Pomea dolls

Extraordinary dolls for children

Because the heart of toddlers just overflows with tenderness, we have created dolls with a supple body and sleeping eyes that fit perfectly in their little arms. A wonderful doll with a soft body that is easy to dress.... Even by small hands that are still a little clumsy. A wide range of clothes and accessories in bright and powdery colors with careful workmanship - these are the extraordinary Pomea dolls by Djeco. Conceived by stylist and designer Tinou Le Joly Sénoville, whose universe, marked by poetry, runs throughout the collection.

Kids love Pomea

From our experience, in the past as well as today, dolls are, among other things, the favorite toys of young children. Even centuries ago they were played with, frolicked and cuddled. Even today this has not changed. Little boys and girls play role-playing games with them, dress and undress them, and imitate the behavior of the grown-ups with them. This will most likely not change in the future. The Pomea dolls from Djeco offer kids everything they need for this form of play - cute dolls, wonderful clothes and unusual accessories.

Djeco Pomea

Interesting information about the dolls

  • 3 face shapes
  • 4 eye colors
  • 7 cute kids faces to choose your favorite expression
  • 32 cm = ideal size from 18 months
  • dolls with eye look
  • 5 soft body models to choose from with clothes
  • 2 soft body models to dress up with printed "body" effect
  • padded with recycled fibers
  • dolls machine washable at 30°C
  • vinyl heads, arms and legs
  • odorless
  • FSC packaging without plastic