wall organizers, lunch bags, hooded towels, stroller organizers and laundry hampers.

All products have the awesome 3 Sprouts design in common and they are all embellished with cute animal applications. 3 Sprouts items are definitely a real eye catcher in every househould. Visit our online store and see for yourself. You will immediately fall in love with 3 Sprouts.

RICE ceramic tableware from Tuscany and Portugal

Hello wanderlust, my old friend. There you are again. Well, no surprise. The gray and rainy weather is upsetting, it’s been a while since you’ve come back from your last vacation and you could really use a change from your stressful everyday life. Wouldn’t that be great, a couple of days away from home in the sunny south of Europe, with the whole family or good friends, with plenty of sunshine and delicious Mediterranean food?! Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. The kids have to go to school, you work long hours and your home is just a messy desaster. Well, it is probably about time to bring a little holiday feeling into your home, right? How about, for instance, inviting some good friends over and have a colorful, Mediterranean evening? With the right food, good wine and beautiful tableware from Tuscany by our popular brand RICE DK it will be an easy one to conjure the particular Italian lifestyle onto your table in just a second. The high-quality ceramic products from Italy and Portugal are handmade and all glazed by hand, which makes them so unique! Due to the manufacturing by hand, slight variations and sprinkles in the clay material are pretty common, but they turn the table ware from Tuscany and Portugal into unique eye-catchers on your kitchen table. Mediterranean feeling is guaranteed here! In addition the crockery items by RICE DK are also super convenient. All pieces are heat resistant and oven safe up to 240°C. You can put them into the refrigerator and the dishwasher without any problem. Please do not keep the tableware in a hot water bath for more than 20 minutes though and don’t stick them in the refrigerator right after taking them out of the oven. The material could easily break under those circumstances and it would be a pitty if you couldn’t use the pretty crockery anymore. RICE DK attach a great importance to food safety and therefore all products are being tested according to EU standards. We really like that.

Now it’s your turn to choose your favorite dishes. Choose from our huge range of decorative plates, cups, bowls, dishes, casseroles, jugs and other containers which will add a little bit of La Dolce Vita to each and every meal. Whether you choose for a single-colored series, or you combine different colors together, just arrange your beautiful tableware from Tuscany an Portugal the way you like it. Colors make you happy and colorful moments will definitely make life more beautiful. TakaTomo.de has been an avid fan of the colorful Tuscan dishes and dishes made in Portugal for years and it would be delightful if we could bring a slight Mediterranean feeling to your home, too.

No matter what, a beautifully set up table and a delicious meal definitely go together and with our precious crockery by RICE DK you can also dream yourself away to the coast of Portugal, or to a pretty little village in Tuscany.

And if it’s still a while until your next vacation, you can definitely take a little comfort from the adorable tableware.

Visit our online shop and discover the colorful variety of Tuscany– and Portugal ceramic items by RICE DK. Also, the current RICE catalog including the complete Tuscany collection can be found here. You can order all items at www.TakaTomo.de

Smallstuff doll bed & bed linen

Practise makes perfect! Everybody who wants to become a great real mom, or a real dad in the future needs to know that, well, and needs to practise of course. The best way to do that is definitely by playing lots of RPG’s, but particularly playing family of course. The family game allows children to completely put themselves in the position of a mom or a dad. The children can take care of their baby doll in the game, can feed it, change its diapers, play with it and do everything real parents are responsible for. Such a family game is not only a lot of fun, it also stimulates the children’s imagination, it helps on their creativity and especially trains their social skills.

Children can learn how to take responsibility hands-on, how to respond to the needs of others and how to be empathetic.

In the family game kids can re-enact both, real life situations, as well as imaginary situations. The children can exchange and share ideas and translate them into the game. Therefore RPG’s are perfectly suitable for strengthening the kids’ sense of community and developing their team spirit.

In the family game, children can experiment by playing different roles and learning about different perspectives of different characters. This can be very useful in the everyday life of children because they learn to gradually understand that it’s not just them in the world, but that they are rather a part of the whole, next to their family members and other human beings.

To make a role playing game as the family game as true-to-life as possible, appropriate accessories shouldn’t be missing. This of course includes toys like baby dolls, doll clothes, doll beds and so on. One of the best situations for a role playing game is definitely the going-to-bed situation. Taking a baby doll to bed consists of several steps that have to be fulfilled.

The child doll should be bathed, clothes and diapers need to be changed and then finally the dolly actually needs to be put into its doll bed and sung into sleep with a nice little lullaby. A beautiful and realistic looking doll bed is definitely a must have here. A really cute piece, we would like to show you today, is the awesome doll bed by Smallstuff. This beautiful toy bed is made of solid wood, is assembled and painted by hand and its retro look * is just breathtaking. The stable doll bed has the size 53x29x35cm and it comes with a soft mattress. Thanks to the wide range of colors and soft tones like white, pink, purple, plum, lavender and many others, absolutely everyone will find a doll bed, he likes best. You will also find matching doll bed linens for the bed in our online store. The bedding is super cute and cuddly and fits perfectly into the Smallstuff doll beds. Once your kids have a comfy doll bed and soft bed linens, they can put their baby doll to bed. The dolls will definitely have a good night sleep and will wake up well-rested and ready for a new and great day of fun. Good night, dear doll-child, sleep well!
* The manufacturing by hand can occasionally lead to irregularities in the material. These do not justify a return, nor replacement! They are rather a sign of how unique each doll bed by Smallstuff really is.

News from Krasilnikoff

We’re really excited at TakaTomo because we can present new, very pretty products by Krasilnikoff. Krasilnikoff means Danish design, as we know it and love it. Clear lines, discreet colors, subtle designs, elegant lettering. In short: Awesome! Krasilnikoff have been pleasing their customers with stylish home accessories that make them happy and grade any living space up significantly, since 2002. Our TakaTomo team members have also been big fans of all of the fashionable home accessories from Denmark for a long time.

Among the new Krasilnikoff products in our online store you’ll find cool pillowcases, tasteful dish towels and pot holders, as well as countless beautiful tin cans to store food or other small items.

The cool pillowcases are a great accessory on every couch. You’ll find them in our online shop in various subtle combinations of colors and patterns. Choose either a large star print, many small stars or the beautiful harlequin diamonds. All cushion covers have similar colors and match very well, so you can combine them the way you want. The decorative pillowcases are the size 50x50cm, they have a zipper and they are made of 100% cotton. They are nice and comfortable and a real eye-catcher, no matter whether you put them on the sofa in the living room, in your kids’ room, in the bedroom, or on your kitchen-bench. A very special feast for the eyes are the stylish pillowcases with writings on them. Anyone who wants to make a real statement, is on the right path with our great pillowcases. Choose from cool statements such as “Home Sweet Home”, “Relax”, “Happy” and many more. These pillow cases are a 100% cotton and come in many beautiful colors. They are the size 40x60cm.

No matter what kind, what pattern, whether with or without a statement, the noble pillowcases by Krasilnikoff are beautiful and look great in any room of your house. The fancy Krasilnikoff pillow cases are also a very nice gift for good friends. A comfy pillow doesn’t hurt anybody, right?

What about the kitchen? Here, the enchanting little kitchen helpers by Krasilnikoff shouldn’t be missed. The new collection offers lots of ravishing dishtowels and pot holders. Here Krasilnikoff also stick to their principles of straightforward design. You can choose from kitchen towels with lots of large and small stars printed on them, those with cute little apples and also with cheerful statements such as „Keep Smiling“ or „Live, Love, Laugh“. Annoying housework can even be fun with all these nice accessoires. The pot holders have a similar design and are also very convenient, when cooking or baking. Besides the great assortment of pot holders of the old collection, you can now also choose from our brand new pot holders with the cutest floral prints on them.

These sweet pot holders will definitely spice up your kitchen and you won’t burn your fingers anymore. Doesn’t that sound great? Oh by the way, since we’re already in the kitchen, who isn’t annoyed by all the open food packages, bags and boxes standing around the kitchen and in the cabinets, making the kitchen look all messy and unorganized!? Well, we are, but this is going to be over soon because Krasilnikoff are offering their new collection of fancy tin cans in various color combinations, three different shapes and sizes, with cool statements on them such as “Delicious”, “Good Stuff” and many more. The tin cans are perfect for all kinds of food supplies in the kitchen, for delicious cookies, flavorful tea, candy, but also for other goods such as rice, cereal, sugar and so on. Of course, any other small items and odds and ends will also find a new home in the cool storage containers. The tin cans are also really nice to use as gift packaging for small gifts. The design matches perfectly with the other Krasilnikoff products’ design and therefore the tin cans can be easily combined with other items of the brand such as cups, bowls, mugs and other utensils. Make your home a little happier with wonderful accessories by Krasilnikoff.

RICE kids tableware circus

Come on in, welcome … when a circus is in town, not only the kids’ faces start to lighten up. The colorful world of circus seems to have had a magical effect on the youth and the older people for ages. Perhaps it’s because one just leaves the real world behind when visiting the circus, immersing oneself in a world that is completely new, a world that is surprising and astonishing. At the circus you experience incredible things: Stunning feats of graceful acrobats, unique show performances with wild animals and funny jokes by clumsy clowns, all of this including many colorful lights, motley costumes and lots of glitter and glamour. A thunderous applause at the end of the performances is guaranteed!

Visits at the circus are always kept a great memory, especially by the little ones and kids usually cannot wait until they finally get another chance to dive back into the fantastic world of circus. To bridge the time until the next visit at the circus we’ve got something special for you.

Let’s draw the curtains back and clear the stage for the cheerful and colorful circus kids’ tableware by RICE DK!

Your little circus fans will be impressed by all the beautiful designs they remember from the colorful circus tent.

It’s show time for the stunning magician who pulls a rabbit from a hat, for a dangerous tiger jumping through a hoop, for the strongest man in the world who can lift really heavy weights, for a trained sea lion that poises a colorful ball on his nose, for a merry circus pony with a funny hat on and for many other colorful friends from the circus. Your children will be able to discover all the adorable circus animals and artists while eating. We offer the cute circus kids’ tableware by RICE DK in our online store in the two pretty colors of pink and yellow. The circus tableware consists of plates, cups, mugs, bowls, compartment plates and flatware. All items are made extra for children and all dishes are made from high quality melamine.

Kids’ tableware made of melamine is perfectly suitable for kids’ small heavy-handed fingers, since it is very robust and so to speak unbreakable. It is also very light and low-noise. Melamine is also dishwasher safe and you will be able to enjoy its long service life. This also applies to the bright colors of the tableware. Whether you choose for cheerful circus tableware or the other designs by RICE DK, melamine tableware is always very popular and a real hit at TakaTomo. So even if you’re not a big circus fan, you will probably still find melamine tableware you like in our big assortment. We’re pretty sure about that one. Turn every meal into a colorful circus and make you’re little gourmets saturated and happy. Enjoy!

Djeco children DIY jewelry kits and jewelry cases

Your little daughter wants to spend a nice afternoon with her best friends and do something extraordinary? We might have something for you. How about a handicraft afternoon of a special kind? Most girls love jewelry and sparkling accessories and they always feel great when being able to show off their motley necklaces and bracelets. Wouldn’t it therefore be a great idea for them, to actually make cool jewelry by themselves? Well guess what, it’s possible and a lot of fun, using the magical children jewelry kits by Djeco. Each creative jewelery kit consists of various small plastic beads, straps, lockets, and charms. Depending on the kit you’ll find lots of different ribbons, flowers, birds, fruits, or stars in it. Then you can take all those cute small items, combine them and tinker with them to your heart’s content. There’s also easy to unterstand, illustrated instructions included in each set to make crafting even easier.

One very special highlight is definitely the Djeco jewelry kit „Magic plastic“ the fawn and the bird. Here you have to cut out the items, paint them and place them in the oven. After a few minutes they shrink down to 1/7 their size. It’s like magic! Afterwards you can create the coolest necklaces with hanging charms.

Making jewelry with the cool jewelry kits by Djeco is a lot of fun and really easy. It’s a great feeling to be able to create jewelry all by yourself. At the same time the childrens’ imagination and creativity is stimulated and they can train their ability to focus on one thing. In addition to that, working with such small particles is a great exercise to improve fine motor skills. But of course, having fun and spending time with friends should be definitely the most important aspect. Creating jewelry together strengthens the corporate feeling between the kids and it encourages them to work together, exchange ideas, develop new ideas and so on. It doesn’t matter if it’s for an afternoon of girlfriends or a mother-and-daughter-day, jewelry kits by Djeco are just a great idea. And of course daddy and the little brother can also prove their sense of creativity if they want to. WARNING! Nevertheless the Djeco jewelry kits are fantastic, they are unfortunately not suitable for children under 36 months of age, due to all the small parts that can be swallowed, or inhaled.

Children between 8-12 years, however, will have the biggest fun with the versatile jewelry kits.

When you’re done creating and crafting your jewelry, you will of course need a nice place to store the pieces of jewelry, so they don’t break and don’t get lost.

How about the awesome jewelry boxes that are especially made for necklaces, bracelets and other trinkets!? Best suitable for real jewelry lovers, are the playful jewelry boxes by Wendekreis. The lockable jewel case and the three-piece jewelry box are really cute, decorated with beautiful embroided designs, such as florets and birdies. They are just gorgeous and offer lots of space for different jewelry with all their small compartments.

The cool Ascoli boxes by Handed By on the other hand are a little more discreet. The robust plastic woven baskets have a cute lid and they are available in many different colors. The boxes are ideal for all kinds of jewelry and other knick-knacks. Another particularly decorative eyecatcher for every room is definitely the cute jewelry tree by Sindibaba which has branches that provide plenty of space to hang up all your jewelry and accessories. Whether in your kid’s room, or on mommy’s dresser, the jewelery tree is very convenient and looks great. The jewelry tree helps to keep your stuff safe and organized.

New Done by Deer bed linens

Here’s great news for all our sleepyheads. Wake up! We offer new bed linens by our friends of Done by Deer! A restful good night sleep is very important, especially for our little ones. The body takes time to regenerate at night and gathers strength for the next day. Good sleep definitely has an positive impact on your child’s development.

A well-rested child has a better ability to memorize things and can focus a lot better, it is both, mentally and physically fitter, is usually in a better mood than tired kids and usually has way more energy in everyday life to discover new things, to learn and to play.

The right sleeping environment is definitely very important for good and restful sleep, and a comfortable bed alone is simply not enough. There are lots of important aspects, such as the right room temperature, which shouldn’t be too high, nor too low, the lighting conditions, which means, the room should be dark enough, so the kid isn’t bothered by any light beams that might wake it up and so on.

Some children experience times where they feel uncomfortable at night and are afraid to sleep alone in the dark. In that case, it makes sense to set up a night lamp next to the bed, so that the child can fall asleep feeling safe and protected. A soft stuffed animal should be in bed with your kid, too, because for one the little companion can look after your child at night and can also offer a little cuddle time right before falling asleep.

Apart from all mentioned aspects that create a perfect environment in the bedroom, the right bedding is definitely also one of them.

A comfortable pillow, which is not too soft and not too stiff, supporting both, your child’s head and neck, and a matching blanket that’s nice and soft, not too warm and not too cold. Those two are definitely essential. What’s also essential is the right, child-friendly bed linen, just like the new, super cute bedclothes by Done by Deer. The fluffy bed linens are brand new and a real eye-catcher in any children’s bedroom. We offer bed linens with cute savannah animals imprint, as in the bedding Contour and Zoopreme, bed linens in the nicest pastel tones and cool cotton candy look, and also bed linens with the adorable elephant „Elphee“ printed on it, mixed with cute polka-dots on the backside. All the beddings by Done by Deer are beautiful and very comfortable; the smooth bed-textiles are available in two sizes, they are all made of 100% cotton, they are washable at 60°C (don’t tumble dry!) and of course oeko-tex certified. Kid’s skin is very sensitive and therefore it is important that the bedding is free of contaminants and harmful substances. You can find all Done by Deer beddings at our online store at TakaTomo.de.

Proper bedding is the best choice for good and restful sleep.The more comfortable the bedding is, the more comfortable and more secure the child feels in its bed and it will definitely fall asleep faster and sleep better. And better sleep equals more rest and more energy to start the new day in a good mood. TakaTomo wishes you a good night and sweet dreams!

Pippi Longstocking Party

Oh Pippi Longstocking, is there anyone who doesn’t know that cheeky, but oh so lovable little girl with her red piggytails, her freckles and big shoes? Pippi is fun, brave and strong and she lives her life the way she wants.

Children from all over the world have been enjoying the exciting stories of Pippi Longstocking for ever and lots of little rascals would love to have a friend like Pippi, whom they can experience the most incredible advantures with. Well, actually meeting Pippi Longstocking in person is probably not possible, but everyone can bring a little Villa Villekulla feeling to his home.

How about, let’s say, a motley Pippi Longstocking theme party for your little ones? Turn a birthday party into a cool Pippi Longstocking party or throw one just for the fun of it, it doesn’t matter, every child will love a colorful party like that. That’s guaranteed. But how to arrange a cheerful Pippi Longstocking Party for cheecky kids who love a motley world? It’s quite simple, just take all of our colorful Pippi Longstocking decoration, motley Pippi party accessories, many great games and other party ideas by TakaTomo.de! Our beautiful party accessories will help you to throw an unforgettable party, which will remain in the small Pippi fans’ memory for a long time.

First, you and your kid should decide which friends to invite and according to that send invitation cards. Keeping the motto in mind, the only suitable invitation cards would be our pretty Pippi Longstocking invitation cards. The witty invites are really cool and they definitely increase the anticipation.

The invitation cards should include all important information such as the starting time, the date of the party and of course the address of the host. After all all the guests need to know where the Villa Villekulla is located, right?

Speaking of Villa Villekulla, a great Pippi Longstocking Party of course needs a well decorated colorful house.

That will be an easy one with our great Pippi Party accessories and you will turn your house into a real Villa Villekulla in a minute. Use our paper plates and paper cups, colorful place cards to write the names of all of the invited guests down, the pretty napkins, balloons, garlands, witty window pictures and whatnot. All the accessories come in Pippi Longstocking design. So awesome! All of your young guests will be crazy about the Pippi decoration.

Alright, all guests are invited, the house is decorated, everything’s ready to get the party started. Well almost, you still have to think about the right entertainment to match Pippi Longstocking’s adventurous way of life. And entertainment is just another word for: Playing, roming around, laughing and having the best fun ever! But to be able to do this, you’ll need to put together some fun game ideas to put a smile on the little Pippi fans’ faces. Be sure to find tons of great indoor game ideas for your Pippi Longstocking party in our online store, such as memory games, quartet, confetti pencils, marbles, cards, dominoes and many more. Of course we also offer cool stuff for outside, such as sidewalk chalk, jump ropes and chinese jump ropes. With this selection of game ideas, your Pippi Longstocking party is guaranteed to be a blast. But since Pippi Longstocking was always known for her creative ideas and her sense of adventure, you could of course also come up with some original games, too. How about a fun gummy rope-, or marshmallow eating contest (hands cannot be used in this one!), or an exciting scavenger hunt in the park? If you live near the waters, the children could also write secret letters to unknown addressees and send a message in a bottle, or maybe they could tie their messages to a balloon and let it go!? These are all adventures that Pippi Longstocking would love as well! You can see for yourself while watching all the Pippi Longstocking movies with the kids, while singing her song, or reading from Astrid Lindgren books.

Whatever you do, one thing is pretty sure: playing and running around makes all kids hungry and thirsty. And what kind of party would it be, if there weren’t lots of delicious goodies you can fill your belly with? Pippi Longstocking always loved good food and so will all of your young guests. Well and what food comes right into your mind, when thinking of Pippi? Right, spaghettis! Why? Spaghettis remind us of the story, when Pippi was cutting the spaghettis with scissors because they were too long to put them in her mouth all at once. Haha, crazy little Pippi. You can prepare the spaghettis with yummy tomato sauce, or small meatballs, it’s easy to cook and kids love it. Besides spaghettis there are also lots of other delicious dishes that are fun and great for a party like the Pippi Longstocking party. Maybe you could even cook together with the children. Make fluffy pancakes with chocolate sauce, or bake a delicious pizza!

There are also some ideas for little snacks you can offer the little guests in between, like delicious mini-muffins, cinnamon rolls, candy floss or jello. That’s how you make the little rascals smile!

Don’t forget to have enough beverages there, too, because romping around makes really thirsty.

In addition to water and fruit juice, there’s one drink that shouldn’t be left out at a real Pippi Longstocking Party: lemonade off of the lemonade tree! Do you remember the cool lemonade tree in Pippi’s front yard? You can easily prepare a lemonade tree at home. Just buy lots of small lemonade bottles at the grocery score and decorate them with colorful paper and glitter. Then, hide them in various plants in the house. Your little guest will then be able to just „pick“ a soda from the tree any time. Great fun!

Eventually even the best Pippi Longstocking party will be over and all the guests will have to leave to go home. To have lots of great memories, you shouldn’t forget to take lots and lots of cool pictures during the party! Afterwards you can glue the pics in our cool Pippi Longstocking friends book which offers plenty of room for kind words and thoughts of all of your party guests. As a nice memory for the guests themselves, we recommend the fun Pippi Longstocking gift bags that can be filled with nice little things, like an awesome Pippi Longstocking Jojo, colorful Pippi balloons, an exciting Pippi – mini puzzle and maybe a couple of yummy treats. That way, every guest should be leaving the party as a huge Pippi Longstocking fan. TakaTomo wishes you a lot of fun partying!

Sebra carpets

Let’s keep our feet on the ground now, will we? And our eyes, too. Carpets are probably the most important accessories in a house and yet those who are most often quite underestimated. They are lying around on the floor, nobody ever seems to really notice them and they don’t seem to perform any greater task. But that’s so not true. In addition to being very decorative and a nice accessoire, they also provide warmth and extra padding. They dampen noise and stomping and make the room appear a lot cozier. Nobody enjoys running around barefoot on cold tiles or wooden floor. A nice little carpet provides warmth and makes your room a lot more comfortable. Especially when you’re arranging your kid’s room, you should make sure to put in a nice, soft carpet. There are lots of advantages especially for little kids. The little ones can happily crawl around the floor and you don’t have to worry about their well-being because the carpet will make the floor warm and soft. The small knees will be protected and your child will definitely not be cold on the floor. And when your kid is taking his first steps, a carpet is also convenient because it’s soft and a great cushion if your little one does fall. Learning how to walk will be a lot more fun and a whole lot safer. Older kids will also enjoy a beautiful carpet in their room. They can just spread all their toys on the carpet and play all day, without getting cold or being uncomfortable on the stiff floor. The carpet can also be involved into the kids games, it could become a castle that needs to be defended, it could be a life raft in the middle of the ocean, or some kind of alien planet in a foreign galaxy. Whatever it is, carpets can definitely stimulate your kids imagination and it’s so fun to integrate them into different role playings. In addition carpets are just very decorative. So are the brand-new, beautiful carpets by Sebra. The round rugs have a diameter of 120cm, are crocheted and really soft. You’ll find the carpets in our online store in discreet colors such as black and white, pink and turquoise with color gradient, but also in pink-gray and blue-gray. These simple, yet expressive color combinations harmonize with almost any style and look just adorable. Your children will love the cool Sebra rugs! In addition to the adorable Sebra carpets, you will also find lots of other rugs in different colors and shapes in our online store. No matter what your preference is, we are sure, you will find the right rug for yourself. Grade your floor up a bit and also take advantage of more warmth, noise damping and a cozy environment.

New bibs by Done by Deer and Sebra

Time flies and before you even know it, you are not breastfeeding your baby anymore and it’s slowly starting to use a spoon and a fork all by himself. And even if it’s beautiful to watch our little darlings getting more and more independent and trying to eat all by themself, this can also be quite a stressful time because especially in the beginning half of the food doesn’t end up in your kid’s mouth, but on their clothes. Oh dear! Are the carrot stains gonna stay on the new pair of jeans now and is that spinach stain stuck on the favorite shirt for ever? And isn’t there enough laundry to do anyway? Do I really need more stains on my kids’ clothes? Don’t panic, we’ve got something for you. All you actually need is just the right bibs for your child.

If the child is equipped with a suitable bib, then the clothes are well protected and the child can do whatever he wants. He or she can try out how to hold the fork and the spoon in his hand and it is not a big deal if he spills something now and then. Plus the kid doesn’t have to feel under pressure to keep his clothes clean and can focus on learning how to eat and drink independently.

Therefore the right bib and especially the right fit of the bib is very important.

The bib should definitely be easy and safe to close, using either velcro, or long ribbons, or comfortable snaps, still leaving enough room for the little neck to move, without slipping off. It’s also very useful when the bib is extra long because this way the biggest part of your kid’s clothes will be protected. Other advantages are, when a bib is wipeable, or is completely waterproof, so liquids and wet foods don’t get through.

All these important criteria are met by our wonderful new bibs by Done by Deer and Sebra. The super stylish polka-dotted Done by Deer bibs with an Elphee the elephant imprint are extra long and completely waterproof.

The polyurethane- and cotton fabric is light and soft, can be easily wiped and is washable at 30 °C. You can easily tie the colorful bib around your kid’s neck by using the two long ribbons. These Done by Deer bibs are really convenient and so adorable. Sebra is another brand in our online store that offers extra-long bibs. Check out their „Forest“ product line it’s just the cutest. The bibs are made of organic cotton and they have a convenient velcro on the side, so they can be closed very easily and adjusted pretty quickly. The backside of the bib is made of soft and comfortable terry, and they can be washed up to 40 °C. With these bibs, it’s really not a big deal if food is spilled.

A special highlight, also made by Sebra, are the cool 2 piece bib sets of the FarmGirl / Boy and Girl Village / Boy series. Not only are there different snaps that let you adjust the bib at your kid’s neck, there’s also a collecting tray in the lower part of the bib, that can be folded up and fixed with snaps really quickly. No food will end up on the floor anymore and you will not have to wipe the whole kitchen floor after each and every meal. Those bibs by Sebra are also waterproof and washable. We guarantee you, all of our adorable bibs will turn every meal into a fun event. Come visit our online store and get to know are huge assortment of bibs by different brands. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

Sindibaba shelving sets

While it is still cold and uncomfortable outside, it is still noticeable that the days are getting longer and spring is just around the corner. Maybe we should slowly start thinking about spring-cleaning? Wouldn’t it be nice to sort out all the old stuff you no longer need, to clean the house properly and to get everything organized? Tidiness sounds great, doesn’t it? But usually all we have is a big old chaos in the house. There’s stuff lying around everywhere, something here, something there and somehow nobody ever puts it away. There’s chaos in the living room, chaos in the bedroom, let alone the kid’s room. Every parent knows the fear of having to pass through a kid’s playing room, not being able to put one foot in front of the other. Well, there could be an end to this pretty soon, because the new shelving sets (sets of 4) by Sindibaba are here. The super stylish shelves are made of MDF and they not only look great, but are also very convenient. The shelving sets are multi-purpose and they look great in any room of your house. You can either stack the shelves, hang them, or place them side by side as a sideboard, which makes the way of using them really versatile.

Stack the shelves in your kids’ rooms and instantly create lots of space for toys, stuffed animals and children’s books. Hang the shelves on your kitchen wall and use them to store spices and dishes. Your living room will be a great place to use the shelves as a sideboard, being placed side by side. The sideboard will be perfect für books and lots of different, pretty home accessories. You can even put the Sindibaba shelves into your bedroom and turn them into a cool nightstand, or place them in the corridor to deposit keys and your wallet. As you can see, the shelves are really multi-purpose and very decorative. You can find the 4 piece shelving sets by Sindibaba in our online store, they come in various colors and shapes. Pick the shelves you like best and make your home a little more organized in a very tasteful way.

New Overbeck & Friends melamine tableware

The new melamine tableware by Overbeck & Friends is here and we are delighted because according to our own motto, the tableware is oh so colorful! The new melamine collection Amy & Jamie brings a little color into our everyday lives. Just the right thing for uncomfortable, rainy weather that we have to put up with rather often. And while looking at the happy, colorful melamine tableware, only one thing comes into our mind: the winter was definitely long enough. Where the heck are you spring, sun and blue sky? Well, until the spring is finally here, the colorful melamine tableware should be a great comfort, that’s for sure, and it’s also a real classic at our TakaTomo online store. The new Amy & Jamie collection bristles with bright colors. Shades of pink, turquoise and green, as well as imaginative wild patterns, cute flamingos and countless different graphic flowers. It’s lovely how the melamine tableware is reminiscent of fragrant flower meadows in the summer.

You can find the complete new melamine tableware series by Overbeck & Friends in our online store and you can combine all dishes at your whim.

The pretty dishes all have a similar design and colors that match perfectly in any combination. Choose from gorgeous blossom-shaped plates in two sizes, colorful bowls with or without lids, multicolored drinking cups of numerous big and small spoons. The fun and motley melamine tableware series will bring joy to your kitchen table right away.

Even during the worst winter Overbeck & Friends will bring a little bit of sunshine into your life. Nevertheless, we are all looking forward to real sunshine and we can’t wait for the long summer nights to come to have great Parties outside in the garden, or to have a nice picnic in the countryside. Here the melamine tableware will come in very handy, too, since it is not only a real eye catcher, but also super convenient. Melamine is very lightweight, yet incredibly robust and unbreakable. That’s great news for your kids’ hands that can still be a little clumsy at times. Another advantage of melamine dishes is, you can put them in the dishwasher and they will retain their bright colors. No more annoying doing the dishes, just the plain joy of wonderful tableware.

Visit us at http://www.takatomo.de/de/marken/overbeck-friends and discover awesome tableware, plus all kinds of different Overbeck & Friends items, such as baskets, household and kitchen gadgets, pottery ware and many more.

The Hickups sock monkeys are on the loose!

Wooh-wooh-oooh-aaaah-aaah-aaaah is monkey language and means: Yay, the monkeys are on the loose! Well, more specifically: the sock monkeys by Hickups! We’ve been enjoying these motley sock monkeys and all of their friends for quite some time and we would love it if the little creatures soon found a nice little home in your house as well.

Children love the merry sock monkeys, not only because they are colorful and full of lovely details, but also because they are so nice and soft.

Stuffed Animals are usually a very important companion in a child’s life.

Especially the youngest see in stuffed animals a true friend. They are always there for the children and support them in every situation. So if kids feel uncomfortable or scared, they need a faithful companion by their side. A stuffed animal can take this part because it symbolizes safety an it feels a little bit like home. Thus colorful sock monkeys by Hickups are perfect for the job of a dear friend! They are very affectionate and have a trustworthy look in their eyes. Their long arms and legs are perfect to grab and to hold on to. The sock monkeys by Hickups come in different sizes and designs and they are all available in our online store TakaTomo.de. Enjoy the craziest patterns and styles that will put a smile on your face. Each sock monkey is a true piece of art, cheerful, colorful, with lots of nice details.

Sock monkeys also make the perfect gift! Not only for your own little ones, but also for the kids of your relatives and friends. Children love the cool sock monkeys by Hickups. See by yourself while the kids are unwrapping their gift. They will have the biggest smile on their faces.

However sock monkey are just a small part of the big Hickups family.

Visit our online shop and get to know all jolly Hickups family members, including the colorful sock elephants, piglets, dragons, but also the fun knitted animals cute knitted doll and numerous other cuddly friends.

Our large selection will certainly help you to find a suitable mate for your kids. The first real friend in life is always a good memory and the colorful stuffed animals by Hickups are friends you can count on 100%. The motely little animals are all hand made by a family business that has been existing for over 50 years and that is manufacturing under fair working conditions. Whether made of (new) socks, sewn from colorful cotton fabrics, knitted, any Hickups cuddle toy is a true masterpiece and soon will be your kid’s best friend.

The new Done by Deer collection has arrived

We are very excited that the new Done by Deer collection is finally here! The motto is “Happy Home” and therefore Helene Hjorth and her design team present some new stunning designs and products that actually do create a very happy home. This year’s collection focuses on delicate pastel colors and shades of gray, combining them with cool black dots. Their well-known clear graphical style, as well as the cute savannah animals, that have already made us smile in the last collection, remain the same. Speaking of the cute little animals, we would like to introduce to you Elphee, the cheerful elephant, Raffi the lovable giraffe and all of the other animal friends. The savannah animals are an important element of many Done by Deer products and kids enjoy them because they are so precious and sweet.

Infants will appreciate the elephant, the hippo and the rhino as cozy security blankets. The security blankets are super soft and have a pacifier clip, as well as different tags for the tiny fingers to explore. The tactile sense will be trained by that and your kid’s motor skills will improve.

Who is just in for some cuddle time, will definitely enjoy the cuddle friends Elphee the elephant and Raffi the giraffe. The stuffed animals are made of super soft polyester and will definitely become your child’s favorite cuddle friend pretty soon.

Next to all the different great items that would be great in your kid’s rooms, like the cool pull along giraffe, cute Elphee as a musical toy, and the useful pixi shelves that will provide enough space for small book or knick knacks, Done by Deer have also thought of other everyday situations while designing their new collection. Beautiful „Happy Dots“ tableware especially for kids made from 100% melamine and the cutest extra long bibs will make your kids’ dinner a lot more fun!

Another place, the fantastic products by Done by Deer shouldn’t be missed is definitely your children’s bedroom. The super sweet anti-slip changing pads with animal prints are convenient, safe and look really classy on every changing table.

The cozy nests, the soft bed linen and the sweetest mobiles, will turn every sleeping place into a paradise of dreams.

Come visit us at http://www.takatomo.de/de/marken/done-by-deer and discover the cheerful world of Done by Deer. We are sure, you will find a product that will turn your home in a happy home, too!

Sebra nursing pillow

Dear expectant mothers, listen up, we’ve got some great news for you.

The wonderful nursing pillows by Sebra are new in our product range and TakaTomo.de is thrilled to present the new arrivals to you. So you are pregnant and expecting a child anytime soon? Well congratulations, we are so happy for you, but we also do know, that there’s a very exciting time coming up for you.

Besides the huge anticipation, there will be a lot to organize and to get done before the Baby is born. That also includes initial baby equipment! The baby’s bedroom needs to be arranged, a diaper changing table and a baby crib have to be bought, you will definitely need a high quality stroller, some baby clothes, toys and so on. There’s lots and lots of new things lying ahead of expectant parents and especially the mothers-to-be will have to start dealing with the subject of nursing. Lactation is a very intimate time in which it is not just about the mere ingestion of the child, but also about being in touch with your baby, to convey closeness and security and to build a bond between mother and child.

According to that, the nursing time should preferably always take place in a cozy and relaxed environment in which the mother can turn to her child and the infant can focus on food intake. Especially during the first attempts of nursing it often seems to be quite complicated to find a comfortable position for the infant and the mother and it can also become quite uncomfortable and difficult to keep the child in an appropriate position the whole time. Therefore it’s recommended to purchase a nursing pillow in advance. Those large banana-shaped pillows are super convenient and will help you to find a stable, yet comfortable nursing position. You will be able to support your back by using the nursing pillow and the infant can find a really comfortable spot between you and the pillow. Since the breastfeeding process usually requires some practice, a nursing pillow is definitely the perfect choice, because it compensates for poor posture and can create a type of safe place for the child. Plus it will help you position your child appropriately at your breast.

Since there’s skin contact during nursing, a soft cover of the pillow ist very important. Our nursing pillows by Sebra are made of 100% organic cotton, guaranteeing the ecological cultivation of cotton, which often is a very important aspect for young parents when buying a breastfeeding pillow. Of course, the nursing pillow should be beautiful, too. Luckily we have the nicest nursing pillows by Sebra with the cutest designs in stock. You’ll find the sweetest forest animals, or beautiful farm or city motifs printed on the nursing pillows in the nicest colors. Sebra nursing pillows are definitely a feast for the eyes, all you have to do, is choose the design you like best. The nursing pillow’s measurements are 88x52x20cm and the filling is a soft kind of polyester. Whatever nursing pillow you’ll decide on, it will be a great support while breastfeeding your child.

By the way, nursing pillows can already be of great use during your pregnancy. When the belly is growing bigger, it might get pretty tough to find the right sleeping position, a nursing pillow can be really helpful here by supporting your belly, your back and your legs, giving you the opportunity of a good night’s sleep.

And since a pregnancy can be quite exhausting at times, a restful sleep is very important for mothers-to-be. Another advantage of using a nursing pillow during the pregnancy, is that the pillow will absorb the mother’s body odor, which can have a positive impact on your child during breastfeeding later on.

The parents’ natural body odor is extremely important for the newborn child, it conveys warmth, safety and closeness.

Nursing Pillows, especially our beautiful pillow by Sebra, should definitely be a part of any household expecting a baby. In addition to the wonderful nursing pillows, you can also find lots of other Sebra products in the TakaTomo online store. We’ve been distributing countless cool items of the Danish company for a while now and we’ve never been disappointed. Every time there is a new Sebra collection, we can’t wait to see the new products. All products are suitable for kids and yet very stylish. We just love Sebra and especially the the Sebra product lines “Farm Girl / Boy”, “Village Girl / Boy” and “Forest Girl / Boy”. We’d like to invite you to come see our online store and find out everything about the cutest Sebra products including our beautiful nursing pillows.

Handed By bamboo baskets Bamboolastic

Hooray, there are news from our precious colleagues of Handed By! We are delighted to present you the new collection of bamboo baskets, the product line named “Bamboolastic”. Each set of round bamboo baskets includes 4 baskets, they are all super classy and you can choose from different popular colors such as stone blue, light gray, gray-green and antique pink.

Handed By is a Dutch manufacturer, who is known to design everyday objects, which are environmentally friendly and high quality, and which are produced under ethical and fair circumstances. Handmade items are an very important issue at Handed By. Therefore all baskets of the product line Bamboolastic are hand made from bamboo and decorated with colored plastic strips. Thus, the pretty baskets are a real eyecatcher in each and every living room.

In the Far East bamboo has been used for ages, but in recent years has also become a very popular resource here. Since bamboo grows back rather quickly, it’s environmentally sustainable and it can also be used in many different ways. The lumber is light and flexible, yet very robust and resistant. In other words, bamboo is just perfect to make beautiful bamboo baskets out of it. The fancy baskets are multi-purpose and can be used as fruit basket, knitting basket or to store magazines and newspapers and of course for all sorts of odds and ends. Bamboo baskets are not only very useful, their delicate design also makes them very decorative. The baskets are really nice to look at, that’s for sure.

Handed By aim to make their customers happy with their products and to work on a better world. TakaTomo supports this aim and therefore we offer innumerable other baskets by Handed By next to their fantastic Bamboolastic product line. Our customers appreciate all those great and environmentally friendly products and the brand’s 20th anniversary this year really speaks for itself and for Handed By’s excellent products.

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