RICE Denmark Spring Summer 2013

"RICE to the Stars" heisst die RICE Denmark Frühling Sommer 2013 Kollektion. Jetzt bei TakaTomo.de Sehnst Du Dich auch schon nach dem Frühling? Wir freuen uns drauf und haben passend zur Laune unsere Frühling- und Sommerkollektion 2013 RICE to the Stars genannt. Wie immer haben wir Alltagshelfern einen farbenfrohen Twist verpasst, und machen dadurch dein Leben ein wenig bunter. Die kleine Portion „glücklich sein“ liefern wir gleich mit.

Englisches Vorwort von Charlotte, der Gründerin von RICE Denmark:

WHY do we make all these colourful products... Simply because we can’t help it - we see it as our mission to sprinkle some happiness onto everyday items and make functional items fun to look at. So let’s join hands and RICE TO THE STARS... Rice to the Stars is the name of our Spring & Summer 13 collections. Last year for Christmas, my personal trainer gave me the most amazing present. It had the wording “Rice to the Stars” on it. This gift has actually turned into a whole line of new products that will be coming in the next collection - I will give you a lot of details on this when we get a little closer... The stars are just preparing you for what will come, we are dreaming of long, warm summer days and starry nights, lazy picnics, funky bbq’s and lots more. Reach for the moon and you will land among the stars... At the moment I am also very inspired by the whole concept of POP-UP! Pop-up restaurants, pop-up shops, pop-up cinemas. This summer in our garden, we put up a projector and watched some really great feel-good movies, lying on blankets and cushions - enjoying the stars and the fresh air. It has been wonderful and will definitely be part of some very fond memories to help me through the darker months. It takes so little to create a light and fun atmosphere. Dazzle a bit of colour into your life - and enjoy that feeling of everyday magic that you will get from this. We can colour your lives happy...

Sunny and Starry greetings