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Djeco game Bizzzzz

Djeco game Bizzzzz

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Djeco game Bizzzzz
Djeco game Bizzzzz. Ages: 7 to 12. Number of players: 2. Contents: 1 board + 1 die + 31 tokens (10 bees, 12 flowers, 5 "x2" flowers, 4 spiders). Aim of the game: to be the first player to collect 8 "flower" tokens and bring their bees back to their colour zone. Getting the game ready: place the board in between the players. Place the 5 red bees and 5 blue bees on the spaces on the board that match their colours. Turn the other 21 tokens so that their "geometric flower" side is up, shuffle them, and place one on each of the board’s light green spaces. Playing the game: The youngest player starts by rolling the die. This player then moves one of their bees as many spaces forward in a straight line as is shown on the die. NB 1: The path must be clear. Ex: if the player rolls a 5 but there’s a token on the 3rd space, the player cannot go in that direction. If the last space of a player’s move is occupied by one of their own bees, the player stacks the two bee tokens on top of each other, making a "super bee". "Super bees" are able to change direction when they move. If the last space is a geometric flower token, the player turns over the token. If the token is a flower: the player collects the token and replaces it with their bee. It is then the next player’s turn to throw the die and play. If the token is a flower x2: the player collects the token (it counts as one flower collected), puts their bee on the space, rolls the die again, and plays another turn. If the token is a spider: the spider captures the bee. If this happens, stack the tokens with the spider showing. The tokens remain on that space until the end of the round. NB 2 : "Super bees" remain "Super bees" for the entire round, but they can also be captured by spiders. If this happens, stack all 3 tokens (with the spider showing). The tokens remain on that spot until the end of the round. End of the round: when a player has collected 8 "flower" tokens, they must bring their bees (except those captured by spiders) back to their colour zone. Once they have done this, that player has won the round.
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