Melamine Tableware

What is melamine actually?

The term melamine is on everyone's lips but few people know what melamine actually is. Quickly and easily explained for you: in normal language use, we use the term melamine for the melamine plastics from which melamine tableware and household products are made. Melamine plastics are made from the powdered raw material melamine by first processing it into synthetic resin, adding a variety of substances to form molding compound, and then using pressure and high temperatures to produce the plastics.

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RICE Melamine

Dishwasher or hand wash? Here's how to properly clean melamine dinnerware

Melamine dishes you can clean normally in the dishwasher. When washing by hand, be careful not to use steel wool or aggressive abrasive cleaners, as these could damage the surface. Overall, however, melamine is very unbreakable and resistant, so that even clumsy children's hands may confidently try cleaning their own melamine children's tableware.

Melamine dishes in the microwave - what you need to consider

Melamine dishes are heat-resistant, but not heat-resistant. Therefore, you can fill your dishes with hot food, but you should never use them in the microwave or oven. Heat can cause cracks, which will render the dishes unusable.

Melamine tableware

What makes melamine tableware so special?

Melamine tableware is similar in appearance to porcelain, although it weighs only about 1/3 of that. It feels very high quality and can be purchased in a variety of colors and patterns. Melamine tableware is extremely resistant to breakage and scratches, which makes it very durable and, accordingly, sustainable. Therefore, it is also particularly suitable for small, still somewhat clumsy children's hands. The melamine tableware of our brands RICE is also free of bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. Another special property of melamine is that it has a lower heat capacity than glass and porcelain. This ensures that the food on the plate stays warm longer.

Melamine under criticism. Does the tableware contain harmful plasticizers?

All our melamine manufacturers are bound by the strict specifications of the European Commission. In the production of melamine products to non-food plasticizers, heavy metal-based color pigments and bisphenol A is avoided. All household items are also regularly inspected by the government. That's why you and your child can use the tableware without any worries. Just follow the care instructions and the dishes will fill you and your family with joy for a long time.