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Bib and spoon Rabbit by Petit Appetit

Petit Appetit Babyset EBB20, Petit Appetit, multicoloured

Bib and spoon "Rabbit" by Petit Appetit. This set consists of a little spoon and a bib with animal theme and is handmade in France. Each set comes together with a gift bag.

: 100% cotton. Washing machine safe
Spoon: Plastic with stainless steel 18/1
€19.90 *
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Petit Appetit

Petit Appetit was settled down in 1999 by Alexandra Vatimbella & Emmanuel Aucler. They started from scratch, selling 24 funny colourful resin lighters to little shops on the French Riviera. In 2002, Alexandra, designed a collection of cutlery and table accessories that met a nice success in different kinds of shops such as decoration and gift shops, tableware shops, and shops for children. The opening, in 2002, of its shop, HOME SWEET MOME, in Paris – Montmartre, is a big change in the little company’s life. It is a charming colourful and cosy place for children aged from 0 to 120 years old. They can find there gifts, bedroom and bathroom decoration objects, toys and the complete PetitAppetit collection, naturally. Then, after one very creative year spent in Africa in 2004, Alexandra is back in Paris with some astonishing little animal-shape bibs and very colourful wall paintings showing her favourite designs. Home Sweet Môme is now used as a laboratory where we can test Alexandra’s latest creations. Today, PetitAppetit is rather headed to the children and sells half of its production in France and half abroad, mainly in England, but also in Denmark, in Germany, in Greece, in Israel and until Australia and Japan. The style remains childish and colourful and it is always hand made.