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Easter in the kidsroom
Bunnies, Easter eggs and spring are the epitome of Easter for the little ones these days. Every year Easter is celebrated anew. For children, Easter mainly means looking for Easter eggs and hearing stories about the Easter bunny. Of course, the chocolate and a few nice Easter gifts may not be missing. And as every year the most important feast of Christians is celebrated, the Easter category is opened on TakaTomo.com. You are lucky, because if you can read this text here, it means that Easter is not far away.

Easter gifts for kids
Of course, on TakaTomo.co.uk you will find only the latest and most extraordinary Easter gifts for kids of all ages. And moms and dads will also get their money's worth, because we don't just have beautiful things for the little ones, but also everything to do with Easter decorations. So there is not only in the hearts of the children Easter mood, but in the whole apartment, the house and the garden. Just think what wonderful childhood memories your kids will have when they later think back to this time of their childhood.

Gifts from the Easter Bunny
When it comes to bunnies in general, the little hopping bunnies from MAILEG are definitely not to be missed. The wonderful brand from Denmark puts a smile on the face of every boy and girl. And with the matching MAILEG outfit, every child can create their very own personal favorite bunny. In addition to MAILEG, we also carry another brand without which happy Easter would be unthinkable nowadays - JELLYCAT. If you like cute stuffed animals and funny ideas, then you will definitely like JELLYCAT. The imagination really knows no bounds here, whether Yummy Bunny, Amusable Florist, sweet Fleury or Cordy Roy, JELLYCAT has a suitable favorite cuddly toy for Easter for every child.

Easter decoration in spring
As already described, Easter naturally includes a festive Easter decoration. This will put the house and garden in the right Easter mood. And guaranteed in such an environment, the Easter egg hunt is even more fun. For this decorative aspect of Easter we would like to recommend MERI MERI, AVA & YVES and RICO DESIGN. With these two brands you can be sure that your kids will quickly get into the egg hunt mood. And in combination with RICE, Easter becomes a colorful spectacle for the whole family. So Easter Sunday can begin with a delicious Easter breakfast on a festively decorated table.

Little things for Easter
Many children are very much looking forward to Easter. Of course they do! And we adults also look forward every year to a few quiet and peaceful days with the family. If the sun is shining and spring is knocking on the door, we are even happier. To make the children happy, you can find a whole range of selected gift items for Easter on TakaTomo.de. From REX LONDON, to KRIMA & ISA, to DJECO, we have fun Easter items in store for you. As always, just stop by and get yourself into a hopeful Easter mood.