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The wonderful world of Maileg
Maileg lets you completely forget everyday life and takes you into a magical world full of cute mice, Hoppel rabbits and other cuddling friends. In the wonderful world of Maileg there is a lot of space for imagination, creativity and unrestrained desire to play.
Mouse mom Dorthe Mailil
The Maileg founder, designer and graphic artist Dorthe Mailil, created her Maileg world from the idea of ​​creating a fairytale-like, detailed world that combines modern, Scandinavian design with nostalgia and infinite charm. She got her ideas while studying at a design school in Paris. The city, with its charm, the small streets and the beautiful buildings, had enchanted her and put many ideas in her head. These ideas took shape during her studies, but at the latest in 1999 when Maileg was founded. The award-winning Maileg range has been growing steadily for years and now consists not only of mice and rabbits, but also of cute cuddly toys, Noah's friends, elves and the funny Ginger family. Magical accessories such as doll's furniture and handmade clothing enrich the Maileg world immensely. Maileg offers toys for children of all ages who come together in a community and can play together.
Fairytale mouse world
The stars at Maileg are undoubtedly the little mice. The cute rodents live in matchboxes and are so cute that you'd like to have them around all day. The mice come with a range of mini-clothes, magical accessories, furniture, a mouse house, etc. It is very easy to immerse yourself completely in the Maileg mouse world and to engage in an imaginative game. Whether Mama Maus, Papa Maus, the little brother, the little sister or the tiny mouse babies, all members of the mouse family are sweet as sugar and offer children countless possibilities to develop freely in a playful way. The wellness mouse e.g. it can be enjoyed in the bubble bath, the holiday mice sizzle in the sun and the kids can be there live in the fairytale world of Maileg. By the way, Maileg mice are available in many different sizes from tiny to huge.

Cheeky Maileg rabbits bounce right into your heart
In addition to the cute mice, the cute rabbits and rabbits also belong to the Maileg family. They bounce right into your heart and make it beat faster. The Maileg long ears are available in different sizes. They wear different costumes and, like the Maileg mice, are ideal for diving into other worlds and playing happy role-playing games. The cheeky Hoppler encourage children to let their creativity and imagination run wild in the game.

Maileg cuddly toys
Cuddle alarm is the order of the day with the soft Maileg cuddly toys. With the characteristic soft toys from Maileg, children are made extremely happy. The cute little animals are soft and cuddly and offer the little ones security and a shoulder to lean on. The cuddly toys are available in different sizes and styles and will make all children happy. Each cuddly toy is also so decorative that it can also be used as a decorative item in the children's room. So, say hello to the Maileg lucky pig Polly Pork, the hippopotamus, the hippo, the monkey and of course to all her friends.

A cuddly toy is an important constant in life, especially for small children. The cuddly toy is usually the first real friend and companion and the child can always rely on the cuddly toy to stay with him. Cuddly toys are there, they listen and accompany the child in all situations. Maileg already offers a large selection of soft stuffed animals, but if you need more ideas and inspiration, feel free to look around in our shop. You can find funny and extraordinary soft toys in our shop e.g. at the brands Jellycat or Hickups.

Baby toys for the little ones
The pretty Maileg rattles are also very popular with the little ones. They keep the baby busy in the stroller or in the baby seat and soothe it with a gentle rattle sound. Perfect for training the little one's auditory perception and sense of touch. Cuddly toys and rattles are perfect gifts for birth, baptism, birthday or Christmas. You can find more sweet rattles in our shop, including the brands Sindibaba or Done by Deer.

The Ginger family shows you their home and invites you to the doll's house
The friendly family consists of father, mother, a daughter and a son and they invite you to the dollhouse to give you an insight into their everyday life. Find countless accessories for the Ginger family at home, chic furniture, practical household appliances and, of course, lots of garments made with great attention to detail. Playing in the doll's house is not only fun, it is also educationally valuable. Children can reflect on their own everyday life, re-enact and process conflict situations. You will learn how to deal with others in a social way and can learn in a playful way what tolerance and acceptance mean. In role-playing, children can learn what it means to run a household and how to share household chores fairly among themselves. And all with beautifully designed toys that only give an idea of ​​how much passion is in their design and manufacture. For even more opportunities to play exciting role-playing games and strengthen social skills at the same time, we recommend the dollhouse worlds by Djeco, Plantoys and Le Toy Van. Here too with countless accessories and an assortment that pays attention to details in order to increase the enjoyment of the game.

Maileg ballet school for mice and children
If you just want to play ballerina, Maileg is just as right as anyone who wants to swing their own legs. In our online shop you will find many cute ballet mice, rabbits and cats with accessories, a whole ballet school with ballet bar and mirror and of course adorable ballerina dresses for children with lots of tulle and tam tam. Little dance fans will be thrilled and will do pirouettes for joy.

Maileg costumes make kids big
With the lovingly designed costumes and accessories by the brand, children can even become part of the fairytale world of Maileg themselves. In no time at all they can transform themselves into knights, fairies, ballerinas and princesses and experience exciting adventures. Maileg costumes are simply unique and very special. They are of high quality, lovingly designed and definitely a real eye-catcher. If you love to dress up and would like to slip into other roles, you can also be inspired by the wonderful children's costumes of the brands Souza and Meri Meri, because there is also a large range of adorable costumes and costume sets.

Maileg Shop Cologne
Are you looking for a Maileg dealer in Cologne? Then you are exactly right with us. And with our warehouse pick-up in Cologne, you also save a little money and even get some fresh air despite online shopping.