Adorable products by Bloomingville available at

Adorable products by Bloomingville available at

I’m in such a great mood. On the one hand because it’s warm and the sun is shining. But above all because the great new Bloomingville products have finally arrived at! So in addition to the nice weather, you’ll also have pretty Bloomingville stuff in the house soon.

Ceramic cups with a floral pattern.
Cute ceramic cups with a delicate floral pattern.

Bloomingville was founded in 2000. The Danish brand stands for adorable products with a great design, high quality and reasonable prices. Its founders are always looking for creative solutions to embellish the modern home. The Bloomingville Designs, a mix of Scandinavian reservation and the French Brocante style, is what makes the brand so special. And believe me, I’m not exaggerating, you’ll fall in love with all of their products right away! So therefore I won’t put you on the rack any longer:

Bloomingville want to equally delight the grown ups and the little ones. That’s why you’ll find cute ceramic products for all ages in our online shop.

Bloomingville ceramic plates series "Ellie".
Cute ceramic plates from the series Ellie.

On the one hand there’s the romantic series Flora providing you with a cup, mug, plate and bowl in a delicate floral pattern. All items are made from high-quality ceramics. Mom and Dad will sure like them. But there’s also a great offer of dishes for the little ones. With the series Ellie and Benjamin e.g. the kids can spend a nice day at the beach. Because the ceramic tableware, that’s available in the colors off-white/pink and off-white/turquoise, is printed with fun animal friends, who are spending a fun day at the beach. So cute!

Bloomingville ceramic tableware set.
Ceramic tableware set with a cute hedgehog family.

A special highlight sure is the tableware set hedgehog family and raincloud. Each set consists of a square plate and a cup with a sweet print. That makes every meal a lot of fun! In addition, these items make the perfect gift for birthday and a baptism. This also applies to the sweet cloud shaped plate and the cute bunny plate in the trendy “sleepy eyes look”. So special and so sweet!

Bloomingville rabbit plate with sleepy eyes.
Ceramic plate, Smilla the rabbit. So cute!

By the way, all Bloomingville ceramic products are suitable for the microwave and they are dishwasher safe, which is definitely another plus.

You will also find melamine tableware for the very youngest in our shop. There is a practical set of melamine dishes off the Axel and Ida series. It consists of a plate, bowl, cup and flatware. Here, too, the fun animal friends experience a nice day at the beach! The great gift box is available in the colors green/white and pink/white.

Bloomingville melamine serving set.
Melamine tableware set with cute animals having fun at the beach.

In addition to the special tableware, Bloomingville also offers pretty home accessories for your home. For example, you will find the adorable cloud shaped shelf. The cloud shelf is available in two sizes (M and XL), it’s white and made from metal. Those great pieces really embellish every room! By the way, this also applies to the sweet coat rack. Here, little pastel mushrooms are waiting to beautify your kids’ room. Plus they will help to clean up the room. 

Cloud shaped metal shelf.
Cute cloud shaped metal shelf.

So whether you’re looking for fine ceramic dishes, melamine tableware or beautiful home accessories, Bloomingville will definitely bring real eye-catchers into your home. Their unique style is just great!

Awesome tattoos by Djeco und Rexinter. For really cool kids!

Awesome tattoos by Djeco and Rexinter. For really cool kids!

So finally it’s getting warmer outside and people are wearing short sleeves again. That also brings out the most diverse tattoos. Emil is always very excited about all the colorful pictures. Recently a friend of mine came around and she has a “sleeve”. A sleeve means that her entire arm is full of tattoos. Our mini-boss was stunned. So many cool motives. Thus my girlfriend had to show him each and every one and patiently had to explain what they meant. After that Emil was positive: He had to get one as well. His beloved football for instance would look great on his forearm, he thought. Well Emil, let me think about that idea for a second… NOPE!

Djeco tattoos for kids - animals and others.
Cute tattoos for kids. Pretty little things and animals.

No real ink on Emil’s skin for another couple of years. But, of course, I didn’t want him to be sad either. So I got him some kids’ tattoos  from our online shop.

Djeco glittering tattoos. Rainbows and unicorns.
Unicorn and rainbow fans will love these Djeco tattoos for kids.

So we do have really cool tattoos by Djeco in the assortment now. When Emil saw them, his football tattoo was forgotten right away. There are fun ones with animals and other cool motives, glittering rainbows and unicorns as well as Jenni’s funky jewels in neon colors. The Djeco tattoos are all colorful and will be fun for both girls and boys. All of them are dermatologically tested and suitable for kids age 3+.

Jewelry tattoos for kids.
Cute jewelry-tattoos in neon colors.

Rexinter also offers cool tattoos for kids. And that is the cheeky monsters! The cute monsters come in different colors and sizes and with their bright colors they are a real eye-catcher. Let’s have a little monster party!

Monster tattoos for kids by Rexinter
Cheeky monster tattoos by Rexinter.

By the way, the Djeco and Rexinter tattoos are also a great souvenir or birthday present. No matter if you decide on unicorns, jewelry, monsters or animals, there’s definitely the right motive for every child. Believe me, kids love them!

New storage boxes and other 3 Sprouts products now available at


New storage boxes and other products by 3 Sprouts now available at

The great storage boxes and baskets by 3 Sprouts have become an indispensable part of our household. Since Emil is a little slob as we all know I had to find a way to make him actually like cleaning up his room And I definitely succeeded by getting the cool 3 sprouts storage bins. All the sudden his room is clean and his stuff is not lying around anymore.

3 Sprouts storage basket deer.
Convenient storage basket for all toys and other odds and ends.

But the cheerful storage boxes by 3 Sprouts have also been very popular among our customers for a long time. After all these baskets and boxes are simply very convenient! All storage baskets and boxes offer plenty of space for all kinds of things and they are also very decorative. Their cute animal motifs are a real eye-catcher!

3 Sprouts storage box owl.
Cleaning up is a lot of fun with the cool storage box owl.

But our well-known animal friends of the older 3 Sprouts collections, such as the sweet elephant, the fun hedgehog and the cute hippo, are making new cheeky friends now. Thus the 3 Sprouts family is growing, delighting us with their friendly faces. So on one hand we’ve got cool storage boxes with a bear and a sheep. Also you will find storage bins printed with a cute deer and a cheeky hen. And finally, the new collection offers another storage box with a mouse or an owl. So sweet and so practical!

3 Sprouts hooded towel raccoon
Just cuddle yourself inside this cute hooded raccoon towel by 3 Sprouts.

By the way, we also offer lots of other cool products by 3 Sprouts. These include e.g. a comfy hooded raccoon-towel for babies. Also great for baby’s room is the practical diaper stacker with different animal motifs. These will get the changing table organized and tidy. For all of your utensils in the bathroom you’ll be happy about the animal-shaped bath storage and for all of the odds and ends in the car the cool backseat organizer will come in handy, offering a number of different compartments. In addition, there’s the 3 Sprouts laundry basket, a stroller organizer, a lunch bag and many more. All products are printed with cute animal motifs that’ll make your day.

3 Sprouts toy chest with bear print.
The 3 Sprouts toy chest offers lots of room for toys and other stuff.

In short: It’s a great thing to have the cool 3 Sprouts products around because they will help to keep your home organized. That way cleaning up will be fun. Also the new motifs on the storage boxes are just so cute that’ll be an easy one to fall in love with them.

We love mommy! Beautiful gift ideas for Mother’s Day!


We love mommy! Beautiful gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day next sunday. Although I think one should show mommy more often how important she is, Mother’s Day sure is a great occasion to do so. There are countless ideas to brighten up mom’s day. Flowers and delicious chocolates of course are very popular. But there are other lovely little things that will put a smile on mom’s face. And some of them can be found at the online shop. Because we heart mom!

Cute heart print melamine dishes by RICE.
RICE heart print melamine dishes. Great for Mother’s day.

So now mommy will be able to read about her being super right in the morning with the cool Happy Mug by Krasilnikoff with a Super Mama” print. And I bet that’s going to make her day. But there’s also other great Krasilnikoff mugs that will show mom you love her. And that is the cute Krasilnikoff cups with a cool heart-design.

Super Mama happy mug. The mug is a cute gift for Mother's Day.
Cute “Super Mama” happy mug by Krasilnikoff.

Even more hearts can be found on the cool melamine tableware by RICE and byGraziela. Whether you choose pink dishes with red hearts or cool black and white ones, the beautiful tableware will make dining a lot more fun. And for a perfect Mother’s Day you could set the table all nicely and prepare a delicious Mother’s Day breakfast. What do you think? Mom will sure love to be pampered all day long.

Cute for Mother's Day: Melamine dishes by byGraziela.
For a perfectly set table on Mother’s Day: the fancy heart print melamine dishes by byGraziela.

Another idea could be to arrange a nice cooking or baking afternoon. Spending Mother’s Day together baking delicious muffins for example is fun and you will create the nicest memories. For this you can find great heart-shaped accessories in our shop such as a cake spatula by RICE or the fancy “super Mama” kitchen apron by Krasilnikoff. That way you’ll be all set for a great day.

Cute gift for Mother's Day: the sparkling heart by Taj Wood.
The sparkling heart by Taj Wood is the cutest Mother’s Day gift.

Other than that you will also find something for all decoration fans among mothers. And that is the sparkling heart by Taj Wood. Each sparkling heart is super decorative and looks great in the window, on the wall or as a table decoration. Now you can show mom with a lot of glitter, that your heart is beating just for her.

byGraziela bedding with hearts for Mother's Day.
So Mommy will have sweet dreams on Mother’s Day: the cute bedding with hearts by byGraziela

Finally, there’s the beautiful byGraziela bed linen with a heart print, so that mommy can relax after a beautiful Mother’s Day. She will definitely sleep well and dream about the next beautiful Mother’s Day. We wish all mommy’s a great day and a good night!


Kids will love painting and drawing with Djeco products!


Painting and drawing is a lot of fun with Djeco!

Just recently I have shown you all the new Djeco products in our shop. However I’d like to introduce some of these to you separately. Since the Djeco creative offer is so large, it’s quite possible to lose track at some point. That’s why I decided to create little categories which are easier to introduce to you then. One of them is painting and drawing.

Coloring is great fun with Djeco products.
Cute velvet stencils are waiting for you to color them.

Painting and drawing are popular activities among children. First of all because painting is a lot of fun. That way the kids can be creative, implement their own ideas and unfold freely. Also painting and drawing is important to the child’s development. Concentration and motor skills, but also the hand-eye coordination and the spatial sense are trained at the same time. In addition, painting and drawing stimulate the child’s imagination. This can be the case when painting freely on a white sheet of paper, but also when the child receives external stimuli.

Djeco 3D coloring pages.
A great coloring fun with the awesome 3D coloring pages.

Such excitations can come up with all the great painting and drawing utensils by Djeco. Although the products give kids directions, they still leave enough space for them to develop their own ideas. You will find a large selection of coloring books and templates in our online shop. Whether it’s a join the dots coloring book, art by numbers, 3D coloring pages, a velvet coloring book or dinosaur stencils, you’ll find many fun coloring options in countless variations. There are also great creative sets. These include, for example, The feltpen draw tags set and the feltpen street art set and street stencils set. So cool! Just have a look around our shop, you will surely find the right coloring book for your kids.

Double-sided pencils by Djeco.
How cool is that? 12 double-sided pencils providing you with 24 awesome colors.

Besides all the great Djeco coloring books and creative sets there’s another utensil that shouldn’t be missing: pens and paint. After all you’ll need them to make the pictures shine bright. Djeco also has a variety of different pens and paint at our online shop. You can choose from various pencil sets, feltpens, gouache paint and oil pastels. You’ll find everything from classic colors to extravagant metal, glitter and neon colors. With such versatile colors, painting and drawing will be twice as much fun. And for the very little ones, who still have problems holding a pen, Djeco also has an option. And that is the colorful set of 6 finger paint tubes. This allows the little ones experiment with colors and express themselves. Painting with finger paint also trains the little tots’ motor skills.

Djeco graffiti tags creative set.
Be creative and learn how to draw cool graffiti tags!

All Djeco colors have a high pigmentation, so they are really bright and intense. Kids will absolutely love that.

Most children love to paint and draw, and to turn this activity in an even greater experience, you should definitely consider Djeco’s creative products. Enjoy looking around in our shop!


Sweet nostalgic recipe tin by Rexinter for your favorite recipes!


Sweet nostalgic recipe tin by Rexinter for your favorite recipes!

Ok, now I just spent an entire hour trying to find a certain cake recipe. I was sitting in front of pile of notes and in the end I could hardly remember which recipe I was even looking for. It was a big mess. And that’s why I said to myself, that’s enough, I’m going to organize the recipes now. But that also meant I had to get a recipe tin!

Such a recipe tin is really convenient. Because finally the big quest will come to an end. Instead of diving into this mass of recipes, you’ll have the one you’re looking for right there. That way you will also have a lot more time left to bake or cook.

Adorable recipe tin by Rexinter.
The cute Rexinter recipe tin looks great in every kitchen shelf!

I have decided on the very cute Rexinter metal recipe tin. On the one hand because this retro recipe tin just looks absolutely adorable with all the blue tits and flowers printed on it. What a decorative eye-catcher in my kitchen! But also because it comes with matching recipe cards and practical dividers. That way you can easily write down all your recipes and organize them the way you want.

Also, you could collect your family’s and friends’ favorite recipes in the Rexinter recipe tin. Just make every visitor fill in a recipe card with their favorite recipe. That way you’ll have lots of new delicious recipes to try out. And in case you have no idea what to cook, just pull a recipe card from the tin and start cooking!

Nostalgic recipe tin by Rexinter.
You can organize all of your favorite recipes in the adorable recipe tin by Rexinter

Anyway, I am really glad I’ve finished my little recipe spring-cleaning. Because now I know exactly where my recipes are and I don’t have to sit down and desperately look for them for hours.

But what if you don’t cook at all and don’t have any recipes? No problem, just take the cute retro Rexinter recipe tin and turn it into a nice little storage box.

So, I’m out of here now because I have to start baking my cake now. But what about you? Are you ready for a little recipe spring-cleaning with the cute recipe tin by Rexinter?


The perfect vase for your beautiful spring flowers


The perfect vase for your beautiful spring flowers

I have been thinking of flowers all day. And I must admit, I am so very grateful for them. I just love looking at flowers and they make my day. Especially in the spring, when there’s beautiful tulips, gerberas and hyacinths everywhere, I put a vase on our kitchen table often and I let the colorful flowers brighten up my day.

The perfect vase for your spring flowers.
Your spring flowers will look awesome in these beautiful glass vases by RICE.

But to make the flowers stand out even more, you’ll also need a pretty vase. And there’s lots of pretty vases, let me tell you. Thus you’ll also find a large selection of cute flower vases at our online shop. The best thing will be if I show you a couple of them to give you an idea for the perfect vase for you. And with a nice vase full of flowers, you’ll easily be able to create a cozy home.

Dusty blue bottle shaped vase by RICE.
The cute dusty blue RICE vase looks great in combination with colorful flowers.

So for example we offer a great selection of pretty glass vases by RICE. Although each vase is unique, all vases can be combined perfectly. They fit together perfectly in color (you can choose from different soft pastel tones), but also in style. Whether you choose a small round vase or a large bottle-shaped one, the RICE glass vases look absolutely adorable with a nice little flower or a small bouquet inside. You can also create a really cool and trendy flower arrangement with a bunch of vases. But just one is adorable, too, because each RICE vase is decorative and looks great on the table or a sideboard.

Round glass vase by RICE.
You will love this round RICE glass vase in a dusty pink color.

Apart from these, I also like to use a nice ceramic jug instead of a vase. A jug has kind of a romantic style and it’s also nostalgic. And filled with a beautiful bouquet of tulips, a ceramic jug is just a great alternative to a “real” vase. In our online shop you’ll find a number of pretty ceramic jugs by RICE that’ll all make a great vase. Usually the RICE jugs are meant for fluids, but we’ll just make an exception. So, just put a few colorful flowers into the pitcher and there you have a decorative eye-catcher!

The ceramic jug by RICE makes a wonderful vase.
The wonderful ceramic jug by RICE can also be used as a pretty vase.

Here’s a little clue: Also take a look at our sale category. You’ll find some of the RICE pitchers marked down. With such a cool bargain, the bouquet of flowers on the table will be twice as beautiful, promise.

Extravagant vase with flower ornaments by RICE.
This unique vase by RICE ist a true eye catcher!

I still have another one for you. And that is a real highlight of vases. I’m talking about the fancy lavender-colored vase by RICE. This one can not be overlooked. It has an embossed flowers structure. So that thing is definitely very decorative.

I hope you got an idea and maybe you’ve even found the right vase for your home. I bet you also feel like buying some flowers and putting them on your table now. Go ahead, flowers will make you happy and they bring lots of joy into your heart!

Lots of great Djeco products of the new collection now available at our shop!


Lots of great products of the new Djeco collection now available in our shop!

Finally Djeco have a new collection out. And since we are such huge fans, we totally snatched at the offer. Which means: lots of new products for our online shop. You can look forward to toys, games and home accessories that’ll instantly make your kids smile. As for me I’m already smiling when thinking of the fact that I will introduce some of these cool items to you in a second.

Cute Djeco musical box cat song.
The decorative musical box cat song is so adorable.

Anyway you can definitely expect educational playing ideas and high quality. Also you’ll find great designs and beautiful illustrations. After all, the Djeco team always works hard to create products that deserve a two thumbs up. So, here we go:

Djeco wooden sound puzzle Baobab.
The wooden sound puzzle Baobab is so much fun.

On the one hand, the new Djeco collection offers numerous cool puzzles for all ages. Here you can choose from a silhouette puzzle, an observation puzzle, a giant puzzle as well as wooden sound puzzles and “first puzzles for the very youngest. There’s definitely a puzzle for everyone. And as you know, puzzles are not only great to train the ability to concentrate, but they also train the visual perception and the spatial sense. All of these are very important for the child development. Plus puzzles are fun, whether you puzzle on your own or in company.

Djeco role play accessories - tea party.
Cute accessories for a great tea-party role play.

In addition to puzzles, Djeco also offer a number of other playing ideas that fit into the creative area. Whether as a set of kids’ jewelry or accessories for a role playing game (tea party, handbag+accessories), with the Djeco games, kids can let their imagination run wild and unfold creativity. Also there are different creative sets in our shop. Whether with magnetic games, a lacing game, a handicraft set, a french knitting set, all of your kid’s senses and their cognitive abilities will be trained. Kids can be creative and at the same time train their motor skills, their dexterity, their imagination and much more.

Djeco 3 piece set of kids' instruments.
3 piece kids’ instruments set. Making music is so much fun!

Another area Djeco puts emphasis on is musical education. Therefore you will find numerous colorful children’s instruments in our shop. The well designed instruments are cute and it’s a blast to make music with them. Choose from butterfly maracas, the fish or cat shaped Animambo xylophone and the Animambo Set of 3 instruments including a tambourine, a castanet and maracas.

Djeco wardrobe boat.
Decorative wardrobe boat with two hooks.

In addition to all cute toys and instruments, the new Djeco collection also includes adorable home accessories for the children’s room. These include wardrobes shaped like a boat, fish, construction vehicle or an elephant, cool lamp shades with a butterfly, leaves or a penguin print. And on the nightstand there’s room for a cute airplane or doggy night lamp. Another decorative sleeping aid is the beautiful musical box. Here you can choose from a panda, a princess and a cat. Or you can decide on the even fancier magnet musical box. Here the music is playing while the figures on top are dancing. Apart from that, you will find even more beautiful home accessories, such as the cool birdhouse wall clock Peggy, colorful mobiles, fun piggy banks etc. Djeco will definitely make the kids’ room appear more comfortable.

Djeco musical box mouse.
Cute musical box mouse. A real eye-catcher

As you can see, the new collection offers something for everyone. That way the little ones can play awesome games in a pretty surrounding. In short we can say: We love Djeco! And if you want to fall in love, too, visit our Djeco category.

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