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Paint & Tinker

Paint & Tinker

Painting and crafts for kids

Of course, painting is fun and handicrafts as well. From kindergarten age, and for some kids even earlier, the creative play starts. So that your kid can find everything it needs to take off as a little Picasso or little Frida Kahlo, we offer you a variety of craft materials and painting accessories in our online store. Find the right accessories from Djeco, Rex London, Ava & Yves, Trixie and other great brands.

Discover creativity at kindergarten age

At the latest in kindergarten, most children start to paint and craft. Together or alone, the first pictures and works of art are made. It is important that the children can give free rein to their creativity. Even if one or the other pencil goes beyond the white sheet on the tabletop. In our category Painting & tinker for preschoolers you will certainly find nice things for your little ones to support them in their first creative steps.

Painting and crafting at school

In school, you can already recognize a certain talent in one or the other child. To support the creativity further, you will find on TakaTomo.de exactly the right painting and crafting accessories for school children. Of course, despite everything, the fun in the artistic in the first place. Take a look at the category Paint & tinker for school kids, here you will find a huge selection of magical things for school children to be creative.

Buy painting and craft supplies for kids

For the little artists we have in the category of Painting & craft accessories just the right thing. Here your kids will find coloring pads, writing pads, brushes, various types of pencils, erasers, plasticine, kid's scissors, rulers, children's makeup, finger paint and much more that the artist's heart desires. The selection is huge! The imagination can go wild!

Find stickers and kids tattoos at TakaTomo

Londji, Djeco and Meri Meri are just three brands that come to mind when we think of tattoos for kids. What there are now great, creative washable tattoos on the market is really indescribable. Almost every child has at some point the phase in which it wants to stick arms and legs with children's tattoos. No matter what your child wants, we have it certainly in the category Stickers, stencils & tattoos. Because in addition to tattoos, you'll also find stickers for kids to swap, collect and stick on.

Pencil cases for more order in the playroom

Writing and painting utensils belong in a pencil case after use - at least that's what parents often tell us. However, when it comes to painting, the pens sometimes end up on the floor or are simply left on the table. Our pencil cases help you to keep your painting table tidy. In the category Storage you will certainly find a nice article for you or your children.

Buy stationery items at TakaTomo

In our Stationery category you can buy charming paper goods online from invitation cards to coloring pads to memory albums for kids. What are the most beautiful pens and brushes worth without matching paper? Just take a look at our large stationery store section, because friendship albums, diaries, exercise books and postcards are also available here for the creative hands and pens to choose from. 

Free coloring pictures - designed by kids

We provide you in the category Coloring images beautiful pictures as free downloads. The kids of our customers and of our small team have sat down and designed coloring pictures. Do you want to exhibit the images drawn by your children or yourself here with us, offer them for download and make others a coloring joy? Then send us your artwork by e-mail to ausmalbilder@takatomo.de and we will add it to our picture gallery with your permission.