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RICE Denmark High Winter 2012: Each season has it's charm...

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Englisches Vorwort von Charlotte, die Gründerin und Inhabern von RICE Denmark

Each season has it’s charm...
It is just about finding it and enjoying it.. Looking for the everyday magic moments is a sport that I am actually good at - probably the only one come to think of it. Going into Winter and High-Winter, it is time to feed the birds outside - lighting candles inside... Listening to the wind in the windchimes. Wrapping beautiful presents for your favorite friends. Glittering yourself up for all the parties of the season with new funky jewelry. Making chocolates for your soul mates or inviting a few friends over for a bake date. RICE is here to help you - we are happy to hold your hand on this journey. We have so many items that are functional and allow you to add a splash of color to your daily routines. An egg in the morning on a colorful plate with a printed spoon and a steaming latte in a latte bowl that says “Kiss” or “Stay Playful”, is a lovely way to start the day for me. RICE loves people... and Everyday Magic...
Have a lovely end of the year.

Warm greetings