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ECO Brotbox Stainless Steel TIFFIN PRO

ECO Brotbox Stainless Steel TIFFIN PRO

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ECO Brotbox Stainless Steel TIFFIN PRO
ECO Brotbox Stainless Steel TIFFIN PRO. This four layer container is originally from India and is known as "Tiffin". The classic round containers are piled up, have a quick snap lock (suitable for kids) and a handle for easier transport. The Tiffin Swing is perfect to transport your lunch or other food items in four different containers. It will come handy at work and at school, but also outdoors and at the campside. Dimensions: Ø 12.6 cm; H = 15.5 cm. Filling capacity: 1700 ml in total. Material: 100% stainless Steel, partially handmade and silicone. Food safe, non-toxic, suitable for dish washer, not suitable for microwave or freezer. The Tiffin Pro comes with silicone seals making three of the four layers leak proof! The other layer without silicone gasket however is not guaranteed to be 100% leak proof. Hot food can form pressure on the seals making them significantly harder to open the container. Please let the food cool off before closing the box. In hot food around 70 degrees it is advisable to remove the sealing rings completely.
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