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12 assorted mini plastic food keepers in net by RICE

HSFBX-12XC, RICE, multicoloured

12 assorted mini plastic food keepers in net by RICE. Thickness: 8 cm
Length: 7 cm
Width: 6 cm
Height: 4 cm
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RICE Denmark was founded 1998 by Charlotte Hedeman-Gueniau. Charlotte and her husband wanted to change their lives. During a long lunch RICE was born. Now 25 people work for RICE Denmark and RICE Thailand employs 70 people. RICE sells their goods and Charlotte and Philippe do not really have a quiet lifestyle as they wished to have. RICE products are produced with a clear conscience. They are designed in Denmark and are produced in the third world with respect. All RICE products meet the international SA8000 standard for social and responsible corporate governance (no children's work, no discrimination, adequate minimum wages, healthiness, safety at work etc.). You will find the new RICE catalogue by clicking here. All shown articles can be ordered at

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